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Bill Status - 1999 Regular Session

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There are 138 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 130Authorizing counties to lease equipment or materials03/03/99
SB 160Establishing criminal offense of using certain foreign material in public works projects03/01/99
SB 204Authorizing regional jail and correctional facility authority to collect certain delinquent charges03/08/99
SB 511Providing procedure for debarment of vendors with state contracts03/08/99
SB 693Authorizing bureau of medical services to promulgate a legislative rule relating to prior authorization of prescription drugs03/04/99
SB 699Relating to racetrack video lottery; redistribution of net terminal income03/08/99
SB 707Relating to increasing salaries of magistrates03/10/99
SB 708Increasing salary of justices of supreme court of appeals03/10/99
SB 710Increasing per diem and expense reimbursement of legislative members03/10/99
HB 2008Tax credit for employers who provide child day care services for their employees01/13/99
HB 2024Creating a tax exemption for voluntary fire, rescue or emergency medical service personnel01/13/99
HB 2030Creating a pilot program to evaluate the efficacy of requiring the hiring of workers from the local labor market in publicly funded construction projects03/03/99
HB 2032Allowing schools to close on days of public mourning for the death of a current or former United States President02/12/99
HB 2038Crediting a deceased state employee's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse or other dependents01/13/99
HB 2044Requiring the state to purchase electric power from North Branch Power Plant01/13/99
HB 2061Clarifying language relating to funds to be used to implement provisions relating to the child placement alternatives corporation01/13/99
HB 2066Permitting the deduction of home mortgage interest paid for purposes of personal income tax01/13/99
HB 2067Jobs Impact Statement Act01/13/99
HB 2068Special method for valuation of certain computer property01/13/99
HB 2089Incremental decrease in the tax assessed on dental and physicians' services01/13/99
HB 2093Permitting unclaimed moneys held by the general receiver to be kept within each respective county's general fund02/25/99
HB 2094Directing the Secretary of State to propose legislative rules regarding the provision upon request of ballots in Braille for use by blind persons01/22/99
HB 2098Requiring the installation of fire hydrants in all upgrades and new installations of water mains02/05/99
HB 2101Dedicating tax proceeds from fuel tax on barges and other commercial watercraft to the West Virginia Public Port Authority01/13/99
HB 2108Raising the state personal income tax exemption01/13/99
HB 2109Industrial Park Shell Building and Jobs Act01/13/99
HB 2119Tobacco Products Excise Tax Act01/13/99
HB 2120Allowing all counties to become eligible for infrastructure fund grants01/13/99
HB 2122Making Christmas Eve a state holiday01/13/99
HB 2129Bimonthly deductions for PEIA insurance and negotiation of fees with health care provider groups01/13/99
HB 2135Continuation of tax credit for qualified historic rehabilitated buildings investment01/13/99
HB 2139Increasing fees for inspection stickers and exempting from inspection vehicles with fifty thousand miles or less01/13/99
HB 2145Personal property tax exemption on one vehicle in proportion to the amount of miles traveled for volunteer fire department members01/13/99
HB 2147Removing the twenty year limitation in determining incremental salary increases for state employees01/13/99
HB 2149West Virginia Jobs Act01/13/99
HB 2157Granting prior service credit in the West Virginia State Police to members of the teachers retirement system02/12/99
HB 2176Authorizing municipal law-enforcement officers to transport and present mentally incompetent persons to mental health care facilities01/19/99
HB 2179Prohibiting the disclosure of the names of lottery winners01/13/99
HB 2192Procedures concerning debarment of vendors who contract to supply goods or services to the state01/13/99
HB 2195Repealing the provider tax on dental services01/13/99
HB 2202Deduction of contributions for the restoration of the C&O canal and the towpath from adjusted gross income01/14/99
HB 2213Permitting certain state employees to earn merit pay raises01/14/99
HB 2215Limiting the expansion of the state capitol complex in the east end of Charleston01/14/99
HB 2245Exempting funeral-related retail sales from the consumers sales tax01/15/99
HB 2247Providing a tax credit of fifty dollars for each dependant child of a taxpayer01/15/99
