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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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There are 490 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 9Exempting state agencies from certain advanced court costs 03/04/02
SB 40Granting counties option to sell retail liquor in certain cases02/28/02
SB 218Creating Genetic Information Privacy Act03/04/02
SB 232Reducing time period persons may vote regular absentee ballot01/25/02
SB 255Relating to veterans' grave markers 03/04/02
SB 288Clarifying definition of wages for employment service for state and air national guard02/21/02
SB 350Relating to public defender services02/26/02
SB 415Allowing work on certain cemeteries by jail or prison labor or as alternative sentencing02/07/02
SB 448Clarifying criteria court should consider for temporary parenting plan03/04/02
SB 466Creating special revenue account designated parole supervision benefit fund03/04/02
SB 487Creating offense of damaging fire safety systems in jail or prison; penalty03/04/02
SB 498Relating to funding of farmland preservation programs03/04/02
SB 552Repealing section relating to deinstitutionalization of residents at Colin Anderson center 02/26/02
SB 614Relating to violation of parole02/22/02
SB 616Removing three-year statute of limitation for perjury02/22/02
SB 627Increasing maximum length and width allowed for certain vehicles03/07/02
SB 641Relating to occupational pneumoconiosis board meetings02/28/02
SB 666Bringing traffic regulations into conformance with federal uniform vehicle code03/07/02
SB 696Modifying procedures allowing appointment of guardians for minor children02/28/02
SB 716Allowing community criminal justice boards set certain fees02/27/02
SB 720Permitting sale of timber severed in state park in certain cases03/04/02
SB 732Adding adult siblings of adoptee in mutual consent voluntary adoption registry03/04/02
SB 734Relating to surface coal mining and reclamation act03/04/02
SB 735Relating to appeals to environmental quality boards generally03/04/02
HB 2006Changing the state primary election date01/09/02
HB 2007Providing for reimbursement to the bail bondsman for the amount of a forfeited bond under certain circumstances01/09/02
HB 2018Uniform Premarital Agreement Act01/09/02
HB 2021Limiting the purchase of handguns to one gun per month01/09/02
HB 2028Authorizing an action for the late return of a rented video cassette01/09/02
HB 2029Providing for appellate relief for the state in criminal proceedings01/09/02
HB 2031Relating to the carrying of a concealed deadly weapon while hunting, fishing, hiking or engaging in field or stream activities01/09/02
HB 2035Authorizing criminal discovery in magistrate court01/09/02
HB 2037Permitting children under the age of eighteen years to accompany a parent, grandparent or legal guardian to the polls01/09/02
HB 2039Primary elections and nominating procedures of third party candidates01/09/02
HB 2040Homestead exemption from debts caused by catastrophic illness01/09/02
HB 2041Creating the criminal offense of failing to supervise a child01/09/02
HB 2043Authorizing magistrate and circuit courts to allow work release of convicted inmates01/09/02
HB 2044Increasing the penalty for indecent exposure and establishing offenses and penalties for second and subsequent offenses01/09/02
HB 2045Relating to disposition of juvenile delinquents and notice of hearing to the state medical agency01/09/02
HB 2052Extending the time to file an action in state court after receiving a right to sue notice from the Human Rights Commission01/09/02
HB 2067Prohibiting discriminatory pricing practices01/09/02
HB 2068Providing for jury trials in certain administrative proceedings01/09/02
HB 2077Increasing workers' compensation permanent total disability awards by twenty percent01/09/02
HB 2083Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons01/09/02
HB 2084Providing local option elections to allow counties to enact a right-to-work law01/09/02
HB 2085Exempting construction performed on behalf of educational authorities from prevailing wage laws01/09/02
HB 2086Requiring the commissioner of labor to base the determination of prevailing wage rates on certain statistics and providing county commissioners authority to review the determination01/09/02
HB 2095Creating the felony offense of destruction of property01/09/02
HB 2098Requiring assessors to notify new owners of real property of the property tax liability01/09/02
HB 2100Providing for the seizure of a motor vehicle and license plate for failure to maintain proper security on a motor vehicle01/09/02
HB 2101Authorizing municipal law-enforcement officers to transport and present mentally incompetent persons to mental health care facilities01/09/02
HB 2102Requiring the county commission of the county in which an indigent individual resides to pay the expenses of a commitment hearing01/09/02
HB 2104Creating a misdemeanor offense for political firing01/09/02
HB 2107Creating a system of registration for durable powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney01/09/02
HB 2115Requiring advised consent for induced abortions01/09/02
HB 2117Authorizing a preneed cremation agreement01/09/02
HB 2118Requiring parental consent before an unemancipated minor may obtain an abortion except in certain instances01/09/02
HB 2123Allowing certain children to seek unpaid accrued child support01/09/02
HB 2124Including an appendix for an agreement of alternative child support arrangement01/09/02
HB 2126Creating a separate crime for the death of a viable fetus caused by the criminal slaying of the mother01/09/02
HB 2127Relating to the penalty for abuse of an incapacitated adult01/09/02
HB 2128Excluding mandatory union dues and pension withholding from the definition of gross income for child support purposes01/09/02
HB 2135Requiring persons who have judgments against them and their wages to notify the court of any change of job status or employer01/09/02
