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There are 188 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 31Relating to permissible expenditures by Water Development Authority from Infrastructure Fund02/15/23
SB 62Establishing secondary location for racetrack video lottery terminals03/02/23
SB 79Relating to compensable diseases of certain firefighters covered by workers' compensation02/24/23
SB 91Relating to distribution of certain taxes and surcharges to benefit fire departments and emergency medical services providers03/02/23
SB 129Limiting gubernatorial authority to spend certain federal funds without appropriation of Legislature03/07/23
SB 141Adding Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees working at certain institutions to WV Emergency Responders Survivor Benefits Act01/30/23
SB 150Budget Bill02/27/23
SB 216Requiring all schools to instruct students on Holocaust, other genocides and financial literacy03/04/23
SB 248Clarifying when excess funds accumulated by boards are to be transferred to General Revenue Fund01/31/23
SB 254Relating generally to mandatory state inspection of certain motor vehicles02/01/23
SB 274Third Grade Success Act03/07/23
SB 424Authorizing refundable tax credit applied against personal income tax or corporation net income tax02/10/23
SB 436Prompt Payment Act of 202303/06/23
SB 438Return to WV Tax Credit Act02/28/23
SB 440Authorizing DOH pay current obligations from State Road Fund03/01/23
SB 474Requiring municipal pensions oversight board to propose legislative rules02/20/23
SB 489Requiring BOE provide free feminine hygiene products in certain grades03/08/23
SB 505Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Administration, Office of Secretary02/14/23
SB 576Creating Securities Restitution Assistance Fund for victims of securities violations02/28/23
SB 590Emergency Medical Services Retirement System Act02/28/23
SB 596Modifying payment for housing and maintenance of inmates02/23/23
SB 602Enabling WVSU and Bluefield State University to offer associate degrees02/24/23
SB 616WV Veterans' Home Loan Mortgage Program of 202302/24/23
SB 629Establishing auto-renewal program for wildlife licenses02/21/23
HB 2001Reduce personal income tax rates by 10% for all 01/12/23
HB 2003Providing early childhood assistant teachers and systems of support to help students achieve grade level literacy and numeracy by end of third grade. 01/19/23
HB 2010To exempt the full amount of social security benefits from personal income tax01/31/23
HB 2023To expand funding for school safety use CARES and infrastructure funds01/11/23
HB 2025Relating to who may diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder as a compensable injury or disease under workers compensation02/21/23
HB 2035Providing tax credits for hiring those in recovery for substance abuse02/16/23
HB 2040Relating to allowing a personal income tax exemption for First Responders01/11/23
HB 2047Exempting motor vehicles from personal property tax01/11/23
HB 2050West Virginia Economic Diversification Act01/18/23
HB 2069Including emergency response vehicles in the single fee program for EZ Pass transponders01/26/23
HB 2088Creating an exemption from state income tax for public school educators and personnel01/11/23
HB 2093Provide that you can make monthly payments on property taxes01/11/23
HB 2098Increase the minimum salary for Child Support Attorneys01/11/23
HB 2126Relating to increasing the amount of money for which a purchase may be made without obtaining three bids to ten thousand dollars01/11/23
HB 2133Granting tax credits for parents and legal guardians whose children are in a home schooling program or private school01/11/23
HB 2134To modify the teacher retirement system so that Tier 2 teachers may use annual/sick leave towards retirement02/15/23
HB 2137To allow money paid to state employees to go to their estate if they pass away before their retirement date02/02/23
HB 2152Exempting social security benefits from personal income tax01/11/23
HB 2158Abolishing the Personal Income Tax01/11/23
HB 2168Providing tax credits to provide vehicles to certain persons01/11/23
HB 2169Provide valuation limitations to the Tax Commissioner for coal properties and to clarify the penalty for non-filers01/18/23
HB 2176Limit property tax increases on certain individuals01/11/23
HB 2177Require all tax assessments be done on a periodic schedule01/11/23
HB 2191Provide volunteer firemen free license plates and vehicle registration02/02/23
HB 2193Removing certain deductions for modification of social security income in adjusted gross income01/11/23
