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Bill Status - 2003 Regular Session

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There are 66 Bills pending in House Health and Human Resources




HB 2023Required verification of approved septic or sewage disposal system before connection of public utilities01/08/03
HB 2041Requiring medicaid providers to publicly disclose staffing and performance data01/08/03
HB 2061Relating to the senior citizens prescription drug subsidy program01/09/03
HB 2079Eliminating the health care provider tax on nonprofit behavioral health care centers01/09/03
HB 2080Providing for the payment of prescription drug services for senior citizens01/09/03
HB 2095Removing the tax exemption status for certain nonprofit hospitals01/10/03
HB 2128Increasing the access to medicines for needy seniors through programs to be administered by the secretary of health and human resources01/13/03
HB 2133Prohibiting the department of health and human resources from collecting from an estate certain amounts expended for assistance01/13/03
HB 2137Requiring nurse representation on hospital boards of directors01/13/03
HB 2140Prohibiting certain nursing homes from using state funds for activities unrelated to the provision of health care services01/13/03
HB 2153Creating the Senior Citizens Prescription Drug Subsidy Program01/13/03
HB 2183Increasing the penalty for the unauthorized practice of medicine and surgery or as physician assistant01/14/03
HB 2207Providing that the health care authority may not set rates for certain hospitals01/14/03
HB 2265Creating a genetic information privacy act01/15/03
HB 2289Making it a misdemeanor offense for any employee of the department of health and human resources to expend, in any way, the resources of the division in aid of abortion01/15/03
HB 2307Creating a criminal penalty for persons employed by any state institution of higher education, etc., who assist in or perform abortions01/16/03
HB 2352Providing that medical monitoring may not be awarded against participants in the tobacco master settlement agreement01/16/03
HB 2390Gradually eliminating the health care provider tax on dentists and physicians effective July 1, 200201/17/03
HB 2393Phasing out certain health provider taxes within five years01/17/03
HB 2403Maintaining the coverage and requirements of the medicaid preferred drug list for patients who are stabilized on a medication01/20/03
HB 2506Requiring as part of the approval process for behavioral health facilities for children, an education plan approved by the county and state board01/22/03
HB 2517Requiring notice of an abortion to be provided to the father of the unborn child01/22/03
HB 2687Prescription Drug Price Reduction Act01/27/03
HB 2691Authorizing medication administration by unlicensed personnel of nursing homes01/27/03
HB 2759Requiring the state medicaid agency to furnish medicaid recipients monthly itemized statements01/29/03
HB 2772Defining podiatric medical assistants and the eligibility requirements to obtain a permit to perform podiatric radiographs01/29/03
HB 2820Providing for the adequate staffing of nursing homes and training of nursing home staff01/31/03
HB 2885Providing limitations and requirements relative to when crisis pregnancy organizations may render services to women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies02/06/03
HB 2897Providing that unborn children are eligible for the children's health insurance program02/07/03
HB 2898Requiring a physician to obtain the informed consent of his or her patient before ending the patient's pregnancy by inducing an abortion02/07/03
HB 2899Providing rape victims with reliable emergency information regarding pregnancy and abortion, and providing those victims with emergency contraception if they desire02/07/03
HB 2900Requiring the collection of statistics relative to abortions performed in the state02/07/03
HB 2901Requiring medical practitioners who perform abortions to estimate the gestational age of the fetus02/07/03
HB 2906Establishing the Collaborative Practice for Emergency Contraception Act02/07/03
HB 2908Creating an emergency contraception education program within the department of health and human resources02/07/03
HB 2909Requiring nursing homes to have quality assurance programs and plans02/07/03
HB 2911Requiring medical facilities that provide abortions to warn women seeking an abortion of their increased risk of breast cancer02/07/03
HB 2922Requiring a physician to receive written consent from at least one parent or legal guardian before an abortion is performed on an unemancipated minor02/10/03
HB 2923Allowing hospitals to perform abortions only if the mother's life is in imminent danger02/10/03
HB 2927Establishing the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act"02/10/03
HB 2928Prohibiting the use of the body of an unborn baby to be used for any medical or scientific experimentation except in certain circumstances02/10/03
HB 2929Establishing the "Reproductive Health Clinic Protection Act"02/10/03
HB 2932Prohibiting any person who is not a physician licensed to practice in this state from performing an abortion02/10/03
HB 2934Providing justification to use deadly force when a pregnant woman reasonably believes that her unborn child's life is threatened02/10/03
HB 2936Prohibiting the performance of any abortion when the woman seeking it is doing so solely on account of the gender of the fetus02/10/03
HB 2937Prohibiting abortions at state college or university medical facilities except when necessary to save the life of the mother02/10/03
HB 2940Making it illegal to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without written consent by both parents02/10/03
HB 2942Requiring that any person seeking an abortion provide two forms of identification02/10/03
HB 2945Ensuring that medical workers have the right to refuse to participate in any abortion-related activity without fear of disciplinary action or dismissal02/10/03
HB 2946Providing that during an abortion if the fetus is aborted alive that all medical means be utilized to preserve its life02/10/03
HB 2996Providing when any body part of an unborn child is outside the mother's womb, the child is born, and is considered a citizen of the state02/13/03
HB 3020Requiring that every woman seeking an abortion be given the opportunity to see an ultrasound image of the fetus02/14/03
HB 3038Requiring all abortions performed during the second or third trimester to be performed in a hospital02/17/03
HB 3039Allowing the continuance of summary certificate of need reviews for proposed behavioral health services necessary to maintain federal approval02/17/03
HB 3040Providing that a woman who obtains an abortion has a cause of action against any physician who causes injury to the woman or the unborn child02/17/03
HB 3041Prohibiting the department of health and human resources from being involved in aiding or assisting any person to obtain an abortion to a greater extent than is required by law02/17/03
HB 3042Prohibiting family planning centers in West Virginia that receive state funding from discussing abortion or abortion referrals02/17/03
HB 3054Allowing properly qualified chiropractors to engage in rehabilitative therapy02/19/03
HB 3072Providing an exemption from mandatory immunizations for good cause or due to religious prohibition02/19/03
HB 3100Prohibiting school employees from counseling, referring, transporting or assisting any student to obtain an abortion02/21/03
HB 3101Exempting from requirements of the medicaid preferred drug list certain patients who have a high risk of hospitalization or institutionalization without appropriate medication02/21/03
HB 3143Providing for the screening of newborn children for sickle cell disease02/21/03
HB 3151Establishing a school of pharmacy at the university of Charleston02/21/03
HB 3162Increasing the rate of the tax on cigarettes and reducing the consumer sales tax on food sold for home consumption02/21/03
HB 3166Increasing the tax on smokeless tobacco products by fifty percent02/21/03
HB 3176Relating to selection of prescription drugs for inclusion on the medicaid preferred drug list based on safety, effectiveness and clinical outcomes02/21/03
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