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Bill Status - 1999 Regular Session

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There are 70 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 78Relating to purchases by state building commission03/08/99
SB 151Establishing licensure and regulation of bail-enforcement agents01/21/99
SB 615Relating to legislative intent concerning operation of division of corrections03/08/99
SB 625Authorizing professional licensing boards to obtain fingerprints from license applicants and licensees03/03/99
SB 676Establishing capitol complex boundary limits03/02/99
HB 2002Establishment of family resource centers in needy counties01/13/99
HB 2007Requiring state agencies to provide information for verifying eligibility for public housing programs01/13/99
HB 2011Patient Protection Act01/13/99
HB 2048Eliminating the compensation programs performance council and the position of commissioner of the bureau of employment programs and reinstating the position of commissioner of employment security01/13/99
HB 2050Managed Care Consumer Protection Act01/13/99
HB 2055Creating the West Virginia transportation oversight committee01/13/99
HB 2058Authorizing the state conservation committee to develop a program of stream maintenance01/13/99
HB 2062Personal Assistance Services Act01/13/99
HB 2069Expanding the counties covered by the Route 2 and Interstate 68 Authority and increasing the number of members02/04/99
HB 2070Establishing "Operation Native Talent" for West Virginians seeking employment and job opportunities01/13/99
HB 2080Requiring executive agencies to report notices of disallowances or potential disallowances of federal funds within sixty days of receipt01/13/99
HB 2100Requiring certain buildings built and maintained with public funds to use at least twenty-five percent steel framing01/13/99
HB 2113Tanning Facility Act01/13/99
HB 2166Including school-based health care providers in the definition of primary care physician for children subscribers of HMO's01/13/99
HB 2188Establishing the West Virginia recreation therapy board01/13/99
HB 2219Changing the pay period for state employees from twice a month to every two weeks01/14/99
HB 2228General revision of the West Virginia Medical Practice Act01/14/99
HB 2252Requiring that certain clerical and secretarial experience be considered under the civil service system01/15/99
HB 2256Prohibiting certain conduct by security guards and security guard businesses01/15/99
HB 2271Inclusion of members of the banking industry as regional council members01/15/99
HB 2285West Virginia Insurance Fraud Prevention Act01/19/99
HB 2286Requiring the licensing of clinical exercise physiologists01/19/99
HB 2303Correcting the code to reflect that chiropractors are not qualified to engage in the discipline of physical therapy01/19/99
HB 2313Including the Legislature and the former departments of corrections and health within coverage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act01/20/99
HB 2315Relating generally to the West Virginia development office01/20/99
HB 2340Requiring all meetings of the public insurance agency's finance board be open to the public01/22/99
HB 2344Requiring at least one registered nurse to serve on certain state boards, commissions or task forces01/22/99
HB 2354Establishment of an accreditation program for child welfare agencies and child-placing agencies01/22/99
HB 2394Creating an office of actuarial services01/26/99
HB 2395Minimizing the practice of defensive medicine01/26/99
HB 2398Licensing of debt collection agencies01/26/99
HB 2410Voluntary Small Employer Purchasing Pool Act01/27/99
HB 2430Creating a legislative oversight commission on public employees insurance accountability01/27/99
HB 2450Requiring law-enforcement agencies to immediately investigate reports of missing persons who have Alzheimer's disease01/28/99
HB 2463Requiring nurse representation on hospital boards of directors01/29/99
HB 2467Requiring the next judge appointed to the court of claims be from the southern part of the state01/29/99
HB 2600Creating the electrician licensing board and transferring enforcement authority02/02/99
HB 2604Creating a medicaid drug prior authorization advisory board02/02/99
HB 2642Defining additional powers and duties of the environmental advocate02/04/99
HB 2649Making the joint commission on accreditation of health care organizations a review organization02/04/99
HB 2724Making changes to the certificate of need law02/10/99
HB 2762Creating state and local law-enforcement review boards02/12/99
HB 2764Information Technology Access Act02/12/99
HB 2782Conversion of rural hospital acute care and psychiatric beds to skilled nursing beds02/16/99
HB 2808Relating generally to the board of barbers and cosmetologists02/17/99
HB 2819Articulating a purpose and legislative intent concerning the operation of the division of corrections02/17/99
HB 2822Making welfare recipients available to work at certain public or nonprofit sites02/17/99
HB 2843Preserving state employees' benefits during absences from work due to work-related injuries02/19/99
HB 2849Definition and pay grade of plumber III in the school service pay scale02/19/99
HB 2851Salary increase for the director of the division of veterans affairs02/19/99
HB 2852Enhancing protection for consumers of managed health care plans02/19/99
HB 2862Requiring certain recipients of state funds for training and purchase of business assets to repay the state02/22/99
HB 2883Transferring duties of the chief inspector and supervisor of local government offices from the tax commissioner to the state auditor02/24/99
HB 2885Clarifying the scope of chiropractic practice02/24/99
HB 2901Enhancing protection for consumers of managed health care plans02/25/99
HB 2905Establishing a managed care policy board02/25/99
HB 2906Managed Care Ombudsman Program Act02/25/99
HB 2954Requiring law-enforcement agencies to pay a percentage of the cost of certain training02/25/99
HB 2955Requiring the tourism commission to promote heritage presentation tourism programs02/25/99
HB 2971State Payment For State Mandates Act02/25/99
HB 2974Reinstatement without loss of rights of state employees following extended leave of absence02/25/99
HB 2977Creating an incentive award program for state employees02/25/99
HB 2992Clarifying the definition of ambulance and specifying staffing the personnel requirements for specialized multipatient medical transports02/25/99
HB 3001Logging Sediment Control Act02/25/99
HB 3005Assuring proper treatment of nursing home residents by providing minimum staffing levels, requiring criminal background checks of employees and prohibiting threatening activity at the facility02/25/99
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