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Bill Status - 2003 Regular Session

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There are 59 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 2Relating to benefits of retired teachers employed by institutions of higher education01/08/03
SB 20Relating to school guidance counselors01/08/03
SB 24Changing name of West Virginia State College to West Virginia State University 01/08/03
SB 25Increasing salary increments for principals and assistant principals01/08/03
SB 45Creating Equitable Compensation Act01/08/03
SB 73Allowing teacher retirement when age and service equals eighty01/08/03
SB 77Limiting amount of total basic foundation program for public school support01/09/03
SB 80Relating to school counselors01/09/03
SB 88Relating to creating tobacco free school act01/09/03
SB 108Modifying adjusted gross income to certain retired higher education employees01/10/03
SB 116Declaring Good Friday school holiday01/10/03
SB 117Requiring firearm safety program in public schools01/10/03
SB 122Creating Family Education Rights and Privacy Act01/10/03
SB 133Establishing dollars for scholars program01/13/03
SB 137Imposing statewide percentage grading scale on report cards01/13/03
SB 143Providing high school diplomas to certain veterans01/17/03
SB 145Relating to distribution of moneys by school building authority01/13/03
SB 154Relating to eligibility requirements for PROMISE scholarships01/14/03
SB 168Creating Equitable Compensation Act01/17/03
SB 179Limiting total number of students teacher is required to teach01/20/03
SB 183Raising age for compulsory school attendance01/20/03
SB 434Clarifying rule-making powers of school building authority02/03/03
SB 435Including nonprofessional boards of education employees in job-sharing02/04/03
SB 438Defining "full-time" for higher education faculty member02/04/03
SB 439Increasing overtime and holiday pay for classified employees; removing experience cap02/06/03
SB 452Removing requirement substitute teacher work certain amount for full-time employment hiring and seniority02/05/03
SB 454Requiring school nurse for certain enrollment; shared-time02/05/03
SB 473Relating to incremental salary increase for classified higher education employees02/07/03
SB 483Making school support allowance for increased enrollment mandatory02/11/03
SB 498Creating Equitable Compensation Act02/12/03
SB 545Prohibiting certain acts by school employees to assist student in obtaining abortion02/14/03
SB 559Limiting idling of school buses; exception02/17/03
SB 571Authorizing pro rata fee increases for certain full-time students at higher education institutions02/17/03
SB 590Limiting idling of school buses; exception02/17/03
SB 653Coordinating standardized curricula for nursing undergraduate programs02/27/03
HB 2052Including nationally accredited institutions in the definition of "eligible institution" for purposes of the in-state excellence scholarship program01/17/03
HB 2082Relating to the higher education policy commission01/16/03
HB 2154Relating to the school calendar generally01/21/03
HB 2155Providing a method for setting a cap on tuition and fees for higher education01/31/03
HB 2197Providing a criminal penalty for a county school board member to willfully and knowingly attempt to exercise authority outside statutory authority03/03/03
HB 2268Teachers and substitute teachers as professional educators and addressing the critical need and shortage thereof02/11/03
HB 2300Creating education performance audit panel to strengthen focus on improving student, school and school system performance01/22/03
HB 2323Establishing a division of school personnel within the state department of education by July 1, 200301/23/03
HB 2383Requiring the state department of education to submit a comprehensive teacher certification plan to LOCEA for adopting prior to July 1, 200302/12/03
HB 2402Relating to early childhood education programs01/23/03
HB 2433Relating to vocational-technical facility and equipment improvements through the school building authority02/19/03
HB 2521Establishing a school psychologist internship program03/03/03
HB 2863Formulating a process in which to project the net enrollment in growth counties03/03/03
HB 2970Increasing the ratios of professional and service personnel to students in net enrollment02/19/03
HB 3031Relating to participation in public school courses and activities by child receiving home instruction02/21/03
HB 3035Excluding PROMISE scholarship applicants if they receive ten thousand dollars or more from family contributions03/03/03
HB 3074Allowing a retired member of the teachers retirement system to be reemployed on a contract basis02/28/03
HB 3081Providing for safe schools through alternative education programs and providing certain juvenile justice records to public school officials03/03/03
HB 3115Instituting a "Celebrate Freedom Week" and requiring the instruction in the study of the Declaration of the Independence and other founding American historical documents03/03/03
HB 3187Relating to the authority of the state superintendent to grant certain limited exceptions to provisions for the scheduling and use of instructional days and times in certain circumstances02/26/03
HB 3188Conditions for obtaining driver's license, denial, revocation and limitation on reinstatement of the same02/27/03
HB 3190Relating to the titling and ownership of property for area vocational education programs03/03/03
HB 3193Relating to reports on school attendance for purposes of accountability and excluding certain absences03/03/03
HB 3196Relating to improving the administration and management of the public schools03/03/03
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