HB 2136Eliminating the acquisition of property rights in real estate by adverse possession01/09/02
HB 2138Relating to actions on contracts01/09/02
HB 2149Exempting retired federal law-enforcement officers from concealed deadly weapons fees and costs01/09/02
HB 2156Removing the requirement that certain motorcycle operators and passengers wear helmets01/24/02
HB 2158Limiting the number of cases that juvenile probation officers are required to handle and preventing juvenile contact with adult probationers01/09/02
HB 2161Requiring PSC consent in the sale of certain properties01/09/02
HB 2166Prohibiting sale at full retail price of any damaged container or canned goods01/09/02
HB 2167Reducing the time for consumption of alcoholic beverages in bars01/09/02
HB 2172Prohibiting discrimination in providing access to public accommodations because of means of transportation or insignia on clothing01/09/02
HB 2177Equalizing the number and alternating the selection of juror strikes in a felony trial01/09/02
HB 2186Establishing the crime of interfering with or misleading a law-enforcement officer01/09/02
HB 2187Relating to increasing, with the exception of marijuana, the penalty for unlawful possession of a controlled substance to a felony01/09/02
HB 2188Providing that the use of intimidation, force or threats against judicial officers, jurors and witnesses in any criminal or civil proceeding is a felony01/09/02
HB 2190Clarifying the definition of victim in the Victim Protection Act and increasing liability of parents for criminal acts of their children01/09/02
HB 2197Making it unlawful for any person to drive a vehicle with an alcohol concentration of eight hundredths of one percent in the person's blood01/09/02
HB 2198Relating to state police officers' rights01/09/02
HB 2220Relating to discharging probation officers and circuit court clerical assistants for cause only01/09/02
HB 2237Creating a review board to hear complaints against state police personnel01/09/02
HB 2244Relating to the housing of inmates in correctional institutions01/09/02
HB 2246Requiring persons convicted of first offense DUI to pay the costs of their incarceration01/09/02
HB 2248Requiring the use of unused genuine crash parts for the repair of motor vehicles01/09/02
HB 2254Relating to the language, publishing requirements and rates of newspaper legal advertisement01/09/02
HB 2258Permitting motor vehicle dealers to sell certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis without warranty01/09/02
HB 2259Requiring the state personnel board to consider levels of seniority when awarding or withdrawing benefits01/09/02
HB 2262Requiring the superintendent of the state police to create a drug and alcohol and testing policy and a critical incident stress management policy01/09/02
HB 2265Criminalizing the hunting, digging or harvesting of moss, shrubs, bushes, ferns and other like things on the land of another01/09/02
HB 2268Requiring reporting by the PSC of safety violations by railroads01/31/02
HB 2272Imposing penalties for interfering with or misleading a law-enforcement officer01/09/02
HB 2273Providing a special method of appraising charitable property01/09/02
HB 2276Making state laws conform to federal law relating to the use and display of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles01/09/02
HB 2277Providing employer immunity from civil liability for information disclosed regarding former law-enforcement employees01/09/02
HB 2278Criminal justice resource center01/09/02
HB 2281Removing the property tax exemption status for certain nonprofit hospitals and dedicating the tax proceeds01/09/02
HB 2282Requiring siting permits for businesses involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages01/09/02
HB 2287Regulating the operation of all-terrain vehicles01/09/02
HB 2290Permit standards, definitions and documentation relating to post-mine land use01/09/02
HB 2298Criminal penalties for negligent shooting of a person while hunting wild game02/21/02
HB 2304Establishing an environmental leadership program01/09/02
HB 2308Prohibiting the manufacture, distribution or possession of certain controlled or counterfeit substances near a park or housing project01/09/02
HB 2314Removing the tax exemption status for certain nonprofit hospitals01/09/02
HB 2316Removing from a period of parole any credit for good conduct01/09/02
HB 2318Authorizing in-house construction of recreational facilities by employees of the DNR parks section01/09/02
HB 2327Providing notice to employees regarding hazardous chemical substances and lead exposure01/09/02
HB 2328Payment to magistrates who serve temporarily outside their elected counties01/09/02
HB 2333Restoring a jail penalty option for first offense uttering worthless checks01/09/02
HB 2335Making the use of permanent replacements for striking workers an unfair labor practice in certain instances01/09/02
HB 2347Extending unemployment compensation benefits when special circumstances exist01/09/02
HB 2348Requiring the superintendent or owner of a mine to sign the fire boss record book daily01/09/02
HB 2354Prohibiting violations of civil rights because of disability or sexual orientation01/09/02
HB 2356Permitting miners fined for noncompliance with mining statutes to pay the penalty or complete a training course in lieu thereof01/09/02
HB 2368Providing for a state do-not-telephone-solicit directory01/09/02
HB 2373Prohibiting persons from serving in an office to which they were elected and simultaneously becoming a candidate for election to the same office for a certain term01/09/02
HB 2378Requiring businesses which use scanners at the checkout counter to post prices on the shelf01/09/02
HB 2382Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act01/09/02
HB 2384Relating generally to mine inspectors01/09/02
HB 2388Prohibiting the payment of severance pay to certain classified employees01/09/02
