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Bill Status - 2003 Regular Session

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There are 33 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 1Eliminating certain required reports to committee on government and finance concerning Colin Anderson01/08/03
SB 10Relating to cooperation between regional councils and agencies in planning and development01/08/03
SB 26Providing governor reorganize regional planning council01/08/03
SB 28Authorizing counties establish transferable development rights01/08/03
SB 32Eliminating requirement for quarterly and monthly reports concerning Colin Anderson01/08/03
SB 42Banning acquisition and use of telephonic menus by state agencies01/08/03
SB 47Requiring chief technology officer maintain central cross index of forms01/08/03
SB 79Relating to termination of governor's cabinet on children and families01/09/03
SB 87Relating to county commissions making flood insurance available to property owners01/09/03
SB 92Creating Dental Hygiene Practice Act01/09/03
SB 101Combining offices and duties of commissioner of highways and secretary of transportation; salary01/10/03
SB 103Prohibiting certain county officeholders from holding another full-time state position01/10/03
SB 111Providing civil service coverage for certain correctional officers01/10/03
SB 113Relating to building codes for municipalities01/10/03
SB 119Relating to eliminating division of personnel and civil service system01/10/03
SB 121Allowing division of protective services to assist in capitol parking enforcement01/10/03
SB 156Relating to renewal and notification requirements for various professions and occupations01/15/03
SB 169Creating midland trail heritage highway authority01/17/03
SB 185Allowing voluntary proffers for plat approval for development project01/20/03
SB 196Creating capitol renovation and improvement debt service fund01/22/03
SB 344Dividing department of health and human resources into two departments01/24/03
SB 421Relating to greater Huntington park and recreation district; increasing board members01/31/03
SB 457Allowing counties adopting floodplain ordinance designate enforcement agency02/05/03
SB 459Prohibiting renaming or rededication of certain monuments and memorials02/05/03
SB 479Prohibiting municipality from closing fire department without state fire marshal approval; proceeds02/10/03
SB 512Authorizing county commissions to create floodplain enforcement agencies02/13/03
SB 591Providing for licensure of athletic trainers02/17/03
SB 614Permitting municipalities to assess taxes and levy fees in certain cases02/17/03
HB 2523Providing financing for the construction of capital improvements to, and renovation of, the state capitol complex and its appurtenant facilities03/03/03
HB 2744Eliminating the exemption for government employees performing electrical work on governmental property from having to possess an electrician's license02/28/03
HB 3150Barring state officers, agencies or entities from requiring that surety, payment, performance or bid bonds be obtained from any particular company02/28/03
HB 3191Repealing the code relating to the governor's office of fiscal risk analysis and management03/03/03
HB 3200Authorizing agencies to enter into performance-based contracts with qualified providers of energy-conservation measures03/03/03
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