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Bill Status - 1997 Regular Session

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There are 46 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 109Creating Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Act04/07/97
SB 452Requiring political subdivisions give preference to resident vendors03/28/97
HB 2005Declaring that a national day of mourning after a president's death be a state holiday02/12/97
HB 2013Providing for reporting of disciplinary action taken against aides under the auspices of home health care agencies02/12/97
HB 2031Creating a state police review board02/12/97
HB 2044General revision of the West Virginia Medical Practice Act02/12/97
HB 2073Authorizing the state conservation committee to develop a program of stream maintenance02/13/97
HB 2074Establishing a division of forms management02/13/97
HB 2134Requiring state agencies to provide information for verifying eligibility for public housing programs02/18/97
HB 2152State Payment for State Mandates Act02/18/97
HB 2171Abolishing the Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority and transferring duties02/20/97
HB 2172Raising the resident vendor's preference percentage and adding "services" to purchasing requirements02/20/97
HB 2177Deleting power dumbwaiters from the coverage of the elevator safety law02/20/97
HB 2201Establishing the West Virginia recreation therapy board02/24/97
HB 2207Entitling nurse practitioners to receive medicaid payments02/25/97
HB 2218Patient Protection Act02/26/97
HB 2251Creating a state building safety commission02/27/97
HB 2266Creating a panel to review proposed legislation and existing law regarding mandated health benefits03/27/97
HB 2388Requiring that newborn infants be tested for hearing impairments03/20/97
HB 2412Changing the pay period for state employees from twice a month to every two weeks03/05/97
HB 2456Freedom of Choice Health Care Act03/10/97
HB 2460Personal Assistance Services Act03/10/97
HB 2463Providing emergency medical service personnel with immunizations against blood borne pathogens03/10/97
HB 2468Creation of provider sponsored health networks03/10/97
HB 2474Creating a division of permit assistance within the economic development authority03/11/97
HB 2480Tanning Facility Act03/11/97
HB 2507Abolishing the commission on aging and creating the bureau of senior services03/12/97
HB 2520Permitting a physical therapist holding a temporary permit to practice under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist03/20/97
HB 2541Transferring operation of the Kanawha Home for Children to the department of health and human resources03/13/97
HB 2574Increasing the superintendent's authority to transfer members within the state police03/17/97
HB 2584Licensing of tobacco dealers and enforcement of tobacco usage restrictions03/18/97
HB 2599Providing limited protection to health care providers declining to order certain diagnostic procedures and treatment options03/18/97
HB 2607Eliminating the requirement that students practice optometry in this state to avoid repaying financial aid03/19/97
HB 2660Creating a home medical equipment service licensing board03/21/97
HB 2674Relating to licensing of alcohol and drug counselors03/21/97
HB 2689Amending the West Virginia Works Act03/24/97
HB 2696Expiration of certain administrative bodies created by order of the governor03/24/97
HB 2728Definitions of barbering, beauty culture, beautician, cosmetology and manicuring03/25/97
HB 2737Providing for a mandatory five percent resident vendors' preference in bidding for state contracts03/26/97
HB 2738Providing for licensing of persons engaged in lead abatement projects03/26/97
HB 2777Eliminating the compensation programs performance council and the position of commissioner of the bureau of employment programs and reinstating the position of commissioner of employment security03/27/97
HB 2788Including school-based health care providers in the definition of primary care physician for children subscribers of HMO's03/27/97
HB 2791Transferring jurisdiction of the cable television advisory board to the public service commission03/27/97
HB 2801Job Opportunity Program and Personal Assistance Services Act03/28/97
HB 2814Voluntary Small Employer Purchasing Pool Act03/28/97
HB 2846Requirements and procedures needed to receive telecommunications devices for the deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired03/28/97
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