HB 2407Providing for awards of attorney fees and certain expenses against the state in civil actions and proceedings01/09/02
HB 2408Implementing a training program, with drug testing and criminal background checks, for all in-home care workers01/09/02
HB 2412Relating to forfeiture of criminal bail bonds, bases for forfeiture and limitations01/09/02
HB 2413Relating to mental hygiene commissioners, alternatives to inpatient treatment and transportation of patients01/09/02
HB 2414Strengthening the law relating to stalking and harassment01/09/02
HB 2415 Expanding the comprehensiveness of the section concerning what causes civil rights violation for purposes of criminal responsibility01/09/02
HB 2421Establishing three degrees of negligent vehicular homicide01/09/02
HB 2424Removing the requirement that reclamation related liabilities have to exceed the accrued amount in the reclamation fund before the fund tax is collected and removal of the five thousand per acre limit for bonding01/09/02
HB 2426Granting magistrates authority to perform marriages01/09/02
HB 2427Relating to civil penalties of the Water Pollution Control Act01/09/02
HB 2432Allowing all counties to become eligible for infrastructure fund grants01/09/02
HB 2434Assessing regional jail inmates fees for certain medical services01/09/02
HB 2442Reducing the blood alcohol content for DUI convictions01/09/02
HB 2443Strengthening penalties relating to violations of fire laws and rules01/09/02
HB 2447Relating to the compensation paid to temporary senior magistrates01/09/02
HB 2464Personal property tax exemption for a vehicle used for volunteer fire department or emergency medical services01/09/02
HB 2466Allowing a person to draw unemployment compensation when they are forced to miss work due to domestic violence01/09/02
HB 2472Restricting increased assessments on property to no more than two percent in any one year01/09/02
HB 2473Permitting owners of dogs or cats to personally vaccinate their animal for rabies01/09/02
HB 2474Providing written notice of intention to annex to each freeholder of land in the area to be annexed01/09/02
HB 2478Relating generally to mental hygiene commissioners01/09/02
HB 2481Prohibiting the use of fireworks displays at private residences01/09/02
HB 2484Relating to delinquent utility charges incurred by mobile home owners01/09/02
HB 2485Providing for the mandatory registration of cats01/09/02
HB 2497Making the state convict road force mandatory01/09/02
HB 2498Allowing persons to defend their property with deadly force without being exposed to liability01/09/02
HB 2511Providing for the election of public service commissioners01/09/02
HB 2512Requiring certain deposits be made in the stream restoration fund01/09/02
HB 2521Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act01/09/02
HB 2522Uniform Parentage Act01/09/02
HB 2531Extending the filing deadline for homestead property tax exemption01/09/02
HB 2535Prohibiting the advertisement of tobacco products at certain events01/09/02
HB 2543Uniform Arbitration Act01/09/02
HB 2544Sale to the state of land contiguous to a state park or forest being sold for delinquent taxes01/09/02
HB 2550Removing the requirement that venue properly lies in Kanawha County in relation to certain controversies involving the state01/09/02
HB 2552Providing authority for state fire marshals to cooperate with and assist other law-enforcement agencies01/09/02
HB 2556Reimbursement for costs of first five days of incarceration01/09/02
HB 2565Providing aid to child protective services in locating children suspected of being abused or neglected01/09/02
HB 2566Relating to placement of neglected or abused children outside the foster care program unless there remains no other choice01/09/02
HB 2579Increasing the penalty for attempted crimes01/09/02
HB 2581Increasing penalties for manufacturing and distribution near schools of methamphetamine01/09/02
HB 2582Providing additional standards for the admittance of expert medical testimony in medical malpractice cases01/09/02
HB 2602Increasing the fine for fire code violations and relating to third degree arson01/09/02
HB 2606Permitting the use of a certificate of deposit or cash equivalent of any bond required of any person by the state01/09/02
HB 2609Notifying persons from out of state who issue worthless checks that a notice of their failure to pay the fine will be sent to the division of motor vehicles01/09/02
HB 2731Providing salary increases for magistrates, magistrate court clerks and magistrate assistants in counties with high caseloads01/09/02
HB 2734Declaring that lawful design, marketing, manufacture or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public is not an unreasonable dangerous activity01/09/02
HB 2739Providing that certain correctional officers be placed in the civil service system01/09/02
HB 2741Removing the requirement of permanency of disability for homestead property tax exemptions for veterans01/09/02
HB 2746Providing the offense of intimidating a judge or magistrate is also applicable to times when the judge or magistrate is off duty01/09/02
HB 2748Genetic Information Privacy Act01/09/02
HB 2753Allocating a percentage of racetrack video lottery funds for use by county boards of education01/09/02
HB 2754Relating to the criminal offense of breaking and entering01/09/02
HB 2765Imposing a jail fee upon each person sentenced to confinement in a county or regional jail01/09/02
HB 2766Mandating a minimum fine for all misdemeanors in magistrate court01/09/02
HB 2781Permitting certain farm vehicles to use the highways between sunset and sunrise01/31/02
HB 2785Authorizing and directing the governor to execute a compact for the supervision of adult offenders01/09/02
HB 2797Relating to residential rental security deposits01/09/02
HB 2805Declaring that the lawful design, marketing, manufacture or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public is not an unreasonably dangerous activity01/09/02
