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Bill Status - 1997 Regular Session

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There are 69 Bills pending in House Education




SB 118Establishing student enrichment transportation fund04/07/97
SB 472Relating to parking violations at state institutions of higher education04/07/97
SB 488Defining dangerous student04/01/97
SB 547Relating generally to public education04/07/97
HB 2015Requiring that chapter one teachers receive the same amount of faculty senate money as other teachers02/12/97
HB 2016Removing liability of schools and employees for dispensing medications to students02/12/97
HB 2036Requiring school attendance and maintenance of satisfactory progress for privilege of operation of a motor vehicle02/12/97
HB 2040Providing for certain student teachers to serve as substitute teachers02/12/97
HB 2054Tuition and fee waivers for persons enrolled at state institutions of higher education who wish to audit courses or classes02/13/97
HB 2056Composition of institutional boards of advisors acting as a presidential search committee02/13/97
HB 2064Establishing a secure residential school for juvenile status offenders02/13/97
HB 2083Providing that both creation science and evolution science be taught in public schools on an equal basis02/13/97
HB 2094Tuition and fee waivers for children and spouses of full-time faculty and staff members at state institutions of higher education02/14/97
HB 2115Amending the definition of "net enrollment" to exclude certain children under the age of five02/17/97
HB 2158Merging graduate programs of Marshall University and the West Virginia Graduate College02/19/97
HB 2173Repealing certain code sections relating to the Jobs Through Education Act of 199602/20/97
HB 2213Creating the prepaid postsecondary education expense program02/25/97
HB 2216Requiring students to maintain a 1.0 minimum grade point average to avoid a driver's license suspension02/25/97
HB 2235Authorizing county boards of education to sell advertisements to be placed on school bus shelters with certain restrictions02/26/97
HB 2256Providing a tax credit for parents or guardians who provide their children with home or private schooling02/27/97
HB 2262Criminal penalties for failure to cause a child to attend school02/27/97
HB 2298Limiting the maximum class size for integrated classrooms03/03/97
HB 2384Benefits for certain substitute teachers03/04/97
HB 2409Faculty status for professional librarians03/05/97
HB 2410Granting four hours of paid leave for the purpose of attending conferences for each child of a school employee03/05/97
HB 2420Pay increases for school service personnel03/05/97
HB 2432Requiring school buses to have a trained monitor on board to maintain discipline and requiring a monitor's seat and ceiling handrails to be installed03/06/97
HB 2434Authorizing county boards of education to employ school crossing guards03/06/97
HB 2488Implementing a religious education program in the public schools03/11/97
HB 2506Establishing a procedure for collective bargaining by public school employees03/12/97
HB 2512Providing funding for the costs of certain bus operator salaries and fringe benefits03/12/97
HB 2517Seniority rights for autism mentors, paraprofessionals and sign language specialists03/12/97
HB 2518Establishing mandatory remedial summer school programs03/12/97
HB 2552Establishing a pilot school bus project which will provide volunteer school bus monitors03/14/97
HB 2556Allowing school service personnel to donate unused leave days to other employees due to an emergency situation03/14/97
HB 2562Increasing salaries of principals and assistant principals and providing salary reduction procedures03/14/97
HB 2583Classification and salaries of school service personnel03/17/97
HB 2586Increasing the pay for bus operators with fifteen or more years of service03/18/97
HB 2611Relating to seniority and posting of higher education classified job vacancies03/19/97
HB 2634Incremental salary increase for higher education employees and additional pay for working a shift other than day shift03/20/97
HB 2638Providing funds to transport school children to promote educational and cultural enrichment03/20/97
HB 2649Increasing the maximum number of years to which an additional levy applies and providing that levy elections take place during general elections03/20/97
HB 2684Prohibiting interfering with or verbally abusing a school employee engaged in the discharge of his or her duties03/24/97
HB 2701Increasing the number of years subject to salary increments for teachers03/24/97
HB 2704Providing one-half day teachers with one half of a class period for planning03/24/97
HB 2709Making driver education in secondary schools discretionary03/25/97
HB 2716Giving the board of directors of the state college system additional authority over private institutions of higher education, correspondence, business, occupational and trade schools03/25/97
HB 2718Authorizing county boards of education to perform annual independent audits03/25/97
HB 2729Revising the school aid formula03/25/97
HB 2730Changing procedures in the education and state employees grievance board hearing process03/25/97
HB 2739Salary and increment increases for professional school personnel03/26/97
HB 2743Requiring drug testing of county school board employees who work in safety sensitive jobs03/26/97
HB 2746Exempting private school and home-schooled students from jobs through education criteria and prohibiting discrimination in college admissions and scholarships or aid03/26/97
HB 2747Relating to pupil rights in research, experimental programs and testing03/26/97
HB 2759Addressing the problem of poor indoor air quality in West Virginia schools03/26/97
HB 2764Relating to school nurses and school service personnel job descriptions, evaluations and pay increases03/26/97
HB 2778Making the jobs through education curriculum voluntary03/27/97
HB 2807Providing that possession of deadly weapons is a basis for placement of a student with a disability in an alternative education setting03/28/97
HB 2810Increasing compensation of school service personnel03/28/97
HB 2811Authorizing corporal punishment in grades kindergarten through ninth03/28/97
HB 2815Relating to school cooks, custodians and secretaries03/28/97
HB 2819Removing standardized testing for grades K, one and two03/28/97
HB 2826Requiring WVU to construct and maintain a state fire training facility on its property located at Jackson's Mill, Lewis County03/28/97
HB 2834Requiring state board of education procedures provide for adequate security at program facilities03/28/97
HB 2838County board of education hiring practices and qualifications03/28/97
HB 2843Allowing home schooled students to participate in public school activities03/28/97
HB 2857Requiring background checks on jobs through education mentors03/28/97
HB 2860Requiring students to attend school and maintain a minimum grade point average to avoid a driver's license suspension03/28/97
HB 2861Providing protection for education classified employees transferred to nonclassified status03/28/97
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