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There are 90 Bills pending in House Health and Human Resources




SB 11Relating to schedules of controlled substances03/26/13
SB 428Relating to billing for HIV or STD testing and treatment04/01/13
HB 2016Funding for substance abuse services through increased taxes on beer, wine and liquor02/13/13
HB 2050Encouraging and assisting persons diagnosed with schizophrenic reality disorder in designating a durable medical power of attorney02/13/13
HB 2063Relating to the uniformed controlled substances act02/13/13
HB 2083Relating to the care of aborted fetuses02/13/13
HB 2086Establishing a funding source and programs for persons with traumatic brain injury02/13/13
HB 2113Establishing a two year pilot program on the disposal of unused pharmaceuticals02/13/13
HB 2123Requiring the DHHR to annually review and adjust rates it pays to care providers02/13/13
HB 2130Establishing prohibited acts relating to possession of controlled substances obtained from more than one health practitioner02/13/13
HB 2177Authorizing a responsible parent pilot project02/13/13
HB 2206Creating the "West Virginia Winner" program to promote healthy living02/13/13
HB 2230Compassionate Use Act for Medical Cannabis02/13/13
HB 2235Relating to restrictions on dispensing oxycontin extended release or fentanyl patches02/13/13
HB 2238Relating to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction02/13/13
HB 2239Requiring doctors and hospitals to bill patients within one year of when the goods and services were provided02/13/13
HB 2240Requiring physicians performing abortions take steps designed to save the life of any aborted live fetus02/13/13
HB 2241Adding pharmacist and pharmacy to the definition of "health care provider" as used in the Medical Professional Liability Act02/13/13
HB 2242Requiring abortion facilities to have certain written policies and procedures02/13/13
HB 2243Requiring that abortions be performed in hospitals or by physicians with admitting privileges to a hospital within the local service area02/13/13
HB 2244Providing that a plant based substance or biological organism determined to provide any potential medical benefit may not be designated or rescheduled as a Class I or II controlled substance02/13/13
HB 2261Requiring hospitals and other medical service providers to bill Medicaid for eligible inmate hospital and professional services02/13/13
HB 2276Providing a tax incentive to dental practitioners to perform dental services at no cost to indigent patients02/13/13
HB 2285Providing immunity from civil liability hospital volunteers who in good faith render emergency care at a hospital02/13/13
HB 2288Creating the Unintentional Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team02/13/13
HB 2305BPA-Free Kids Act02/13/13
HB 2306Clarifying that the Legislature is the sole authority regarding compulsory immunizations02/13/13
HB 2322Providing a mechanism whereby unused, unexpired nonnarcotic drugs previously owned by a deceased nursing home patient or resident may be donated to free health care clinics in the state02/13/13
HB 2327Adding the county sheriff, or his or her designee, to those law-enforcement officials who are granted access to certain confidential pharmaceutical information02/13/13
HB 2331Pharmacy Benefit Manager Licensing and Regulation Act02/13/13
HB 2349Increasing the number of child protective service workers02/13/13
HB 2364The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act02/13/13
HB 2365Banning of flavored tobacco products02/13/13
HB 2371Prohibiting the performance of any abortion when the woman seeking it is doing so solely on account of the gender of the fetus02/13/13
HB 2375No State-Funded Transportation for Abortion Act02/13/13
HB 2384Permitting unlicensed personnel to administer medications in certain circumstances02/13/13
HB 2420Relating to funeral and cremation expenses for indigent persons02/13/13
HB 2433Requiring the coverage by Medicaid of dental services for the mother of a child who is the recipient of Medicaid services02/13/13
HB 2440Adopting guidelines to permit pharmacists to prescribe medications02/14/13
HB 2457Relating to health care records02/14/13
HB 2461Repealing the section of state code that allows soft drinks to be sold in the school system02/14/13
HB 2462Removing the expiration date for the tax rate on eligible acute care hospitals02/14/13
HB 2482Prohibiting school employees from promoting abortion02/15/13
HB 2485Requiring health care providers to release unemancipated minor's medical records for drug testing to a parent or legal guardian without written consent from minor02/15/13