HB 2811Granting more authority to special officers of official weighing crews of the division of highways01/09/02
HB 2826Authorizing law-enforcement officers to deputize police in other states01/09/02
HB 2828Requiring cigarettes and tobacco products be placed behind a counter or other site where access is restricted01/31/02
HB 2833Requiring certain state officers and agencies to communicate documents and other printed materials between each other by the use of e-mail01/09/02
HB 2834Relating to the misrepresentation of age and use of false identification to purchase alcoholic liquor, beer or tobacco products01/09/02
HB 2836Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act01/09/02
HB 2837Excusing full-time college students from jury service01/09/02
HB 2838Expungement of criminal charges that are dismissed01/09/02
HB 2839Permitting licensees to advertize the existence of beer and beer prices outside the licensee's premises01/09/02
HB 2841Repeal of the article authorizing limited gaming facilities01/09/02
HB 2842Making records in criminal juvenile proceedings involving crimes of violence open to the public01/09/02
HB 2843Clarifying that a "victim" includes that person damaged by acts of juveniles and increasing liability of parents for criminal acts of their children01/09/02
HB 2854Setting forth a statutory form for a qualified domestic relations order01/09/02
HB 2855Requiring tire manufacturers to replace certain tires that blow out01/09/02
HB 2861Placing employees of the parkways authority under civil service01/09/02
HB 2863Increasing the distance that a beer licensee must be located from a school or church01/09/02
HB 2864Requiring a public hearing and county commission approval prior to the issuance of an initial or transfer license for a private club01/09/02
HB 2866Requiring that a criminal defendant's right to a jury trial in misdemeanor cases is forever waived unless requested within twenty days of initial appearance01/09/02
HB 2868Clarifying duties and responsibilities of the child support enforcement division01/09/02
HB 2883Providing for a death penalty and procedures and standards applicable thereto01/09/02
HB 2933Amending PSC rules, accelerated rate procedures for gas, water and electric utilities01/09/02
HB 2957Eliminating the Class AB combination resident statewide hunting, trapping and fishing license01/09/02
HB 2971Allowing bail to be received at the regional jails01/09/02
HB 2991Requiring successful electors to vote for their party's presidential nominee01/09/02
HB 2993Increasing penalties for issuing worthless checks01/09/02
HB 2994Providing for a felony offense under the shoplifting statute01/09/02
HB 3012Imposing misdemeanor penalties for obstructing or giving false statements to a law-enforcement officer01/09/02
HB 3013Increasing the dishonored check fee and permitting magistrate courts to charge a service fee01/09/02
HB 3018Relating to public and community water systems, administrative penalties and a technical assistance connection fee01/09/02
HB 3027Making a bomb threat a felony01/09/02
HB 3036Increasing the time for the filing requirements of accounts and financial statements of political candidates01/09/02
HB 3037Relating to the sales price of gasoline and prohibiting wholesalers of cigarettes from offering discounts to retailers or consumers01/09/02
HB 3039Relating to the monitoring of nursing home residents through the use of electronic monitoring devices01/09/02
HB 3041Requiring employees receiving law-enforcement training to continue employment for at least two years or reimburse the employer01/09/02
HB 3057Accumulation of good time for academic achievements for certain persons serving jail sentences01/09/02
HB 3061Providing that battery of an athletic official at an athletic event is a felony01/09/02
HB 3069Penalty for failing to make a reasonable, good-faith attempt to return a minor child in a timely manner at the expiration of lawful custody or visitation01/09/02
HB 3084Exempting bee hives from personal property taxation01/09/02
HB 3085Allowing real-time campaign finance filing and disclosure through the internet01/09/02
HB 3097Relating generally to electronic voting01/09/02
HB 3100Reestablishing the required and permitted uses of the proceeds from charitable bingo and raffles01/09/02
HB 3106Election of magistrates in certain counties01/09/02
HB 3110Criminal offense for making a threat involving the use of explosive devices or dangerous weapons01/09/02
HB 3124Providing that farm use valuation applications must be made with the assessor on or before October first01/09/02
HB 3125Classification of Class II property for levy purposes01/09/02
HB 3127Providing that the Legislature and members of the Legislature may not be named parties in certain suits and actions01/09/02
HB 3147Increasing the magistrate fee for bad check notices01/09/02
HB 3153Creating a misdemeanor offense of threatening to bring a deadly weapon on school property to harm a school employee or student01/09/02
HB 3166Relating to payment to a court reporter for services rendered01/09/02
HB 3170Allowing county commissions to restrict increases on taxation of real property01/09/02
HB 3174Requiring that absentee ballots be signed by two poll clerks01/09/02
HB 3182Regulation of sexually oriented businesses01/09/02
HB 3189Relating to deferral of court costs and fees when collecting delinquent emergency ambulance bills01/09/02
HB 3190Making the crime of first degree murder of a law-enforcement officer punishable by death01/09/02
HB 3191Holding elected officials to the same ethical standards as private officials in preventing influence buying01/09/02
HB 3204Limiting the number of authorized video games at each racetrack to two thousand01/09/02
HB 3209Regulation of the practice of cremation of human remains01/09/02
HB 3210Increasing the tax on nonspayed or nonneutered dogs and imposing a tax on nonspayed or nonneutered cats01/09/02
