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There are 41 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




SB 472Relating to regional airport authorities' reporting requirements03/04/10
SB 576Relating to public service districts' term appointments03/04/10
HB 2018Making the destruction of a landlord's property which has been rented for residential purposes a criminal offense01/13/10
HB 2122Allowing municipalities to regulate the hours of operation of private liquor clubs by ordinance01/13/10
HB 2251Providing meetings and conference rights for members of municipal fire departments01/13/10
HB 2260Authorizing governing bodies of municipalities and county commissions to transfer early in-person voting ballots to precincts in the manner absentee ballots are delivered01/13/10
HB 2267Providing that a county commission may establish a program for transfer of development rights without the requirement for an election01/13/10
HB 2296Empowering certain county and municipalities to deny a development activity if adequate public facilities, assets and services are not available to support the activity01/13/10
HB 2333Including ambulance and fire fees as part of the property tax assessment so that the fees and property taxes may be paid with the same check01/13/10
HB 2350Providing that the transfer of development rights are renewable01/13/10
HB 2356Exempting acts resulting in the taking or damaging of private property for public use from the immunity granted to a political subdivision01/13/10
HB 2365Requiring the Public Service Commission to allow Class I cities to enter into one or more agreements with contract carriers by motor vehicle01/13/10
HB 2372Authorizing county commissions to use impact fees to fund the building and operation of libraries and to administer and provide affordable housing for individuals or families of low or moderate income01/13/10
HB 2447Establishing county and municipal authorities to provide for and maintain facilities to house Child Advocacy Centers01/13/10
HB 2459Increasing the tax on purchases of intoxicating liquors outside corporate limits01/13/10
HB 2462Authorizing county commissions to adopt and enforce noise abatement ordinances01/13/10
HB 2581Making changes to the Municipal Home Rule Board01/13/10
HB 2597Making 911 emergency fees available to be used for both emergency and nonemergency calls01/13/10
HB 2785Requiring that every house, dwelling or business located in an area where public water services are made available for the first time, be connected01/13/10
HB 2851Relating to the sale of municipal public utility01/13/10
HB 2909Exempting certain construction projects performed on behalf of county or municipal governments from the prevailing wage laws01/13/10
HB 2910Increasing the minimum number of magisterial districts in a county01/13/10
HB 2932Requiring the approval of board of health rules relating to tobacco use in public or private places01/13/10
HB 3034Giving county litter control officers the authority to issue citations for not having proof of proper disposal of garbage01/13/10
HB 3108Requiring the assessor of each county to prepare a new property tax ticket within three months of a deed filing01/13/10
HB 3149Changing the board members of public service districts terms from six years to three years01/13/10
HB 3168Creating the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library, creating a library board with the power to operate said library, and providing a method of financing the operation of the library01/13/10
HB 3236Authorizing counties to create urban growth boundaries01/13/10
HB 3253Providing misdemeanor criminal penalty for failing to comply with law regarding sale, lease or disposition of municipal property01/13/10
HB 3293Requiring regional airport authority board members to include persons of area expertise01/13/10
HB 4011Relating to meeting and conference rights for members of police or fire departments employed by political subdivisions01/13/10
HB 4267Creating a mandatory grace period for the payment of water and sewer bills02/02/10
HB 4320Establishing the number of members for a municipal planning commission for Class IV municipalities02/03/10
HB 4322Relating to the required number of members for municipal boards of zoning appeals for Class IV municipalities02/03/10
HB 4364Relating to land use planning02/05/10
HB 4381Relating to annexation generally02/05/10
HB 4385Modifying the role of the Public Service Commission in controlling certain services for solid waste collections and taxi service02/08/10
HB 4463Imposing an additional levy on property within the county for the sole purpose of funding public libraries02/12/10
HB 4505Providing that Chapter 8A of the Code of West Virginia does not authorize an ordinance, rule or regulation preventing the complete use of natural resources by the owner outside of urban areas02/16/10
HB 4564Altering apportionment of the membership of the House of Delegates by adding a 59th delegate district consisting of portions of Mason and Putnam counties02/18/10
HB 4592Relating to volunteer and part volunteer fire companies and departments02/19/10
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