HB 2223Relating to Personal Refundable Credit for resident individuals and families01/11/23
HB 2224Relating to West Virginia standard deduction of a resident individual01/11/23
HB 2232Relating to the transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activities generally, restoring distribution to the West Virginia Infrastructure Fund to 2013 rates and decreasing the funds available for grants therefrom01/11/23
HB 2234Remove sales tax on gun safes and certain firearm safety devices01/11/23
HB 2245Eliminate double taxation on foreign income at the state level01/11/23
HB 2260Repealing section of code authorizing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles01/11/23
HB 2272Relating to Good Samaritan Food Donation Act01/11/23
HB 2279Relating to granting in-state resident status to economic development participants01/31/23
HB 2281Exempt non-profits from certain road sign fees01/11/23
HB 2292Continuing personal income tax adjustment to gross income of certain retirees receiving pensions from defined pension plans02/08/23
HB 2295To implement a Property Tax Poverty Exemption - School Excess Levy01/11/23
HB 2298Granting counties and municipalities a portion of the net terminal income from racetrack video lottery01/26/23
HB 2300Establishing tax credits for lead abatement in child occupied residences01/11/23
HB 2313Increasing the personal exemption for personal income tax01/11/23
HB 2341Incentivizing the Sale of Healthy, Local Produce.01/11/23
HB 2344Relating to providing a cap on property taxes01/11/23
HB 2359The Young Professional Tax Credits01/11/23
HB 2370Requiring 50 percent of all reappropriated revenue accounts to be surrendered to general revenue01/11/23
HB 2372Relating to “unencumbered” special revenue accounts to be surrendered to general revenue under certain circumstances01/11/23
HB 2375Relating to hiring new West Virginia State Police Officers01/26/23
HB 2377Relating to taxation of gambling and lottery winnings01/11/23
HB 2393To extend the Neighborhood Investment Program Act to July 1, 2026 and to increase the allowable tax credit01/11/23
HB 2405Eliminate sales tax on Professional Employment Organization’s administration fees01/11/23
HB 2418Tax credits for living and deceased organ donors01/11/23
HB 2422Dedicate severance tax to State Road Fund over a three year period01/11/23
HB 2439Exempting from the sales tax all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles used as farm equipment02/01/23
HB 2475Provide for a raise for private investigators hired by public defender offices or court appointed panel attorneys01/11/23
HB 2511Modify how sales tax is collected on seller financed vehicle transactions01/12/23
HB 2528Authorizing Division of Highways transfer of spending authority between appropriations01/13/23
HB 2566Increasing the Homestead Property Tax Exemption01/16/23
HB 2584Allow homestead exemptions for disabled veterans01/26/23
HB 2586Relating to establishing a thirty thousand dollar homestead exemption for taxpayers with a household income at or below U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines. 01/16/23
HB 2588Relating to indexing unemployment benefits based on the state average unemployment rate01/16/23
HB 2598Raising salaries for school service personnel01/31/23
HB 2601To remove the taxation on burials, funerals and cremation01/17/23
HB 2608Allow pass-through entities to elect to be taxed at the entity level 01/17/23
HB 2617Expire and appropriate funds from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund to the Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program Fund during fiscal year 2023. 01/17/23
HB 2618Authorize the Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program Fund to be used to demolish certain flood-damaged structures 01/17/23
HB 2619Amending Hope Scholarship eligibility02/16/23
HB 2623Relating to withholding tax on income of nonresidents from natural resources royalty payments01/17/23
HB 2634Require compensation for state police officers when required to be on standby so they can be called back to work if necessary01/17/23
HB 2764Increase salary of constitutional officers01/18/23
HB 2767Constitutional Officer Housing allowance01/18/23
HB 2774Welcome Home Grant Program02/03/23
HB 2775Raise pay for certain state employees01/18/23
HB 2780Repeal municipal amusement tax01/18/23
HB 2796To exempt daylight fluorescent outer garments from sales01/18/23
HB 2822Relating to the consumers sales and service tax and returning the refundable exemption for sales of construction and maintenance materials acquired by a second party for use in Division of Highways projects02/08/23
