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Bill Status - 1999 Regular Session

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There are 28 Bills pending in Senate Pensions




SB 4Increasing multiplier for retirement annuity in public employees retirement system01/13/99
SB 5Providing former members of state police service credit under public employees retirement system01/13/99
SB 8Providing public employee retirees military service credit01/13/99
SB 31Providing public employee retirees military service credit01/13/99
SB 52Providing retirement options to divorced members of public employees retirement system01/13/99
SB 53Preventing reduction of annuities of certain public employee retirees01/13/99
SB 92Providing teachers retirement annuity to certain members01/13/99
SB 132Relating to public employees retirement system; accrued annual leave01/14/99
SB 193Allowing teacher retirement when age and contributing service equal eighty01/22/99
SB 218Providing certain employment of assistant school principals01/27/00
SB 231Providing cost-of-living increase for certain retired teachers01/27/99
SB 383Providing cost-of-living increase to certain members of teachers retirement system02/02/99
SB 392Allowing officers of regional educational laboratory credit within teachers retirement system02/02/99
SB 408Relating to calculation of supplemental benefits for certain municipal employees02/03/99
SB 424Lowering age plus service requirement for certain teachers retirement system members02/04/99
SB 557Allowing teachers certain credit toward retirement eligibility02/17/99
SB 568Clarifying certain service credit under judicial retirement system02/17/99
SB 586Defining limited credit service relative to retirement benefits for public employees02/19/99
SB 619Authorizing repayment of contributions upon reentry of teachers' defined contribution retirement system02/22/99
SB 622Relating to payment of moving expenses by consolidated retirement board02/22/99
SB 644Including correctional officers in deputy sheriff retirement system02/22/99
SB 652Establishing minimum monthly annuity payment for retired teachers02/22/99
SB 674Establishing minimum monthly annuity payment under public employees retirement system02/22/99
HB 2088Preventing the reduction of annuities of certain persons under disability retirement03/08/99
HB 2189Allowing former members of the state police to receive service credit under the public employees retirement system03/03/99
HB 2225Requiring a divorced member to prove there is no qualified domestic relations order in effect as a condition to elect certain retirement annuity options02/25/99
HB 2289Relating generally to public employees retirement and benefits03/05/99
HB 2337Providing retirement credit to teachers for years of service at private four-year colleges and universities03/05/99
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