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The search returned 40 bills introduced on 01/25/22:


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HB 4365 Relating to discontinuing operation of certain state long-term care facilities Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4366 Relating to the modernization of West Virginia’s wage and payment laws Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/03/22 
HB 4367 Establishing a tax credit for businesses who hire, promote and develop women and minorities into executive, professional or administrative roles Pending  House WD Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4368 To correct a code citation referring to the authority and jurisdiction of the State Fire Marshal Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4369 Update the telepsychology compact Signed  Effective from passage - (February 21, 2022)
HB 4370 Clarifying that the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee is responsible to develop, update, and implement policies regarding the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Pending    3rd Reading  03/12/22 
HB 4371 Adding Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees who work at institutions managed by the Commissioner to the Survivor Benefits Act Pending  House Finance Committee  02/15/22 
HB 4372 Creating the Public/Private Small Business Enhancement Program Pending  House Finance Committee  02/21/22 
HB 4373 To exclude fentanyl test strips from the definition of drug paraphernalia Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 10, 2022)
HB 4374 Relating to implementing a Medicaid state plan amendment as necessary and appropriate to effectuate a system of certified community behavioral health clinics Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4375 To ensure that imposition of certain sexual offenses applies to those persons working in juvenile facilities against juveniles detained or committed in juvenile facilities Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/15/22 
HB 4376 Granting full time employees of county boards of education three months of paid leave following the birth of a child Pending  House Education Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4377 To update the involuntary commitment process Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 10, 2022)
HB 4378 To dissolve the West Virginia School Building Authority Pending  House Education Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4379 Requiring all higher education institutions to use statewide contracts issued by the Purchasing Division Pending  House Education Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4380 Relating to transportation of athletic teams Signed  Effective from passage - (March 9, 2022)
HB 4381 Include vehicle inspection within the vehicle registration process Pending  House T&I Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4382 Relating to preserving a patient’s right to abortion Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4383 Make the Consumer Advocate division separate and independent from the PSC Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4384 Exempt $50,000 of retirement income from income tax Pending  House Finance Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4385 Creating an income tax credit for all police officers, firefighters (paid and volunteer), EMS, and correctional officers Pending  House FD Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4386 Expand the scope of hunting, fishing, and trapping benefits provided to former members of the United States Armed forces Pending  House Finance Committee  02/16/22 
HB 4387 To allow honorably discharged veterans to have free lifetime hunting, fishing, and trapping license Pending  House ANR Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4388 Exempt non-profits from certain road sign fees Pending  House Finance Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4389 Relating to repealing school innovation zones provisions superseded by Innovation in Education Act RQST    CONF  03/12/22 
HB 4390 Establishing Medal of Valor for emergency medical service personnel, firefighters, and law-enforcement officers Pending  House Government Organization Committee  02/02/22 
HB 4391 Relating generally to school nurses Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/24/22 
HB 4392 Create the West Virginia Native American Tribes Unique Recognition, Authentication, and Listing Act Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/25/22 
HB 4393 To increase the managed care tax if the managed care organization receives a rate increase Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 10, 2022)
HB 4394 To reaffirm and enhance the workers compensation excusive remedy rule or doctrine Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/16/22 
HB 4395 Relating to requirements imposed on social media companies to prevent corruption and provide transparency of election-related content made available on social media websites Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/25/22 
SB 478 Relating to Neighborhood Investment Program Signed  Effective from passage - (March 10, 2022)
SB 479 Specifying allocation and apportionment of income of flow-through entities Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/25/22 
SB 480 Relating to DEP Office of Oil and Gas Pending  House Finance Committee  02/22/22 
SB 481 Relating to Adopt-A-Stream Program Pending  House Government Organization Committee  03/02/22 
SB 482 Relating to State Road Fund Pending  Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee  01/25/22 
SB 483 Creating Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Program Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  01/25/22 
SB 484 Clarifying American Law Institute restatement of law when inconsistent with WV law in civil cases Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/25/22 
SB 485 Authorizing DNR to enter certain third-party contracts Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/23/22 
SB 486 Allowing PERS retirees to designate special needs trust as beneficiary Pending    Concurrence  03/11/22 
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