HB 2492Creating a loan forgiveness program for health professionals02/15/13
HB 2501Creating the West Virginia Addictions Treatment and Recovery Fund02/15/13
HB 2502Including oral or written inquiry of a patient about possession, ownership or storage of firearms as a reason for invoking disciplinary proceedings against physicians02/15/13
HB 2503Adding suboxone and fioricet to the Schedule IV list02/15/13
HB 2510Creating a vendor transportation program02/15/13
HB 2523Relating to treatment for a sexually transmitted disease02/18/13
HB 2524Requiring opioid treatment programs to report and provide statistics02/18/13
HB 2536Permitting certain hospitals to request an exemption from certificates of need02/19/13
HB 2587Relating to mentally ill persons02/21/13
HB 2588Relating to requiring notification to foster parents02/21/13
HB 2599Prohibiting recipients of state assistance under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from purchasing sugary soft drinks02/22/13
HB 2666Department of Health and Human Resources, child care centers licensing02/25/13
HB 2724Relating to the Emergency Medical Services Act02/25/13
HB 2735Relating to elective or nonmedically indicated induced deliveries or cesarean sections performed at a hospital on a medical assistance recipient02/26/13
HB 2740Restricting the use of "4-point mechanical restraints" on patients02/26/13
HB 2749Removing the limitations on billing patients for HIV and sexually transmitted disease testing02/27/13
HB 2751Requiring telephone companies and cellular telephone companies to provide the names, address, and telephone numbers of its customers to the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement02/27/13
HB 2763Removing an adult family care home from the definition of a facility02/28/13
HB 2767Requiring the Department of Health and Human Resources to pay for properly licensed, certified, or court approved programs for adult drug offenders03/01/13
HB 2768Regulating tanning facilities03/01/13
HB 2773Relating to state responsibilities for the protection and care of children03/01/13
HB 2797Eliminating the requirement that health facilities receive a certificate of need before opening03/01/13
HB 2831Relating to mandatory immunizations for school children03/05/13
HB 2835Invalidating recent federal health care legislation03/06/13
HB 2841Prohibiting the federal government from requiring state agencies to enforce the provisions of federal health care legislation03/06/13
HB 2905Establishing anesthesia patient safety standards for office-based surgery03/12/13
HB 2918West Virginia Fair Health Insurance Act of 201303/13/13
HB 2961Compassionate Medical Marijuana Use Act of 201303/19/13
HB 2975Relating to the controlled substances monitoring generally03/19/13
HB 2994Creating a healthcare compact03/20/13
HB 2995Adding fifty new positions to the staff at the William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital03/20/13
HB 3036Improving program integrity for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program03/21/13
HB 3049Relating to minimum criteria of certificate of need reviews03/22/13
HB 3063Improving program integrity for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program03/22/13
HB 3073Creating the "Health Care Choice Act"03/22/13
HB 3081Preventing taxpayer subsidization of health insurance covering elective abortions03/25/13
HB 3088Prohibiting healthcare providers from discriminating against or refusing treatment of a patient regardless of how that person was injured or became ill03/25/13
HB 3089Requiring the Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health to conduct a public health impact statement03/25/13
HB 3103Making it illegal to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without written consent of both parents03/25/13
HB 3113Establishing a process to determine the validity of an application for a medical exemption for compulsory immunization of school children03/25/13
HB 3116Relating to reimbursement for copies of medical records03/25/13
HB 3121"Parents' Bill of Rights"03/25/13
HB 3136Preventing taxpayer subsidization of health insurance covering elective abortions03/25/13
HB 3138Raising the excise tax on cigarettes and all other tobacco products03/25/13
HB 3147Requiring health insurance coverage for eosinophilic disorders03/25/13
HB 3155Establishing a definition of "no significant additional fiscal burden" in the minimum criteria for certificate of need reviews03/25/13
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