HB 3228Providing that members and staff of the Legislature shall automatically receive one-fourth of the required continuing legal education for each regular session worked or served01/09/02
HB 4011Allowing the commissioner of banking to employ legal counsel to represent the commissioner in certain proceedings01/10/02
HB 4013Relating to the handling of emergency calls for police, fire or medical service assistance from public or private alarm systems01/24/02
HB 4014Relating to enforcement of vehicle weight laws01/10/02
HB 4020Relating to miners' health and safety and providing a procedure for assessing civil penalties01/11/02
HB 4025Creating the criminal offense of leaving an infant in an unattended motor vehicle01/11/02
HB 4026Requiring the spaying or neutering of certain dogs and cats01/14/02
HB 4027Relating to the crimes of malicious and unlawful wounding, assault and battery01/14/02
HB 4028Relating to the transfer of certain juvenile cases to adult criminal court01/14/02
HB 4031Including property damage up to a value of five thousand dollars in the compensation awards to victims of crimes01/14/02
HB 4034Authorizing the attorney general to prosecute all offenders of interstate or intercounty felony crimes committed within the state01/14/02
HB 4035Regulation, control and taxation of parlay cards and games01/14/02
HB 4042Accessible Voting Technology Act01/16/02
HB 4043Immunity from civil liability for members of a national ski patrol system01/16/02
HB 4048Election of public service commission members01/16/02
HB 4050Allowing a description to replace multiple listings of "No Candidate Filed" on election ballots01/16/02
HB 4051Titling and registration of all-terrain vehicles01/16/02
HB 4052Relating to collection of personal property taxes01/16/02
HB 4066Establishing tobacco retailers' licensing requirements01/17/02
HB 4072Allowing the use of a secondary chemical testing device in a county other than the county of arrest01/17/02
HB 4073Providing a new procedure for the settlement and comprise of actions and suits on behalf of infants and mentally impaired persons01/17/02
HB 4078Reducing the allowable blood alcohol content for driving under the influence01/17/02
HB 4092Genetic Information Privacy Act01/18/02
HB 4110Providing a criminal penalty for a county school board member to willfully and knowingly attempt to exercise authority outside statutory authority01/21/02
HB 4111Requiring the state election commission and the secretary of state to study a method of conducting elections by means of computer internet systems01/22/02
HB 4112Amending the waste tire remediation environmental clean-up rules01/22/02
HB 4113Increasing criminal penalties for issuing worthless checks01/22/02
HB 4114Revising the law relating to indecent exposure and creating the crime of public indecency01/22/02
HB 4120Regulating the solicitation of credit card applications on college campuses01/22/02
HB 4125Extending confidentiality and nondisclosure protections of tax information to cover information in the possession of local and municipal governments and agencies01/31/02
HB 4129Clarifying that security personnel at video lottery locations are empowered to enforce the law and make arrests01/23/02
HB 4141Providing funeral expense funds and tuition and fees payments to survivors of probation and parole officers killed in the line of duty01/24/02
HB 4143Permitting probation officers to carry weapons on private property and in courthouses01/24/02
HB 4147Providing for jury trials in certain administrative proceedings involving contested cases01/24/02
HB 4155Auditor, state purchasing card program02/27/02
HB 4156Consolidated public retirement board02/27/02
HB 4157DEP, air quality standards, sulfur oxides and particulate matter02/25/02
HB 4158DEP, air quality standards, carbon monoxide and ozone02/25/02
HB 4159DEP, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants02/25/02
HB 4160DEP, standards of performance for new stationary sources02/25/02
HB 4161DEP, air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage or disposal facilities02/25/02
HB 4162DEP, acid rain provisions and permits02/25/02
HB 4164Health, design standards for swimming pools02/27/02
HB 4165Highways, transportation of hazardous waste01/31/02
HB 4166Insurance, medical malpractice loss experience and reporting requirements01/31/02
HB 4168Nurses, board of examiners for fees02/01/02
HB 4169Secretary of state, digital signatures, certification authority and state repository01/25/02
HB 4170Social work examiners, fee schedule02/01/02
HB 4171Board of accountancy, rules, professional conduct02/13/02
HB 4173Agriculture, animal disease control02/07/02
HB 4174Agriculture, aid for fairs and festivals02/15/02
HB 4175Agriculture, schedule of services for inspection services: fruit02/15/02
HB 4176Agriculture, storage of apples02/07/02
HB 4177Athletic commission, administrative rule02/05/02
HB 4178Auditor, transaction fee and rate structure02/15/02
HB 4179Contractor licensing board, complaints02/15/02
HB 4180DEP, air quality, nitrogen oxides02/25/02
HB 4181DEP, emissions from commercial and industrial solid waste incineration units02/25/02
HB 4182DEP, control and reduction of nitrogen oxides from electric generating units02/25/02
HB 4183DEP, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for source categories02/25/02
HB 4184DEP, director's office, remediation and redevelopment rule02/25/02
HB 4185DEP, surface mining reclamation rule02/25/02
HB 4186DEP, coal related dam safety rule02/25/02
HB 4187DEP, hazardous waste management rule02/25/02
HB 4188DEP, water resources, administrative proceedings and civil penalty assessment02/25/02
HB 4189DEP, water resources, federal licenses and permits rule02/25/02
HB 4190DEP, water resources, underground injection control02/25/02
HB 4191DEP, groundwater protection standards, Mt. Storm02/25/02
HB 4192Development office, coalfield community development02/15/02
