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Bill Status - 2003 Regular Session

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There are 94 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 22Creating recreation and amusement tax01/08/03
SB 23Allowing tax credit for employers providing child day care services01/08/03
SB 31Relating to bureau of employment programs01/08/03
SB 55Relating to graduated elimination of consumers sales tax on food01/08/03
SB 63Repealing provider tax on optometrists01/08/03
SB 64Exempting certain propane gas from excise tax01/08/03
SB 66Allowing correctional officers paid for certain unused annual leave01/08/03
SB 71Exempting certain groups from vehicle registration fees01/16/03
SB 74Providing nonrefundable earned income tax credit from personal income tax in certain cases01/08/03
SB 75Budget bill03/08/03
SB 81Relating to claims for homestead exemption01/15/03
SB 83Reducing sales tax on packaged food and fresh-grown food in certain cases01/09/03
SB 89Reducing sales tax on certain food off premises01/09/03
SB 99Relating to dedication of certain proceeds to counties01/10/03
SB 110Providing state income tax exemption to certain federal retirees01/10/03
SB 118Exempting veterans' organizations from state sales tax01/10/03
SB 132Granting counties option of selling liquor retail in certain cases02/27/03
SB 140Increasing salaries for certain employees in division of corrections01/13/03
SB 172Relating to consumers sales tax on food01/17/03
SB 174Increasing salaries for certain division of corrections employees01/17/03
SB 177Relating to authority of aeronautics commission to expend funds02/20/03
SB 187Authorizing special motor vehicle plates for volunteers and employees of American Red Cross02/18/03
SB 188Requiring vision exams for school admission; other provisions02/28/03
SB 200Requiring food service establishments to post notice advising use of salad preservatives02/19/03
SB 201Increasing benefits to survivors of state police killed in line of duty02/20/03
SB 209Increasing base salary of sworn state police personnel by certain percent01/22/03
SB 211Relating to compensation of professional licensing board members01/30/03
SB 212Allowing credit against personal income tax for certain volunteer work01/22/03
SB 222Providing exemption from gross income for certain members of volunteer fire departments01/23/03
SB 339Creating flood protection task force02/06/03
SB 343Requiring appropriation of special revenue funds by Legislature01/24/03
SB 355Allowing special registration plates for democratic and republican state or county executive committee members 02/11/03
SB 365Providing board of landscape architects set certain fees by rule02/24/03
SB 369Allowing public service districts to enter into certain agreements without approval of public service commission02/19/03
SB 373Requiring businesses pay personal property taxes to receive business registration certificate01/28/03
SB 374Authorizing special license plates for certain female veterans; substitutes "firefighter" for certain words02/18/03
SB 380Relating to licensing of private investigators and security guards02/24/03
SB 389Authorizing division of motor vehicles reimburse certain advisory boards for expenses02/13/03
SB 394Exempting tax on certain property conveyed to homeowners' association01/29/03
SB 397Transferring Big Ditch Lake wildlife management area to parks section of division of natural resources02/06/03
SB 398Exempting interest on savings bonds from personal income tax in certain cases01/29/03
SB 406Providing one-time pay increase for certain state police civilian employees01/30/03
SB 408Providing legislators participating in public employees insurance agency pay same premium as state officers and employees01/30/03
SB 413Increasing various county fees and dedicating to courthouse facilities improvement fund02/26/03
SB 431Reducing excise tax on gasoline and special fuel02/03/03
SB 441Establishing Uniform Prudent Investor Act03/03/03
SB 448Allowing alcohol beverage control commissioner enter into contracts concerning proprietary scanner technology02/21/03
SB 456Relating to construction financing for surface transportation improvements; federal grants03/06/03
SB 460Establishing Substance Abuse Prevention Act02/26/03
SB 464Authorizing special West Liberty State College license plates02/21/03
SB 465Allowing certain retail markup on cigarettes and beer02/06/03
SB 468Repealing requirement tax commissioner annually report amount of fuel tax collected02/06/03
SB 474Permitting certain higher education faculty to participate in catastrophic leave bank02/21/03
SB 477Relating to transfer of certain fees to general revenue fund by fire marshal02/28/03
SB 478Enacting Tax Free Family Meal Act of 200302/07/03
SB 492Exempting tax for materials and services used in coal preparation plants02/11/03
SB 506Providing homestead property tax exemption for all homeowners02/12/03
SB 509Removing experience increment cap for higher education classified employees 02/12/03
SB 515Creating State Payment for State Mandates Act02/24/03
SB 516Increasing low-income exclusion for personal income tax02/13/03
SB 517Creating certain tax credit for dependent children02/13/03
SB 539Authorizing special license plate for Harley Owners Group02/18/03
SB 543Relating to managed timberland for property tax purposes02/14/03
SB 550Limiting acreage of timberland owned for property tax purposes02/17/03
SB 554Increasing cost of bear damage stamp; purchase date02/26/03
SB 565Relating to public defender services02/26/03
SB 567Providing reduced turnpike toll for motorcycles 02/17/03
SB 569Authorizing special Knights of Columbus license plates02/18/03
SB 578Establishing Central Highlands highway authority02/24/03
SB 582Authorizing tax credit for parents or legal guardians who provide home or private schooling02/17/03
SB 588Creating transportation and economic development information system02/24/03
SB 593Relating to tax assessment of wind turbine towers02/17/03
SB 596Relating to municipal policemen's and firemen's pension and relief funds02/24/03
SB 599Relating to responsibilities and requirements for state and county school superintendents and school boards02/21/03
SB 606Updating data processing exemption for consumers sales and service tax02/17/03
SB 607Increasing soft drink tax02/25/03
HB 2056Creating the Great Family Literacy Act and establishing a voluntary checkoff on income tax returns to help fund the program03/04/03
HB 2114Limiting the public education allowances provided as part of the total basic foundation program for the 2003 fiscal year03/03/03
HB 2194Reimbursement to police agencies for training and certification costs03/05/03
HB 2237Adding a magistrate in Monongalia and Wood Counties03/05/03
HB 2282Relating to payment to magistrates who serve temporarily outside their elected counties03/03/03
HB 2438Allowing teachers who withdrew from the teachers retirement system in favor of the defined contribution retirement system to return to the teachers retirement system03/06/03
HB 2729Clarifying the members of professional licensing boards may be compensated only for days which they attend official meetings and not for travel days03/05/03
HB 2731Providing dedication of a portion of pari-mutuel proceeds be utilized to fund employee retirement plans at certain racing facilities03/03/03
HB 2749Allowing for reciprocal licensing of physical therapists from other states and countries03/05/03
HB 2823Modifying delinquent real and personal property collection and purchase requirements03/06/03
HB 2875Eliminating a gap in employment for employees participating in the public employees insurance plan who were subject to a reduction in force and who are reemployed and reenter the plan03/06/03
HB 2991Relating to the fee charged by fiduciary commissioners in settling an estate03/06/03
HB 3032Relating to setting forth purpose of the consolidated public retirement board03/06/03
HB 3083Providing that magistrate court may be temporarily held in various locations throughout the county03/04/03
HB 3141Requiring the contractor licensing board to provide renewal notice to licensees03/06/03
HB 3189Reducing the total tax credits available under the capital company act during the fiscal year beginning on the first day of July, two thousand three02/28/03
HB 3194Relating to updating fee structure provisions03/04/03
HB 3202Clarifying and specifying the treatment of the activity of silviculture for purposes of the business franchise tax03/03/03
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