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Bill Status - 1999 Regular Session

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There are 91 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 7Creating Small Tourism Business Development Act02/19/99
SB 24Providing certain tax refund on gasoline and special fuels01/13/99
SB 39Relating to public employees insurance agency; drug formulary change notice02/03/99
SB 47Exempting certain military retirement from personal income tax01/13/99
SB 48Providing certain adult probation officers payment or credit for unused leave time01/13/99
SB 56Allowing tax credit to employers providing child day care01/13/99
SB 59Providing tax credit for long-term health care insurance premiums01/13/99
SB 61Providing voluntary fire department member tax exemption for vehicle01/13/99
SB 71Dedicating certain sales proceeds to counties01/13/99
SB 75Relating to reimbursement for volunteer certified instructors of hunter safety courses01/18/99
SB 77Creating recreation and amusement tax01/13/99
SB 84Increasing cap on municipal amusement tax01/13/99
SB 91Phasing out certain health care provider taxes01/13/99
SB 98Increasing personal income tax deduction for retirement income01/13/99
SB 112Allowing tax deduction for contribution to state colleges and universities01/13/99
SB 116Increasing salaries of certain state officials01/13/99
SB 124Increasing salaries of magistrates01/13/99
SB 125Budget Bill03/16/99
SB 126Providing personal income tax exemption for national guard income01/14/99
SB 129Increasing personal income tax exemption for retirement income01/14/99
SB 140Relating to driver's license testing01/28/99
SB 147Increasing salaries of state police01/15/99
SB 158Appropriating federal funds to bureau of employment programs01/18/99
SB 167Repealing section imposing tax on providers of emergency ambulance service01/20/99
SB 168Equalizing salaries of magistrates01/20/99
SB 169Creating county recreation and amusement tax on ski resorts01/20/99
SB 175Creating Waste Tire Management Act02/10/99
SB 182Increasing number of judges in certain judicial circuits03/03/99
SB 190Exempting military retirement from personal income tax01/22/99
SB 205Expanding definition of direct advertising02/04/99
SB 208Dedicating certain video lottery revenue to fund senior citizen prescriptions01/26/99
SB 221Revising motor vehicle accident reporting requirements02/02/99
SB 229Authorizing certain deposits into a central fund by commissioner of agriculture03/04/99
SB 230Exempting soap used at car washes from consumers sales tax01/27/99
SB 235Repealing provider tax on dental services01/27/99
SB 246Providing tax credit for upgrade of county or state roads01/28/99
SB 365Modifying process used to pay awards to crime victims03/01/99
SB 371Requiring public service commission approval on public energy authority projects02/25/99
SB 381Creating tax credit for new high technology companies after July 1, 199902/02/99
SB 397Limiting caseload of juvenile probation officers02/26/99
SB 399Exempting sales of band booster organizations from sales tax02/02/99
SB 404Establishing civil legal services for certain domestic violence victims02/15/99
SB 405Increasing funding for construction of industrial access roads03/08/99
SB 419Relating to retirement incentives and contract employment at higher education institutions03/02/99
SB 425Providing one-time tax credit for purchase of long-term care insurance02/04/99
SB 443Requesting appropriation for school construction and improvements in growth counties03/02/99
SB 459Increasing sanitarians' salaries within division of health02/08/99
SB 464Including lost scholarship in definitions of crime victims compensation act02/08/99
SB 468Transferring care and custody of juvenile offenders to division of juvenile services03/04/99
SB 476Increasing excise tax on sale and use of tobacco products02/09/99
SB 493Relating to application and permit fees paid to division of environmental protection03/08/99
SB 494Repealing provider tax on optometrists02/10/99
SB 500Relieving counties of maintaining a jail where regional jail facilities are available02/11/99
SB 502Increasing salaries of justices of supreme court of appeals and circuit courts02/11/99
SB 504Increasing income tax exemptions for certain senior citizens02/11/99
SB 526Providing administrative allowance to certain members of army or air national guard02/26/99
SB 528Requiring proof of payment of personal taxes prior to receiving business certificate02/12/99
SB 537Establishing special method for appraising certified revitalized property02/15/99
SB 544Establishing reciprocity of mine foreman certification02/18/99
SB 558Clarifying appropriations from lottery senior citizens fund for medical care02/17/99
SB 562Exempting antique motor vehicles and motorcycles from personal property tax02/17/99
SB 578Establishing statewide registry for persons authorized to celebrate marriages02/26/99
SB 580Authorizing department of tax and revenue to promulgate legislative rules relating to exempting certain professional services from consumers' sales tax02/19/99
SB 583Providing arbitration option for state employees filing grievance03/03/99
SB 590Increasing salary of commissioner of highways02/19/99
SB 593Increasing timber severance tax02/22/99
SB 595Relating to certain funding for division of environmental protection03/02/99
SB 602Relating to funding of Bluestone Junction tourist train project02/22/99
SB 607Increasing fees on sales of charitable raffle boards and games03/03/99
SB 609Relating to costs of certain employee training under guaranteed work force program02/22/99
SB 613Increasing timber severance tax02/22/99
SB 627Providing tax credit for hiring qualified unemployed persons and welfare recipients02/22/99
SB 640Imposing tax on providers of legal services02/22/99
SB 656Relating to additional licensing fees for retail outlet sales of alcoholic liquors02/22/99
SB 680Providing salary increase for adjutant general02/22/99
SB 694Relating to prepaid tuition trust act modifications03/02/99
SB 695Creating educare program03/02/99
SB 696Increasing maximum salary of county board of education members03/02/99
SB 698Creating Restricted Access Adult Video Lottery Act03/03/99
HB 2183Clarifying provisions of Solicitations of Charitable Funds Act03/08/99
HB 2185Giving deputy sheriffs who are required to work during holidays the same coverage as is authorized for municipal police officers, firefighters and correctional officers03/10/99
HB 2280Requiring mental hygiene commissioners each year to receive training relative to mental illness03/09/99
HB 2694Renaming full-time conservation officers as natural resources police03/04/99
HB 2773PSC jurisdiction over certain sewer systems and creating the Small Public Utility Customer Protection Act03/10/99
HB 2778Increasing deposits of court costs in magistrate court03/10/99
HB 2811Making changes to the crime victims compensation program02/25/99
HB 2812Increasing threshold amounts before small businesses and contractors must file monthly or quarterly tax returns02/25/99
HB 2847Providing funding for the office of waste management and the hazardous waste emergency fund03/05/99
HB 2897Creating the elderly prescription drug assistance program03/08/99
HB 2993Requiring county boards of education to conduct a criminal background check through the FBI in addition to the State Criminal Identification Bureau03/11/99
HB 3022Relating generally to volunteer and part volunteer fire companies and departments03/04/99
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