HB 4193Board of dietitians, licensure02/15/02
HB 4194Board of dietitians, professional ethics02/15/02
HB 4195Economic development authority, capital company act02/26/02
HB 4196Economic development authority, venture capital act02/26/02
HB 4197Environmental quality board, water quality standards02/25/02
HB 4198Environmental quality board, groundwater standards02/25/02
HB 4199Fire commission, fire code02/06/02
HB 4200Crime, delinquency and correction, response to domestic violence01/25/02
HB 4201Health, public water systems02/27/02
HB 4202Health, water systems operator regulations02/27/02
HB 4203Health, reportable diseases, events and conditions02/27/02
HB 4204Health, recreational water facilities02/27/02
HB 4206Health, birth score program02/27/02
HB 4207Health, Alzheimer/dementia special care programs02/27/02
HB 4208Human rights commission, waiver of rights under human rights act01/25/02
HB 4209Human rights commission, definition of employee under human rights act01/25/02
HB 4210Insurance commissioner, privacy of consumer financial and health information01/31/02
HB 4211Insurance commissioner, review of coverage denials01/31/02
HB 4212Labor, steam boiler inspection02/26/02
HB 4213Land surveyors, rules and minimum standards02/13/02
HB 4214Land surveyors, continuing education02/13/02
HB 4215Lottery commission, limited video lottery rule02/15/02
HB 4216Motor vehicles, inspection manual01/31/02
HB 4217DNR, whitewater outfitters02/26/02
HB 4218DNR, small arms hunting02/26/02
HB 4220DNR, state parks, forests and wildlife management areas02/26/02
HB 4221DNR, wild boar hunting02/26/02
HB 4222DNR, trapping02/26/02
HB 4223DNR, issuance of licenses by telephone or other electronic methods02/26/02
HB 4224Board of optometry, rule of the board02/05/02
HB 4225Board of optometry, prescriptive authority02/05/02
HB 4226Board of optometry, fees02/05/02
HB 4227Board of pharmacy, rules and regulations02/01/02
HB 4228Board of pharmacy, continuing education02/01/02
HB 4230Protective services, ranks and duties of officers02/06/02
HB 4233Real estate appraiser licensing and certification board, requirements02/05/02
HB 4234Real estate appraiser licensing and certification board, renewals02/05/02
HB 4235Records management and preservation board, county records02/27/02
HB 4236Nurses, registration and licensure02/01/02
HB 4237Risk and insurance management, mine subsidence insurance02/27/02
HB 4238Secretary of state, electronic signatures01/25/02
HB 4239Secretary of state, registry requirements01/25/02
HB 4240Secretary of state, uniform commercial code01/25/02
HB 4241Social work examiners, qualifications for licensure as a social worker02/01/02
HB 4242Solid waste management board, disbursement of grants02/25/02
HB 4243Speech-language pathology and audiology, licensure02/05/02
HB 4244State police, standards, investigations, employee rights, identification, psychological assessment and discipline01/25/02
HB 4245State rail authority, valuation of used rolling stock and equipment02/15/02
HB 4246Tax commissioner, pollution control facilities02/15/02
HB 4247Tax commissioner, payment of taxes by credit or debit card02/15/02
HB 4248Tax commissioner, senior citizen tax credit for property taxes02/15/02
HB 4249Veterinary medicine, registration of technicians02/06/02
HB 4250Veterinary medicine, standards of practice02/06/02
HB 4251Labor, manufactured housing construction and safety standards board02/26/02
HB 4252Tax commissioner, tobacco products excise tax02/15/02
HB 4253DEP, water resources, WV/NPDES rules for coal mining facilities02/25/02
HB 4263Fetal Protection Act01/28/02
HB 4265Reimbursement to police agencies for training and certification costs02/21/02
HB 4266Creating the offense of the unlawful use of a mobile telephone01/28/02
HB 4271Changing certain notice provisions in the probate code01/28/02
HB 4272Providing for confidentiality of calls received by a county answering point reporting crimes or possible criminal conduct01/28/02
HB 4279Providing incentives for the retention of certain health care providers in the state02/26/02
HB 4281Limiting the number of video lottery terminals01/29/02
HB 4282Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death to life in prison01/29/02
HB 4283Providing for the felony offense of destruction of property when the cost of property damage exceeds one thousand dollars01/29/02
HB 4284Allowing a parent who has been court-ordered to provide medical insurance coverage to his or her children to do so if the insurance is available at a reasonable cost01/29/02
HB 4285Repealing sections of the code relating to dueling01/29/02
HB 4286Repealing the criminal offense of profane swearing and drunkenness in public01/29/02
HB 4287Repealing the section of the code making it a crime to lock the doors of a taxi cab while it is in motion01/29/02
HB 4288Prohibiting the exclusion of treatment for intoxication as a medical expense under accident and sickness insurance policies02/14/02
HB 4293Relating to allocation of custodial responsibility and decision-making responsibility for children01/29/02
HB 4294Creating a misdemeanor offense for the removal of vegetation, stone or sand from the lands of another01/29/02
HB 4295Clarifying procedures for providing ballot labels and paper ballots for elections01/29/02
HB 4297Exempting certain noncommercial timber harvesting from licensure requirements and clarifying notification requirements01/29/02
HB 4302Making it a felony for a person to fraudulently leave rented real estate without first having paid all rents due01/30/02
HB 4303Making it a felony for a lessee of rental property to fraudulently fail to cause utilities to be placed in his or her name within a certain period of time01/30/02
HB 4304Increasing the penalty for the felony offense of DUI causing death01/30/02
HB 4306Restricting public utilities from entering privately owned real property under certain circumstances01/30/02