HB 2826Remove variable rate on gas tax01/19/23
HB 2828Relating to WV teaching salaries 01/31/23
HB 2831Relating to limiting the personal income tax01/19/23
HB 2833Establishing the behavioral health workforce education initiative at the Higher Education Policy Commission01/24/23
HB 2854Relating to priorities for the use of funds for child-care and performance-based contracting01/25/23
HB 2879To provide a pay increase to state correctional workers in West Virginia01/30/23
HB 2891Repeal domestic animal tax01/20/23
HB 2893Establishing a one-time bonus payment for certain retirants02/01/23
HB 2894Authorizing a refundable tax credit, applied against personal income tax or corporation net income tax, as applicable, in the amount of property tax timely paid on certain vehicles01/20/23
HB 2895Granting a cost of living stipend to correctional officers employed by the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation02/03/23
HB 2902Making supplementary appropriation to Department of Veterans' Assistance01/23/23
HB 2909Making a supplemental appropriation to the Department of Revenue, State Budget Office01/23/23
HB 2912Supplementing and amending appropriations to State Board of Education, State Department of Education - Hope Scholarship01/23/23
HB 2934Levying a tax on a pass-through entity’s income apportioned to West Virginia01/24/23
HB 2935Create the Tourism Event Emergency Medical Services Fund02/02/23
HB 2950Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax01/24/23
HB 2968Tuition and fee exemptions for service-connected Disabled Veterans and their dependents.02/03/23
HB 2971Access to Rehabilitation Act01/24/23
HB 3007To create the West Virginia Small Business Payroll Tax Credit Pilot Program01/27/23
HB 3015Creating the Food Infrastructure Grant01/25/23
HB 3051Repeal of authority granted to municipalities to levy business and occupation or privilege tax01/25/23
HB 3064Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Homeland Security, West Virginia State Police01/26/23
HB 3068To provide debt incentives for STEM teachers02/09/23
HB 3075To clarify that municipal B and O taxes shall only apply to the owner of a contract, and not to subcontractors on a project02/16/23
HB 3078Allow state employees to cash in on certain benefits01/26/23
HB 3089Tax credits for employers providing child care01/26/23
HB 3093Creating a tax credit against the corporate net income tax for companies paying moving expenses of employees to West Virginia02/13/23
HB 3094To create the Remote Worker Home Development Act02/15/23
HB 3096Creating the Distribution and Manufacturing Center Tax Credit Act02/17/23
HB 3112To create the Emergency Supplemental Victims Service Fund01/27/23
HB 3125Allowing for a paid commission for sheriffs01/27/23
HB 3134To raise the bid thresholds for municipal projects from $25,000 to $50,00002/10/23
HB 3159COVID-19 Supplemental paid sick leave01/30/23
HB 3165Relating to vehicles exempt from payment of registration fees for certain veterans02/08/23
HB 3167Supplementing and amending appropriations to State Board of Education - State Department of Education01/31/23
HB 3169Creating a Distribution Center Refundable Toll Payments Tax Credit Act02/06/23
HB 3195Relating to the management of personal service appropriations for vacant positions02/02/23
HB 3197Creating the Legislative Infrastructure Commission02/02/23
HB 3201To include electric-powered school busses in the county foundation allowance02/17/23
HB 3209Providing tax credits to incentivize investments and improvements in blighted properties in West Virginia02/17/23
HB 3216Funding EMS and School Resource Officers through marijuana tax02/02/23
HB 3221To extend the Hope Scholarship to Preschool02/02/23
HB 3223To create a Special Education Instructor Entitlement02/16/23
HB 3227Providing a tax credit against the state corporate net income tax to for-profit corporations or a tax credit against payroll withholdings for nonprofit corporations for expenditures related to the establishment and operation of employer-provided child-care facilities02/02/23
HB 3238Removing methanol and methanol fuel from the definition of special fuel02/02/23
HB 3239Directing payment of the estate administration fee to the State Auditor02/02/23
HB 3240Relating to cessation of West Virginia Fund02/02/23
HB 3245Providing an election for pass-through entities to pay income tax at the entity level02/03/23
HB 3246Repeal the additional one and one-half percent interest rate for underpayments 02/03/23
