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Bill Status - 2019 Regular Session

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Delegate Barrett sponsored 39 bills:


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Last Action

HB 2191 Relating generally to limited video lottery Signed  Effective from passage - (February 12, 2019)
HB 2221 Reducing the cost of the fee for a state license to carry a concealed weapon Pending  House Finance Committee  01/10/19 
HB 2222 Requiring the Insurance Commissioner to regulate professional bondsmen Pending  House Banking and Insurance Committee  01/10/19 
HB 2331 Relating to legalizing cannabis production, sales and adult consumption Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  01/11/19 
HB 2481 Permitting retail sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays after 1 p.m. Signed  Effective from passage - (February 19, 2019)
HB 2529 Exempting social security benefits from state personal income tax Pending  House Senior Citizen Issues Committee  01/18/19 
HB 2538 Providing banking services for medical cannabis Signed  Effective from passage - (March 5, 2019)
HB 2548 Creating a healthy living tax credit against the personal income tax Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  01/21/19 
HB 2569 Reinstating the film tax credits Pending  House SB Committee  01/21/19 
HB 2703 Relating to refunds of excise taxes collected from dealers of petroleum products Vetoed  Vetoed
HB 2741 Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices in categories covered by the Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act Pending  House Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business Committee  01/30/19 
HB 2770 Fairness in Cost-Sharing Calculation Act Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 7, 2019)
HB 2826 Altering the school calendar to begin the Tuesday after Labor Day and end the Friday before Memorial Day Pending  House Education Committee  02/01/19 
HB 2831 Finding and declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state Signed  Effective from passage - (March 8, 2019)
HB 2837 Relating to the licensing of advance deposit wagering Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/06/19 
HB 2857 Relating to qualifications for a limited video lottery operator’s license Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/06/19 
HB 2874 Increasing annual compensation for the West Virginia State Police, public school teachers, and school service personnel Pending  House Education Committee  02/06/19 
HB 2893 Increasing minimum salaries for Bureau for Child Support Enforcement attorneys Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  02/07/19 
HB 2901 Allowing for the establishment of a secondary location for racetrack video lottery terminals Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/23/19 
HB 2916 Expanding the ability of hard cider manufactures to produce hard cider in this state Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/08/19 
HB 2919 Establishing an Education Employees Fund Pending  House Education Committee  02/08/19 
HB 2922 Relating to requirements to obtain a final order of discharge and dismissal for possession of opiates or opioids Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/08/19 
HB 2930 Relating to emergency vehicles Pending  House T&I Committee  02/08/19 
HB 2932 Transferring regulation and licensing of charitable bingo, charitable raffles, and charitable raffle boards Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/28/19 
HB 2934 West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act BL  Governor 
HB 2941 Reinstating the film investment tax credit Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/28/19 
HB 2950 Relating to employees of local boards of health Pending  House Finance Committee  02/08/19 
HB 2967 Permitting a county to retain the excise taxes for the privilege of transferring title of real estate Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/28/19 
HB 2968 Adding remote service unit to the definition of customer bank communications terminals Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 7, 2019)
HB 3023 Including home confinement officers in definition of law-enforcement officers Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/12/19 
HB 3036 Relating to the West Virginia State Police Retirement System Pending  House Pensions and Retirement Committee  02/12/19 
HB 3038 Increasing access to contraceptive drugs, devices, and procedures Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  02/12/19 
HB 3045 Exempting certain complimentary hotel rooms from hotel occupancy tax Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 3, 2019)
HB 3082 Repealing antiquated provisions relating to gaming activities Pending  House SB Committee  02/12/19 
HB 3097 West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Business Technology Property Valuation Act and the West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Tax Credit Act Pending  House Finance Committee  02/12/19 
HB 3135 Expiring funds to the balance of the Department of Commerce, Development Office Signed  Effective from passage - (March 7, 2019)
HB 3139 Relating to funding of the Public Employees Health Insurance Program Signed  Effective from passage - (March 9, 2019)
HB 3144 North Central Appalachian Coal Severance Tax Rebate Act Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 7, 2019)
HB 3149 Relating to manufacturing and producing hard cider in West Virginia Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/01/19 
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