HB 4311Granting special officers of the weighing crew of the division of highways authority to possess handguns while on duty01/30/02
HB 4312Requiring municipal court judges to tax the expense of maintaining defendants in jail01/30/02
HB 4316Making it unlawful to create certain excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud noises01/30/02
HB 4324Relating to mental hygiene proceedings generally01/31/02
HB 4326Specifying that easements created for ingress and egress shall be interpreted to be sufficient for the passage of emergency vehicles01/31/02
HB 4327Increasing the salary of magistrates01/31/02
HB 4333Encouraging state and local governmental entities to display the national motto, "In God We Trust"01/31/02
HB 4337Adding a county fire chief's designee to those eligible to serve on the enforcement committee created by the county commission02/14/02
HB 4341Relating generally to the requirement of wearing seat belts in automobiles01/31/02
HB 4342Increasing the criminal offense of battery to certain persons from a misdemeanor to a felony01/31/02
HB 4345Requiring polygraph examinations of sex offender probationers and parolees02/01/02
HB 4347Increasing the penalty for involuntary manslaughter02/01/02
HB 4349Relating to filing requirements for the office of member of the House of Delegates02/01/02
HB 4351Authorizing corrections, juvenile services and regional jail facility vehicles to use blue flashing warning lights02/01/02
HB 4352Allowing candidates for countywide office the option of filing with the county clerk or the secretary of state02/01/02
HB 4361Including business in the definition of consumer for consumer protection purposes02/01/02
HB 4363Allowing assessors to create a supplemental assessment on personal property that was omitted from the record books02/01/02
HB 4382Repealing the prohibition against the political activities of members of paid fire departments02/04/02
HB 4383Requiring the alcohol beverage control commissioner to propose legislative rules relating to food establishments where alcohol is served and prohibiting persons under age twenty-one from entering certain establishments02/04/02
HB 4384Prohibiting certain nursing homes from using state funds for activities unrelated to the provision of health care services02/04/02
HB 4386Exempting from taxation certain streets or rights-of-way used for ingress and egress02/04/02
HB 4401Making changes in the law relative to claims for the homestead exemption02/05/02
HB 4403Enhancing penalties for indecent exposure02/05/02
HB 4404Requiring a certified railroad locomotive engineer to be in direct control of a train or locomotive movement02/14/02
HB 4405Amusement Rider Safety Act02/05/02
HB 4406Clarifying the definition of wages for employment service with the state and air national guards for determining unemployment benefits02/07/02
HB 4410Requiring any owner of two or more gasoline stations to charge the same price per gallon of gas at each station02/05/02
HB 4420Uniform Trust Code02/06/02
HB 4421Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act02/06/02
HB 4422Uniform Interstate Family Support Act02/06/02
HB 4431Providing quality health care in certain health care facilities02/07/02
HB 4434Providing that a person convicted of first degree murder is not eligible for parole until after serving a minimum sentence of twenty years02/07/02
HB 4440Nonpartisan election of justices of the supreme court of appeals02/07/02
HB 4444Shortening the hours for residence phone calls by telemarketers02/07/02
HB 4445Requiring that all noncar company aftermarket crash parts be certified by an independent third party02/08/02
HB 4447Changing the time for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property and providing for a three percent cap on any increase02/08/02
HB 4453Imposing a tax on commercial operations conducted on navigable waterways by nonresident operators02/08/02
HB 4455Relating to awards in medical professional liability actions02/11/02
HB 4456Providing that judgment awards in tort actions be reduced by the amount of certain collateral source benefits02/11/02
HB 4457Allowing persons to defend their family, other persons, dwellings and valuable property with deadly force without being exposed to civil liability02/11/02
HB 4461Providing that the date a payment is postmarked is the date the payment is considered received for consumer credit and lending transactions02/12/02
HB 4462Relating to public defender services02/12/02
HB 4463Deleting the requirement concerning the identifiable serial numbering of tickets in a charitable raffle board or game02/12/02
HB 4464Revision of the hate crimes law02/12/02
HB 4470Preventing the taking of checks or similar instruments to guarantee loans or cash advances02/13/02
HB 4472Clarifying the alternatives that life insurers may choose for reporting and paying taxes on annuities02/21/02
HB 4480Clarifying the time when the out-of-state destination of inventory and goods must be specified for ad valorem property tax exemption purposes02/14/02
HB 4485Establishing a system for determining the reasonable use by volume of ground and surface waters of the state02/14/02
HB 4487Providing a criminal penalty for causing a person to unknowingly consume or receive the administration of a poisonous, deleterious or controlled substance or an alcoholic beverage02/14/02
HB 4488Substituting the term "parenting functions" for "caretaking functions" relative to allocation of time children spend with divorced or separated parents02/14/02
HB 4489Requiring the court to allocate the full tax benefit for payment of child support to one parent when the allocation would be of no benefit to the other parent02/14/02
HB 4500Protecting the confidentiality of social security numbers and other similar information02/15/02
HB 4502Increasing the amount of fees merchants are allowed to charge for cashing government or other checks02/15/02
