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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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There are 42 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 12Requiring chief technology officer maintain cross index repository of agency forms01/09/02
SB 25Allowing credit for certain emergency services continuing education courses01/09/02
SB 26Providing civil service coverage for certain correctional officers01/09/02
SB 62Exempting barbers from continuing education classes01/09/02
SB 63Combining offices and duties of commissioner of highways and secretary of transportation; salary01/09/02
SB 66Prohibiting certain county officeholders from holding another full-time state position01/09/02
SB 74Lowering residency requirements to receive vendor preference01/09/02
SB 75Conforming licensure requirements for pharmacists with other medical professions01/09/02
SB 95Increasing salaries for certain employees within division of corrections01/09/02
SB 122Creating correctional facility advisory board01/10/02
SB 127Requiring law-enforcement agency hiring certain persons pay percentage of training01/10/02
SB 131Allowing correctional officers paid for unused annual leave01/10/02
SB 144Establishing capitol complex boundary limits01/10/02
SB 146Requiring posting of certain bid requests on agency internet web sites01/10/02
SB 169Relating to dissolving division of personnel and civil service system01/11/02
SB 183Relating to cooperation between regional councils and agencies in planning and development01/25/02
SB 187Renaming division of natural resources01/11/02
SB 194Requiring county commissions to hold public hearings on construction of certain buildings01/14/02
SB 201Requesting division of protective services assist in capitol parking enforcement01/14/02
SB 284Relating to professional licensing boards01/22/02
SB 418Relating to creation of advisory redistricting commission01/25/02
SB 434Eliminating membership requirement for certain nonprofit organizations contracting with department of health 01/28/02
SB 451Requiring statewide referendum before port authority may expend state funds or issue bonds exceeding certain amount01/30/02
SB 454Prohibiting acquisition and use of menus on telephone messaging services by state agencies01/31/02
SB 492Authorizing growth counties establish transferable development rights program02/04/02
SB 494Relating to extraordinary police or security services by deputy sheriffs for public or private entities02/04/02
SB 502Relating to hotel occupancy tax and expenditure of revenues collected02/05/02
SB 518Creating state flood control office02/06/02
SB 521Relating to state, county and municipal contracts generally02/06/02
SB 531Relating to county and municipal option occupancy taxes on hotel occupancy02/06/02
SB 548Creating Oral Health Improvement Act02/08/02
SB 589Relating to county assessors developing and maintaining geographic information system02/14/02
SB 607Allowing certain municipalities to increase hotel occupancy tax02/15/02
SB 673Relating to manufactured housing construction and safety standards board02/18/02
SB 685Limiting terms of appointive state officers02/18/02
SB 700Relating to planning and zoning generally02/18/02
HB 3109Prohibiting professional solicitors for charities from receiving more than thirty-five percent of contributions collected03/04/02
HB 4058Amending provisions relating to management of state finances03/04/02
HB 4077Authorizing county commissions of growth counties to establish programs for the transfer of development rights02/28/02
HB 4412Relating to county commission approval for certain municipal annexation03/01/02
HB 4458Relating to county fire service fee petitions 03/04/02
HB 4667Relating to annexation by municipalities03/04/02
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