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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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Delegate Paxton sponsored 31 bills:


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Last Action

HB 2158 Relating to the rate of pay for substitute teachers Pending  House Education Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2192 Increasing school service personnel employees by one pay grade after ten years of employment Pending  House Education Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2268 Teachers and substitute teachers as professional educators and addressing the critical need and shortage thereof Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
HB 2271 Increasing the foundation allowances for professional educators to fifty-five and service personnel to thirty-seven for each one thousand students Pending  House Education Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2276 Creating a special license to permit resident disabled persons to hunt with a crossbow Pending  House A&N Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2290 Requiring the tax commissioner to refund to the five counties with the highest unemployment twenty percent of personal income tax collected Pending  House Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2328 Authorizing an exemption from standardized testing for children receiving an exemption from compulsory school attendance and who attend church school Pending  House Education Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2332 Directing the higher education policy commission to conduct certain studies and report findings to certain legislative committees Pending  House Education Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2773 Prescription Drug Price Reduction Act Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2955 Increasing the opportunity for a more equitable body for the hearing of grievances made by state and education employees Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/14/04 
HB 2963 Adding a magistrate to those serving Putnam County Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/14/04 
HB 3026 Allowing substitute teachers to accrue seniority for working as few as forty-five days in a school year Pending  House Education Committee  01/14/04 
HB 3081 Providing for safe schools through alternative education programs and providing certain juvenile justice records to public school officials Pending  House Education Committee  01/14/04 
HB 3156 Requiring establishments serving prepared food to the public for consumption to allow people with special dietary restrictions to bring certain foods with them Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/14/04 
HB 4133 Directing the West Virginia secondary school activities commission to promulgate rules to provide oversight of secondary school athletic directors Pending  House Education Committee  01/26/04 
HB 4282 Authorizing crossbow hunting for disabled persons Pending  Senate Natural Resources Committee  03/11/04 
HB 4290 Creating a framework to avoid imposition of policies and practices on the public schools that distract from a thorough and efficient education Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/09/04 
HB 4323 Adding a new administrative assistant classification to school service personnel and setting the pay grade for the position Tabled    3rd Reading  03/03/04 
HB 4372 Establishing a voluntary veterans transportation income tax refund check-off program to help fund transportation services for the state's veterans Pending  House Finance Committee  03/01/04 
HB 4395 Providing meetings and conference rights for members of municipal police and fire departments and creating duties for the policemen and firefighters' civil service commissions Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/10/04 
HB 4510 Exempting from personal property taxation, the equipment, inventory and raw materials of crafts people who have had their work evaluated and accepted or juried and accepted by the West Virginia arts and crafts guild Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/17/04 
HB 4520 Providing service credits for service in the West Virginia national guard and reserve for public employees retirement system and civil service examinations Pending  House Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security Committee  02/18/04 
HB 4522 Adding a new licensed practical nurse classification to school service personnel and to set the pay grade of licensed practical nurses Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  02/18/04 
HB 4554 Relating to the rights, privileges and benefits of substitute service personnel employed to fill vacancies created by leaves of absence Signed    Governor  04/13/04 
HB 4575 Increasing the allocation of racetrack video lottery net terminal income to be used for payment into the pension plan for employees of the licensed racing association Pending  House Finance Committee  03/01/04 
HB 4626 Providing a salary supplement for providers of medicaid eligible services in the public schools Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/04/04 
HB 4627 Honoring academic performance of West Virginians graduating from U.S. military academies Signed    Governor  04/13/04 
HB 4669 Providing for establishment of special five-year demonstration professional development school project Signed    Governor  04/13/04 
HB 4702 Prohibiting out-of-state lenders from making loans over the internet or by other means unless they are licensed in West Virginia Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/27/04 
HB 4737 Providing options for members of teachers retirement to make contributions for periods of temporary total disability Signed    Governor  04/13/04 
HB 4742 Prohibiting state institutions of higher education from requiring students to purchase bundled textbook packages Tabled    3rd Reading  03/03/04 
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