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There are 34 Bills pending in House Energy




HB 2021Relating to funding for the DEP Office of Oil and Gas01/11/23
HB 2022Relating to Well Location Restrictions01/11/23
HB 2055Exempt unmined rare earth metals and elements from taxation01/11/23
HB 2119Local Energy Efficiency Partnership Act01/11/23
HB 2120Relating to the financing of environmental pollution control equipment for coal-fired power plants01/11/23
HB 2159Establishing a community solar program for subscribers to gain credits against their utility bills01/11/23
HB 2163Expanding the Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit01/11/23
HB 2170Providing valuation limitations for coal property taxation and clarifying the penalties for non-filers01/11/23
HB 2175Relating generally to coal fired energy plants and wind power01/11/23
HB 2254Natural Gas Electric Generation Development Act01/11/23
HB 2258Relating to power generating plant sites01/11/23
HB 2268Providing a tax credit for obtaining certain certifications by the United States Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building rating system01/11/23
HB 2275Creating the Intrastate Coal and Use Act01/11/23
HB 2314Providing property tax relief to rare earth industries01/11/23
HB 2552Relating to requiring disclosure of the lawful activity that is the basis of a permit application with the Department of Environmental Protection01/13/23
HB 2616Relating to net metering01/17/23
HB 2830Providing for solar energy production on formerly mined land01/19/23
HB 2852Create the Orphan Well Prevention Act of 202301/20/23
HB 2867Relating to microreactor development01/20/23
HB 2975Electric charging stations at state parks must charge market rates01/24/23
HB 3053Requesting a study to evaluate and analyze the potential for bulk energy storage resources01/25/23
HB 3057Amending surface mining reclamation requirements01/25/23
HB 3087Concerning the right of consumers of electricity to interconnect energy storage systems for use on their property01/26/23
HB 3088Relating to the Energy Storage Procurement Act01/26/23
HB 3129Relating generally to establishing a design build program for the Department of Environmental Protection01/27/23
HB 3231To exempt from sales tax the purchase of solar energy equipment and installation02/02/23
HB 3334Valuation of industrial property and natural resources property by Tax Commissioner02/08/23
HB 3336Relating to the Certified Industrial Business Expansion Development Program02/08/23
HB 3365Relating to the Certified Industrial Business Expansion Development Program02/10/23
HB 3423Relating to utility rate freeze02/13/23
HB 3434Establishing a nuclear reactor pilot program02/13/23
HB 3437Consumer Energy Affordability and Reliability Act02/13/23
HB 3446Clarifying the powers and duties of Public Service Commission as to electric generating facilities02/14/23
HB 3539Relating to increasing individual customer on-site generator limits02/14/23
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