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Bill Status - 1997 Regular Session

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There are 81 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 30Budget Bill02/12/97
SB 44Authorizing probation officers to carry firearms04/02/97
SB 48Dedicating certain sales proceeds to counties02/14/97
SB 62Relating to homestead exemptions02/19/97
SB 103Authorizing certain counties and municipalities to impose additional hotel occupancy tax04/02/97
SB 137Relating to budgeting requirements for additional coal severance tax02/27/97
SB 140Relating to court of claims generally02/27/97
SB 141Relating generally to compensation awards to victims of crimes06/30/97
SB 225Increasing amount withheld from pari-mutuel wagering tax03/03/97
SB 230Providing expenditure of excess moneys from unredeemed dog racing pari-mutuel tickets04/02/97
SB 243Relating to department of tax and revenue; business registration03/05/97
SB 255Providing for carry-over of funds allocated to staff development councils03/24/97
SB 262Creating Women's Access to Health Care Act04/07/97
SB 267Allowing tax credit to employers providing child day care03/07/97
SB 270Authorizing payment of expenses for members of library commission03/27/97
SB 272Defining tax year03/10/97
SB 276Relating to license plates for conservation officers03/25/97
SB 282Providing tax credit for upgrade of county or state roads03/11/97
SB 283Linking resident individual personal income tax exemptions to consumer price index03/11/97
SB 285Changing property reappraisal cycle03/11/97
SB 294Providing voluntary fire department member's tax exemption for vehicle03/12/97
SB 301Providing certain tax refund on gasoline and special fuels03/12/97
SB 308Creating recreation and amusement tax03/12/97
SB 315Finding and declaring certain claims against state03/12/97
SB 316Establishing sale of road bonds03/12/97
SB 329Relating to application for business registration certificate03/13/97
SB 340Increasing personal income tax deduction for retirement income03/14/97
SB 344Relating generally to ad valorem property taxes03/14/97
SB 362Making supplemental appropriation to tax division for business and income tax automation project03/18/97
SB 363Making supplemental appropriation to tax division for upgrading electronic data processing system03/18/97
SB 388Providing tax credit for hiring of unemployed persons and welfare recipients03/20/97
SB 412Implementing certain standards regarding availability and continuity of health insurance coverage04/04/97
SB 417Reducing corporation net income tax03/21/97
SB 426Increasing excise tax on sale and use of all tobacco products03/24/97
SB 431Creating position of chief technology officer within governor's office and recreating science and technology advisory council04/01/97
SB 442Providing reduction in campground rental fees for certain veterans04/02/97
SB 451Relating to lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licenses03/28/97
SB 457Establishing drinking water state revolving fund04/04/97
SB 465Relating to operation of video lottery games at licensed racetracks03/24/97
SB 467Exempting certain sale of food and clothing from consumers sales tax03/24/97
SB 468Increasing minimum salary levels of certain employees in office of miners' health, safety and training04/02/97
SB 473Exempting consumer purchasers from payment of consumers sales tax03/24/97
SB 474Authorizing infrastructure and jobs development council to promulgate legislative rules relating to funding rules03/24/97
SB 482Requiring nonsponsoring police agencies hiring graduate recruits pay certain training costs04/02/97
SB 483Creating Tax Credit for Economic Development or Environmental Remediation03/24/97
SB 496Providing additional funds for thoroughbred development fund03/24/97
SB 498Relating to tax exemption on income or receipts of owners, trainers or jockeys03/24/97
SB 500Providing valuation of inactive coal reserves03/24/97
SB 512Exempting county boards of education from paying certain municipal service charges03/24/97
SB 515Realigning duties of treasurer, auditor and board of investments04/01/97
SB 516Authorizing public energy authority to issue certain bonds03/24/97
SB 519Relating to exemption from B & O taxes for municipally owned generating units03/24/97
SB 531Authorizing local referendum on legal gaming04/07/97
HB 2017Relating to the formula by which the fire casualty insurance premium tax is allocated to municipalities04/04/97
HB 2107Charges for setting United States Veterans' Affairs grave markers04/11/97
HB 2211Improving the economic condition of women and prohibiting gender discrimination04/10/97
HB 2263Disposition of court costs collected in magistrate courts04/09/97
HB 2394Requiring certain establishments to post signs warning of the danger of alcohol consumption during pregnancy04/11/97
HB 2401Requirements for budgeting additional tax on severance, extraction and production of coal04/07/97
HB 2431Women's Access to Health Care Act04/07/97
HB 2495Requiring a divorced member to prove there is no qualified domestic relations order in effect as a condition to elect certain retirement annuity options04/10/97
HB 2511Reorganizing duties of the state auditor and the state treasurer04/07/97
HB 2513Exempting from property taxation certain subdivision streets04/07/97
HB 2545Authorizing municipalities and counties to increase the hotel occupancy tax04/07/97
HB 2555Requiring the secretary of state to make available by computer on-line service and computer disc the code of state rules and portions of the state register04/08/97
HB 2570Removing the privilege tax on vehicles sold to automobile rental businesses and to impose in lieu thereof a daily tax04/07/97
HB 2608Distribution of revenues of video lottery net terminal income to the thoroughbred development fund04/04/97
HB 2631Relating to taxes on income, receipts or expenditures for goods or services of horse or dog racing owners, trainers or jockeys04/07/97
HB 2672Changing purchasing requirements and procedures for the state railroad authority04/03/97
HB 2731Allowing all counties to become eligible for infrastructure fund grants04/04/97
HB 2752Providing additional funding for certain assessors' offices04/07/97
HB 2812Providing fire departments first priority for distribution of surplus property04/04/97
HB 2880Modifying the definition of direct advertising04/04/97
HB 2897Supplemental appropriation to the Solid Waste Management Board, landfill assistance04/10/97
HB 2902Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Natural Resources, law enforcement04/10/97
HB 2903Supplemental appropriation to the Division of Criminal Justice and Highway Safety04/10/97
HB 2905Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Agriculture, Moorefield field office furnishings04/10/97
HB 2906Supplemental appropriation to the Auditor's Office, encoding system and printer replacement04/10/97
HB 2908Supplemental appropriation to the Educational Broadcasting Authority04/10/97
HB 2909Supplemental appropriation to the Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, fire and smoke alarm system04/10/97
HB 2911Supplemental appropriation to the court of claims04/11/97
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