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There are 64 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 2Allowing private schools option of making vaccinations required for enrollment01/11/23
SB 3Requiring parental notification of school-based dispensaries of contraceptives to minors01/11/23
SB 5Requiring parental notification of minors being prescribed contraceptives01/11/23
SB 23Fetal Heartbeat Act01/11/23
SB 24Relating to long-term care and substance abuse treatment01/11/23
SB 30Transferring child welfare enforcement responsibilities to WV State Police01/11/23
SB 32Allowing parents to decline required medication administered to newborns01/11/23
SB 45Requiring coverage of treatment for certain pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders in certain circumstances01/11/23
SB 52Relating to administration of anesthetics01/11/23
SB 84Tobacco Products Excise Tax Act01/11/23
SB 88Permitting medical marijuana be prescribed in edible form01/11/23
SB 102Prohibiting smoking in vehicle when minor 16 or under is present.01/11/23
SB 114Prohibiting abortion coverage in certain qualified health care plans01/11/23
SB 116Collecting and analyzing statistical information pertaining to terminating pregnancies under Medicaid Program01/11/23
SB 153WV Chemical Abortion Prohibition Act01/12/23
SB 155Requiring medical professionals to report injuries and side effects from vaccines to Bureau for Public Health01/12/23
SB 159Relating to treatment of persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism01/12/23
SB 165Creating personal income tax credit for nurses in WV01/13/23
SB 174Increasing required medical coverage for autism spectrum disorders01/13/23
SB 175Requiring medical insurance providers to include infertility services in their policies01/13/23
SB 179Relating to controlled substances schedule01/13/23
SB 219Requiring medically necessary care and treatment to address congenital anomalies associated with cleft lip and cleft palate01/13/23
SB 230Allowing voluntary immunization of students in private schools01/16/23
SB 238Specifying when public employee's spouse may be covered by PEIA01/16/23
SB 255Prohibiting discrimination against patients for declining or delaying vaccines01/17/23
SB 288Relating to Sexual Assault Examination Network01/18/23
SB 289Establishing Minority Health Advisory Team01/18/23
SB 437Relating to payment of state funds to qualified childcare entities01/23/23
SB 517Medical Ethics Defense Act01/30/23
SB 521Improving patient safety in medical cannabis program01/31/23
SB 524Relating to family planning services01/31/23
SB 525Providing benefits to employees with occupational pneumoconiosis01/31/23
SB 535Creating religious and philosophical exemptions for school attendance vaccines02/01/23
SB 551Creating Medicaid state plan amendment02/02/23
SB 557Providing that pharmacy may decline to dispense prescription drug where reimbursement is less than pharmacy's cost02/03/23
SB 563Providing whistleblower protections to healthcare workers who report unsafe patient care02/06/23
SB 566Extending termination date of WV Advisory Council on Rare Diseases02/06/23
SB 584Removing rape and incest exception to obtain abortion in WV02/23/23
SB 598Increasing availability of prescription nonopioid medications02/09/23
SB 610Affordable Medicaid Buy-in Program02/13/23
SB 612Eliminating certain centers from certificate of need review02/13/23
SB 615Prohibiting mandates for vaccines02/14/23
SB 618Providing that fairness in cost sharing calculation does not apply to voluntary Cost Share Assistance Program02/14/23
SB 632Prohibiting mandatory COVID-19 or other experimental vaccines for school attendance02/15/23
SB 645Prohibiting laws requiring person to receive or use medical products02/15/23
SB 651Oral Health and Cancer Rights Act02/15/23
SB 654Requiring cooperation with child support enforcement as condition for public assistance02/16/23
SB 662Expanding exemption for private practice physicians to provide MRIs02/16/23
SB 664Dissolving PEIA and converting to employer-owned mutual insurance company02/16/23
SB 668Requiring patient notification when screening indicates dense breast tissue02/17/23
SB 672Requiring parity with non-preferred oral branded antipsychotic agents02/17/23
SB 684Maintaining nursing board standards and accreditation02/20/23
SB 686Youth Mental Health Protection Act02/20/23
SB 692Relating to gender reassignment medical services for minors02/20/23
SB 694Providing supplemental Medicaid reimbursement for academic medical center acute care providers02/20/23
SB 697Prohibiting gender transition surgeries, treatments, and therapies to minors02/20/23
SB 698Updating term of "physician assistant" to "physician associate"02/20/23
HB 2186Relating to surgical smoke evacuation02/16/23
HB 2613Relating to the administration of anesthetics02/02/23
HB 2789Removing birthing centers from certificate of need02/08/23
HB 3101Relating to notification of breast density02/21/23
HB 3200Authorize DHHR to transfer state facilities to regional mental health centers or intellectual disability facilities 02/16/23
HB 3247Relating to abuse and or neglect of individuals with an intellectual and or developmental disability02/25/23
HB 3274Creating the Affordable Medicaid Buy-in Program02/27/23
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