HB 3248Expiring funds to the balance of the unappropriated surplus balance from the balance of moneys remaining in the Stripper Well NDL the Enforcement of Guardianship and Conservatorship, and the Technology Support and Acquisition Fund02/03/23
HB 3249To allow for sheriffs to collect additional funds for notice served related to tax sales02/03/23
HB 3253To provide sufficient funding to the Jail Operations Partial Reimbursement Fund if a general revenue surplus exists in a given fiscal year02/03/23
HB 3283Relating to reporting requirements under the Grant Transparency and Accountability Act02/21/23
HB 3294Ensuring future economic development with limitations, excise tax, and registration requirements of carbon offset agreements02/08/23
HB 3300To provide for the creation of an “EV Manufacturers Investment Credit.” 02/20/23
HB 3301First Time Home Buyers Savings Account Act02/06/23
HB 3304Providing an exemption from the severance tax for coal sold to coal-fired power plants located within the State of West Virginia02/15/23
HB 3305Creating the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Act02/20/23
HB 3312Provide that all coal severance tax go to the county that produced the coal02/07/23
HB 3314Increasing the special district excise tax to a rate or rates on sales within the boundaries of an economic opportunity development district02/21/23
HB 3321Limiting the imposition of municipal business and occupation taxes02/07/23
HB 3322To provide that the first $100K made jointly or the first $50K filing single is exempt from the tax on social security02/07/23
HB 3327Capping amount of moneys to third party vendors who collect business and occupation taxes on behalf of cities02/07/23
HB 3333To grant a tax credit for the amount of taxes paid for a royalty interest02/08/23
HB 3350To reduce the personal income tax to zero for those who make $80,000 per year or less02/08/23
HB 3351To reduce the personal income tax to zero for those who make $60,000 per year or less.02/08/23
HB 3352To reduce the personal income tax to zero for those making the median yearly income in West Virginia02/08/23
HB 3367To provide for a pay raise for staff at correctional institutions02/10/23
HB 3368Troop- to-Teachers02/20/23
HB 3382Child care expense tax credit02/13/23
HB 3386To provide all National Merit Scholars free tuition to any West Virginia higher education institution in order to keep these scholars in state 02/23/23
HB 3389Allocating a percentage of county excise taxes for improvements to election administration02/13/23
HB 3392Relating to dedication of $30 million dollars of any budget surplus at the end of the fiscal year to the Development Office Promotion and Closing Fund02/15/23
HB 3399Increasing the tax credit for employers providing child care for employees02/13/23
HB 3403Providing a tax credit for employers with childcare facilities02/21/23
HB 3424Relating generally to the West Virginia State Athletic Commission02/23/23
HB 3425Small Business Investment Grant Fund02/13/23
HB 3438To establish an auto-renewal licensing program that is eligible for discounts on licensing fees02/20/23
HB 3440Relating to costs of relocating public utility facilities, lines, or systems for certain highway construction projects02/15/23
HB 3461Relating to funding programs that supply feminine products and programs in the state02/14/23
HB 3486Allocating a percentage of county excise taxes received from transfers of title to real estate in each county for election administration improvements02/14/23
HB 3492Relating to the distribution of certain taxes and surcharges to benefit volunteer and part-volunteer fire departments02/14/23
HB 3494Relating to withholding tax on income of nonresidents from natural resources royalty payments02/14/23
HB 3498Relating to the Consumer Data Protection Act and establishing a framework for controlling and processing personal data in the State02/20/23
HB 3501Creating the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instruction Fund 02/21/23
HB 3525Relating generally to taxation of solar panels used as energy wholesale generator or small scale utility02/14/23
HB 3530Relating to tax reductions and other aid 02/14/23
HB 3538Relating to limitations on the computation, imposition and collection of the business and occupation tax by municipalities02/14/23
HB 3544Offering a tax credit to property owners who provide lease land to the state for access for bike trails and rafting/kayaking02/17/23
HB 3545Expiring funds to the Treasurer’s Office - American Rescue Plan Low-income Assistance Program02/14/23
HB 3546Providing for contracted employment of substitute teachers for 180 instructional days02/16/23
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