HB 4505Authorizing the consolidated public retirement board to promulgate a legislative rule relating to service credit for accrued and unused sick and annual leave02/27/02
HB 4516Prohibiting the state from purchasing from any foreign country designated a terrorist country02/18/02
HB 4518Licensing of certain abortion facilities02/18/02
HB 4520Requiring verification of notice to adjoining landowners of timbering operations and notice of duration by certified mail02/18/02
HB 4526Amending provisions of the Self-Service Storage Lien Act02/18/02
HB 4527Removing the two-year existence requirement for bingo and raffle licenses for charitable and public service organizations02/18/02
HB 4529Creating a special permits system allowing for transportation of natural resources and natural resource byproducts at weights in excess of certain maximum gross weights02/18/02
HB 4532Establishing the Clean Elections Act02/19/02
HB 4535Additional optional classification on driver's licences for the deaf or hard of hearing02/19/02
HB 4537Authorizing the Tax Commissioner to share certain information with the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey02/19/02
HB 4538Relating to custody of minor children of murdered spouse02/19/02
HB 4542Making the knowing or willful conduct of logging and timbering activities without proper license or certification a misdemeanor, etc02/19/02
HB 4544Prohibiting certain gasoline price discounting practices02/20/02
HB 4564Prohibiting telemarketing on certain holidays02/21/02
HB 4568Revocation of driving privileges of nonresidents who issue a worthless check in this state and fail to appear to a summons for the same02/21/02
HB 4571Authorizing the attorney general to investigate and prosecute crimes occurring in more than one jurisdiction in West Virginia02/21/02
HB 4574Requiring all law-enforcement vehicles used for monitoring, stopping and/or citing drivers be readily identifiable as a law-enforcement vehicle02/21/02
HB 4576Strengthening the provisions against unauthorized telephone service provider changes02/21/02
HB 4583Requiring blood samples for DNA analysis from all persons convicted to felonies in this state02/22/02
HB 4584Increasing the penalty for the felony offense of driving under the influence causing death02/22/02
HB 4589Providing that a governing body may not go into executive session to discuss the filing of a vacancy in certain circumstances02/22/02
HB 4594Regulation of pornography generally02/22/02
HB 4595Relating to thoroughbred breeders association02/22/02
HB 4596Creating a presumption of compensability for cardiovascular injury or disease of firefighters02/22/02
HB 4597Authorizing the commissioner of human services to prescribe fingerprinting of applicants responsible for the care of children02/22/02
HB 4599Declaring that lawful design, marketing, manufacture or sale of firearms to the public is not an unreasonably dangerous activity02/22/02
HB 4610Creating a rebuttable presumption the assessed value of a property as determined by the assessor is correct02/22/02
HB 4611Prohibiting rural electric cooperatives from entering into the retail propane and fuel oil business02/22/02
HB 4613Requiring that a woman contemplating an abortion be given relevant information about any possible increased risk of breast cancer02/22/02
HB 4614Creating the crime of feticide02/22/02
HB 4615Making it illegal to own and operate slot machines02/22/02
HB 4616Banning "Limited Video Lottery"02/22/02
HB 4620Relating to sediment control during commercial timber harvesting operations02/22/02
HB 4624Providing an additional exemption to the definition of collection agency02/22/02
HB 4626Limiting state court venue for certain nonresident plaintiffs02/22/02
HB 4629Creating a record-keeping system for juvenile offender criminal records02/22/02
HB 4630Permitting sale of timber severed in a state park incidental to approved construction activities02/22/02
HB 4633Clarifying the term "resident owner of accredited West Virginia whelped greyhounds" and clarifying the disposition of unredeemed pari-mutuel tickets from horse and dog racetracks02/22/02
HB 4634Criminal liability of public officer or employee for tax levy violations02/22/02
HB 4638Prohibiting discrimination against a person who in conscience refuses to participate in the performance of an abortion02/22/02
HB 4640Requiring collection agencies to obtain a certificate of registration from the Secretary of State02/22/02
HB 4642Creating a criminal penalty for persons employed by any state institution of higher education, etc., who assist in or perform abortions02/22/02
HB 4643Relating to requiring the court to revoke a nonappearing criminal defendant's bond02/22/02
HB 4645Increasing periods of confinement and amounts of fines upon conviction for the commission of certain crimes of violence02/22/02
HB 4646Requiring the reporting and collection of abortion data02/22/02
HB 4647Prohibiting the recommendation, administering or sale of the abortifacient RU-486 at educational institutions02/22/02
HB 4648Abortion of fetus older than twelve weeks prohibited unless anesthesia administered to fetus02/22/02
HB 4649Reporting requirements of abortions because of handicap or deformity02/22/02
HB 4651Requiring notice of an abortion to be provided the father of the unborn child02/22/02
HB 4652Criminal offense for any employee of the Department of Health and Human Resources to expend, in any way, the resources of the division to aid in the performance of an abortion02/22/02
HB 4653Establishing the Cigarette Sales Act02/22/02
HB 4654Requiring law-enforcement officers investigating motor vehicle accidents to include in the written report the estimated weights of commercial motor vehicles involved02/22/02
HB 4657Relating to the plugging of oil and gas wells02/22/02
HB 4660Providing that hospitals are not required to admit patients for abortions02/22/02
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