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Bill Status - 2003 Regular Session

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There are 68 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 14Prohibiting state and its political subdivisions from contracting with vendors owing debt02/28/03
SB 40Relating to powers and duties of tourism commission02/28/03
SB 100Exempting barbers, beauticians and manicurists from continuing education classes for license renewal02/05/03
SB 153Creating division of gaming03/03/03
SB 391Reducing training requirements for certain state police cadets02/21/03
SB 419Continuing governor's office of fiscal risk analysis and management02/05/03
SB 497Creating Commercial Prison Enabling and Contracting Act02/28/03
SB 570Creating Tourism Destination Economic Development Act03/03/03
SB 576Authorizing department of administration to regulate purchases and sales for flood and emergency relief02/28/03
SB 603Establishing Nick J. Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute as permanent statewide trail plan coordinator02/28/03
HB 2007Establishment of family resource centers in needy counties01/08/03
HB 2075Establishing a managed care policy board01/09/03
HB 2087Requiring state agencies to provide information for verifying eligibility for public housing programs01/09/03
HB 2116Terminating the governor's cabinet on children and families and incorporating certain of its powers and the children's fund to the department of health and human resources01/10/03
HB 2129Relating to the maintenance and operation of nontraditional career development centers for displaced homemakers and single parents01/13/03
HB 2131Establishing a new public policy encouraging resident small businesses to bid for state contracts01/13/03
HB 2175Reorganizing the executive branch of government01/14/03
HB 2191Creating an information systems disaster recovery center01/14/03
HB 2223Creating the West Virginia board of dental hygienists01/14/03
HB 2242Requiring state agencies to implement activity-based costing to review their procedures in issuing approvals01/15/03
HB 2243Creating an information network commission01/15/03
HB 2263Creating the "West Virginia Prescription Drug Fair Pricing Act"01/15/03
HB 2292Requiring all executive agencies to report to the governor, Speaker of the House of Delegates and President of the Senate notices of allowances or potential disallowances of federal funds01/15/03
HB 2311Creating a three person rate review board within the public service commission01/16/03
HB 2327Creating a charitable gaming commission to regulate and license charitable raffles and bingo01/16/03
HB 2404Creating a program to provide matching grants of funds to public service districts or local government units in providing water service01/20/03
HB 2405Expanding the counties covered by West Virginia Route 2 and Interstate 68 authority to include Cabell, Mason and Jackson and increasing the number of members01/20/03
HB 2412Minimum standards for licensure of barbers educated in another state01/20/03
HB 2417Creating a joint legislative committee on technology01/20/03
HB 2424Creating a New River and Gauley River citizen's board to help resolve access issues to those rivers01/20/03
HB 2465Creating a Gypsy Moth Control Commission to coordinate efforts to limit the effects of gypsy moths in this state01/20/03
HB 2516State Payment for State Mandates Act01/22/03
HB 2533Creating the western West Virginia highway authority01/23/03
HB 2535Prohibiting access of certain motorized vehicles to trails established under the rails to trails program and setting forth penalties and violations01/23/03
HB 2540Providing Good Friday as a legal holiday01/23/03
HB 2544Creating a forensic dental office to provide an authoritative resource to identify unknown individuals by means of dental records01/23/03
HB 2549Relating to the practice of land surveying generally01/23/03
HB 2674Requiring the governor's cabinet on children and families to create a plan to encourage the establishment of family resource centers01/27/03
HB 2685Establishing a program for reprogramming cellular telephones and distributing to seniors for making emergency calls01/27/03
HB 2707Permitting county commissions to impose building restrictions in certain designated floodplain or mudslide areas01/28/03
HB 2718Requiring audits of state and local governmental entities to identify property in flood hazard zones01/28/03
HB 2726Mandating the board of barbers and cosmetologists to establish a curriculum for a shampoo assistant01/28/03
HB 2754Encouraging state and local government entities to display the national motto, "In God We Trust"01/29/03
HB 2769Allowing for charitable barber and cosmetology services01/29/03
HB 2773Prescription Drug Price Reduction Act01/29/03
HB 2774Providing that one member of the library commission be a blind individual01/29/03
HB 2782Establishing an instant lottery game with the proceeds to be split evenly between paid and volunteer firefighters01/30/03
HB 2807Combining the board of examiners for registered professional nurses with the board of examiners for practical nurses01/31/03
HB 2808Authorizing executive agencies to use answering machines and requiring that a caller be able to reach an operator01/31/03
HB 2817Creating a registry containing names of employees from any agency under the authority of the department of health and human resources who have committed acts of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property01/31/03
HB 2825Changing personal care homes to assisted living residences and to delete provisions of law relating to residential board and care homes02/13/03
HB 2860Creating a joint legislative committee on technology and security02/04/03
HB 2959Prohibiting health care providers from accepting gifts with a value of more than twenty-five dollars from a pharmaceutical company02/11/03
HB 2968Creating the West Virginia Tourism Development Act02/11/03
HB 2987Requiring the board of examiners for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to return exam results withing five days of completing the exam02/13/03
HB 2988Requiring the board of examiners for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to return an applicant's permanent license to the applicant within a specified amount of time02/13/03
HB 2989Requiring the board of examiners of registered nurses to establish a register of nurses licensed as registered nurses02/13/03
HB 3008Modifying and updating auctioneer licensing requirements, fees and continuing education02/13/03
HB 3023Establishing a lost animal hotline in the office of the commissioner of agriculture02/14/03
HB 3043Increasing the limit allowed for equipment repairs by the division of highways without seeking bids02/17/03
HB 3069Transferring the office of emergency medical services from the department of health and human resources to the department of military affairs and public safety02/19/03
HB 3091Combining the board of examiners for registered professional nurses with the board of examiners for licensed practical nurses02/21/03
HB 3103Defining athletic trainers and establishing a licensing board02/21/03
HB 3123Establishing a permanent statewide trail plan coordinator02/21/03
HB 3124Requiring nongovernmental members on the motorcycle awareness board reside in differing geographical regions of the state02/21/03
HB 3140Increasing the number of members that constitute the public employees insurance agency finance board02/21/03
HB 3144Providing for the appointment of a blind person as an ad hoc nonvoting member of the state library commission to serve as an advisor02/21/03
HB 3181Providing a more effective and efficient operation of the state's vital statistics system and making the system more consistent with national model legislation02/21/03
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