HB 2260Removing the requirement that the division of vocational rehabilitation transfer disproportionate share hospital funds to the medical services trust fund01/15/99
HB 2261Relating to use of point of sale terminals to access payments of public assistance01/15/99
HB 2264Updating the meaning of terms used in the Personal Income Tax Act01/15/99
HB 2265Updating the meaning of terms in the Corporation Net Income Tax Act01/15/99
HB 2267Implementing a one-time tax-free week on sales of clothing under fifty dollars01/15/99
HB 2270Expansion of the types of collateral security to be given by depositories of public funds01/15/99
HB 2276Increasing the salaries of members of the West Virginia state police01/18/99
HB 2283Permitting spouses and dependents of West Virginia residents on active military duty to be issued licenses to hunt, fish or trap02/04/99
HB 2287West Virginia Public Employment Relations Act01/19/99
HB 2288Providing for the payment of prescription drug services for senior citizens01/19/99
HB 2306Clarifying the definition of community care services02/11/99
HB 2314Promoting greater enforcement of the Amusement Rides and Amusement Attractions Safety Act01/20/99
HB 2329Providing for use sensitive residential solid waste collection rates and collection of bulky goods02/03/99
HB 2330Establishing a program to manage waste tires03/04/99
HB 2346Protecting a religious body from incurring tax liabilities on certain land01/22/99
HB 2363Providing a two thousand dollar exclusion from income for retirees for personal income tax purposes01/25/99
HB 2367Removing the tax exemption status for certain nonprofit hospitals01/25/99
HB 2371Establishing a state veterans nursing home02/04/99
HB 2379Imposing an excise tax on smokeless tobacco products and dedicating the proceeds of the tax to the Children's Health Insurance Program01/26/99
HB 2381Clarifying compensation of the occupational pneumoconiosis board and when its members must be appointed02/10/99
HB 2387Creating the institute for increased postsecondary education participation02/26/99
HB 2391Good Neighbor Water Expansion Act01/26/99
HB 2393Permitting certain public offices to fulfill financial examination requirements by having a review rather than an audit01/26/99
HB 2406State personal income tax exemption for certain members of volunteer fire departments01/27/99
HB 2408Relating to taxes on income, receipts or expenditures for goods or services of horse or dog racing owners, trainers or jockeys01/27/99
HB 2409Distribution of revenues of video lottery net terminal income to the thoroughbred development fund01/27/99
HB 2418Allowing a court to order convicts to pay the cost of their imprisonment and food03/01/99
HB 2421West Virginia Small Business Tax Credit Act01/27/99
HB 2423Creating an independent Board of Tax and Revenue Appeals01/27/99
HB 2428Creating a new registration plate for classic motor vehicles and motorcycles and use of such vehicles for general transportation02/18/99
HB 2434Dedicating certain natural gas tax revenue to the county in which the gas was extracted01/27/99
HB 2440Determination of premium costs to retired employees participating in PEIA group plans01/27/99
HB 2446Phasing out the sales tax on food over a period of up to ten years01/27/99
HB 2452Imposing special excise taxes on tobacco products02/25/99
HB 2470Providing a checkoff box on income tax forms for contributions to be used to prevent the euthanization of healthy dogs and cats01/29/99
HB 2588Exempting West Virginians seventy-five years of age or older from state income tax02/02/99
HB 2594Authorizing one gaming facility to be located in an historic resort hotel upon approval of county voters02/02/99
HB 2596Authorizing construction and acquisition of buildings with donated funds or materials and labor in state parks, forests and recreational facilities02/11/99
HB 2597Transfer of unexpended funds from state park bond projects02/11/99
HB 2603Allowing bow hunting on Sundays02/25/99
HB 2614Providing a two thousand dollar exclusion from income for income tax purposes for certain retirees02/03/99
HB 2620Providing that correctional officers shall be paid for unused leave in addition to their regular salary02/03/99
HB 2633Eliminating two special revenue accounts maintained by the division of motor vehicles02/03/99
HB 2655Increasing magistrate salaries in the more populous counties equal to the salary of Class I clerks of circuit courts02/04/99
HB 2659Increasing the salaries of magistrate court clerks, deputy clerks and assistants02/04/99
HB 2661Restoring retirement service credit for certain teachers02/04/99
HB 2665Reducing the sales tax on food from six percent to five percent02/05/99
