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Bill Status - 1997 Regular Session

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There are 28 Bills pending in House Pensions and Retirement




SB 28Raising earnings cap for elected officials receiving incentive retirement benefits04/07/97
HB 2034Full teacher retirement benefits when a member's age plus years of service equals eighty02/12/97
HB 2077Granting prior service credit to certain county employees for retirement purposes02/13/97
HB 2103Exempting certain military pensions from state income tax02/14/97
HB 2106Crediting a deceased teacher's surviving spouse with accumulated sick leave02/14/97
HB 2120Allowing public employees to retire with full benefits when their age is at least fifty years and the sum of their age and years of service equals eighty02/17/97
HB 2121Increasing retirement annuities of public employees02/17/97
HB 2223Teacher retirement eligibility when age plus years of service equals or exceeds eighty02/26/97
HB 2228Prior service credit of two years for teachers with employment in another state02/26/97
HB 2258Providing an early retirement incentive for eligible public employees02/27/97
HB 2299Public retirees permitted to authorize monthly deductions to pay retiree association dues03/03/97
HB 2386Clarifying eligibility of legislative employees for retirement benefits03/04/97
HB 2413Permitting retiring public employees to apply a percentage of their annual and sick leave to insurance coverage and a percentage toward service credit03/05/97
HB 2414Supplemental annuities for certain retired teachers03/05/97
HB 2433Giving teachers credit toward retirement for maternity leave03/06/97
HB 2445Cost-of-living increase for certain retired teachers03/07/97
HB 2446Permitting school employees eligibility for retirement without penalty when age plus years of service equals eighty03/07/97
HB 2447Supplemental annuities for teachers who retired between July 1, 1986, and July 1, 198703/07/97
HB 2470Authorizing the retirement of certain teachers with terminal or psychological illnesses03/10/97
HB 2491Allowing public employees to pay back retirement benefits in one lump sum after returning to employment with the state03/11/97
HB 2576Service credit toward retirement for employees under the CETA program03/17/97
HB 2624Allowing teachers to make contributions to the retirement fund for periods in which they were off work and receiving temporary total disability benefits03/19/97
HB 2663Relating generally to the public employees retirement system and the teachers retirement system03/21/97
HB 2666Permitting the transfer of service credit and retirement account to the public employees retirement system from the teachers' defined contribution retirement system03/21/97
HB 2685Supplemental retirement annuities for teachers who retired after July 1, 1986, but before July 1, 198703/24/97
HB 2750Determining the amount of employee and employer contributions to retirement plans selected by the governing boards of higher education03/26/97
HB 2755Retirement system service credit for certain teachers on educational leave of absence03/26/97
HB 2774Prohibiting the drawing of disability retirement incomes from more than one state03/27/97
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