HB 2680Gradually eliminating the sales tax on food and increasing the sales tax on other items to six and one-half percent02/08/99
HB 2683Increasing civil penalties of the Water Pollution Control Act02/17/99
HB 2688Providing for additional licensing fees for retail outlet sales of alcoholic liquors02/08/99
HB 2705Imposing an excise tax on all tobacco products02/09/99
HB 2714Providing tax relief for homeowners and renters under the age of sixty-five02/10/99
HB 2721Tax credit for investment in qualified historic rehabilitated buildings02/10/99
HB 2725Establishing a procedure for collective bargaining by public school employees02/10/99
HB 2751Salary increase for sanitarian employees of the division of health02/12/99
HB 2752Promoting contributions to the maintenance and improvement of state parks02/12/99
HB 2755Authorizing the adjutant general to establish morale, welfare and recreation facilities at Camp Dawson02/18/99
HB 2767Excluding supplemental security income in determining financial eligibility for assistance to families under West Virginia Works Act02/15/99
HB 2768Reducing the corporation net income tax02/15/99
HB 2770Repealing the section relating to charging fees for the use of the state seal02/15/99
HB 2779Limiting the number of cases that juvenile probation officers are required to handle and preventing juvenile contact with adult probationers02/23/99
HB 2786Exempting property used exclusively for retirement homes from taxation02/16/99
HB 2795Increasing the amount which may be expended for training of high technology business employees under the guaranteed work force program02/17/99
HB 2806Creating a health insurance program for small business employers02/17/99
HB 2825Excluding federal interest income when applying the income exclusion available to those sixty-five years of age or older and to persons permanently and totally disabled02/18/99
HB 2827Graduated elimination of the consumer's sales tax on food02/18/99
HB 2831Salaries of correctional officers at regional jails02/18/99
HB 2834Providing for businesses in border areas to receive certain tax exemptions to better compete with businesses in contiguous states02/18/99
HB 2835Granting service credit for persons in active service of the armed forces of the United States during periods of armed conflict02/18/99
HB 2857Phasing in increased assessments on certain property02/22/99
HB 2865Eliminating the consumer sales tax on food by a six-year phaseout02/22/99
HB 2877Creating the West Virginia sentencing commission03/01/99
HB 2881Allowing taxpayers a reduction in their adjusted gross income for gifts made to community foundations02/24/99
HB 2882Providing a personal income tax credit to encourage preservation of historic houses and neighborhoods02/24/99
HB 2903Excluding social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income for purposes of the state personal income tax02/25/99
HB 2904Reestablishing the site index valuation method for valuation of managed timberland02/25/99
HB 2908Limiting the placement of vending machines which sell tobacco products03/01/99
HB 2912Increasing allowable training costs for employees of high technology companies under the guaranteed work force program02/25/99
HB 2920Providing a tax credit for new high technology products and manufacturing02/25/99
HB 2931Providing perpetual qualification of managed timberland unless qualification is removed for cause or by request of the property owner02/25/99
HB 2943Adding purchase of fuel as a permissible expenditure from the municipal pensions and protection fund02/25/99
HB 2944Prohibiting commingling of certain state funds received by volunteer fire departments with other funds, etc.02/25/99
HB 2946Eliminating the state's direct involvement in making wholesale sales of liquor to retailers02/25/99
HB 2947Use of surplus revenues in the general revenue fund to reduce personal and corporate income tax rates02/25/99
HB 2949Relating to reinstatement of withdrawn service into the teachers retirement system03/02/99
HB 2959Creating a special fund to maintain the capitol dome and other improvements at the capitol complex03/04/99
HB 2966Providing the homestead property tax exemption for all homeowners02/25/99
HB 2976Abolishing the requirement of submitting duplicate bids to the purchasing division and the state auditor02/25/99
HB 2990Providing salary increases for certain appointed public officers02/25/99
HB 2991Reauthorizing the Neighborhood Investment Program Act02/25/99
HB 3000Increasing the annual salaries of circuit and county clerks02/25/99
HB 3003Repealing the soft drinks tax02/25/99
HB 3008Establishing an intermediate court of appeals02/26/99
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