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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 84 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 58Relating to commercial prisons03/04/04
SB 67Requiring agency, department or board to submit statement of compliance to legislative auditor within certain time03/02/04
SB 111Establishing central highlands highway authority02/03/04
SB 214Authorizing board of landscape architects to set certain fees by rule02/25/04
SB 262Authorizing sale of certain real estate on Buffalo Creek, Logan County03/04/04
SB 322Relating to public energy authority03/04/04
SB 415Relating to disposition of state surplus property03/02/04
HB 2007Establishment of family resource centers in needy counties01/14/04
HB 2047Creating the West Virginia transportation oversight committee01/14/04
HB 2087Requiring state agencies to provide information for verifying eligibility for public housing programs01/14/04
HB 2129Relating to the maintenance and operation of nontraditional career development centers for displaced homemakers and single parents01/14/04
HB 2191Creating an information systems disaster recovery center01/14/04
HB 2242Requiring state agencies to implement activity-based costing to review their procedures in issuing approvals01/14/04
HB 2243Creating an information network commission01/14/04
HB 2292Requiring all executive agencies to report to the governor, Speaker of the House of Delegates and President of the Senate notices of allowances or potential disallowances of federal funds01/14/04
HB 2327Creating a charitable gaming commission to regulate and license charitable raffles and bingo01/14/04
HB 2412Minimum standards for licensure of barbers educated in another state01/14/04
HB 2417Creating a joint legislative committee on technology01/14/04
HB 2424Creating a New River and Gauley River citizen's board to help resolve access issues to those rivers01/14/04
HB 2465Creating a Gypsy Moth Control Commission to coordinate efforts to limit the effects of gypsy moths in this state01/14/04
HB 2516State Payment for State Mandates Act01/14/04
HB 2540Providing Good Friday as a state legal holiday01/14/04
HB 2544Creating a forensic dental office to provide an authoritative resource to identify unknown individuals by means of dental records01/14/04
HB 2549Relating to the practice of land surveying generally01/14/04
HB 2674Requiring the governor's cabinet on children and families to create a plan to encourage the establishment of family resource centers01/14/04
HB 2685Establishing a program for reprogramming cellular telephones and distributing to seniors for making emergency calls01/14/04
HB 2741Establishing the citizen review panel to review the procedures of child protective services01/14/04
HB 2773Prescription Drug Price Reduction Act01/14/04
HB 2817Creating a registry containing names of employees from any agency under the authority of the department of health and human resources who have committed acts of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property01/14/04
HB 2860Creating a joint legislative committee on technology and security01/14/04
HB 2861Authorizing local housing authorities to authorize low-income housing residents to purchase dwelling units within the housing project01/14/04
HB 2909Requiring nursing homes to have quality assurance programs and plans01/14/04
HB 2955Increasing the opportunity for a more equitable body for the hearing of grievances made by state and education employees01/14/04
HB 2968Creating the West Virginia Tourism Development Act01/14/04
HB 2986Requiring that persons who operate or maintain steam boilers and equipment be tested and licensed by the commissioner of labor01/14/04
HB 3001Adding the state Americans with disabilities act coordinator as a member of the capitol building commission01/14/04
HB 3023Establishing a lost animal hotline in the office of the commissioner of agriculture01/14/04
HB 3069Transferring the office of emergency medical services from the department of health and human resources to the department of military affairs and public safety01/14/04
HB 3103Defining athletic trainers and establishing a licensing board01/14/04
HB 3123Establishing a permanent statewide trail plan coordinator01/14/04
HB 3124Requiring nongovernmental members on the motorcycle awareness board reside in differing geographical regions of the state01/14/04
HB 3137Implementing a transportation and economic development information system01/14/04
HB 3140Increasing the number of members that constitute the public employees insurance agency finance board01/14/04
HB 3144Providing for the appointment of a blind person as an ad hoc nonvoting member of the state library commission to serve as an advisor01/14/04
HB 3181Providing a more effective and efficient operation of the state's vital statistics system and making the system more consistent with national model legislation01/14/04
HB 4016Relating generally to the department of tax and revenue and office of secretary of tax and revenue and their powers, duties and responsibilities01/14/04
HB 4030Providing health insurance coverage to qualified persons who are otherwise unable to obtain coverage01/14/04
HB 4038Requiring the head of a governmental agency to submit a statement of compliance to the legislative auditor within six months of a fiscal or performance audit01/15/04
HB 4049Correcting the statutory inconsistency of appointments to the commission for the deaf and hard-of-hearing01/16/04
HB 4050Transferring remaining bonding functions of public energy authority to the state treasurer01/16/04
HB 4051Requiring the superintendent to the state police to report annually to the Legislature about the effectiveness of its efforts in recruiting minorities01/16/04
HB 4065Amending the physical therapists rule requiring English proficiency for the licensing of individuals who are from outside the United States01/19/04
HB 4112Allowing members of the design-build board to be reimbursed travel and other necessary expenses actually incurred while engaged in attending board meetings01/23/04
HB 4159Requiring state employing units to conduct background checks on prospective employees and various other employees of the state01/29/04
HB 4249Providing for additional internal controls and procedures for the purchase card program and renaming it the payment card program02/02/04
HB 4264Allowing, under some circumstances, the cannibalization and the disposal as waste of state property02/03/04
HB 4270Creating the north central West Virginia regional trails and recreation authority02/03/04
HB 4277Reorganizing the affordable housing trust fund, reducing the number of members and reducing the quorum required for business02/03/04
HB 4322Establishing a state trail authority02/05/04
HB 4331Modernizing the law governing land use planning02/06/04
HB 4335Revising the law governing the West Virginia board of professional surveyors02/06/04
HB 4355Requiring state agencies administering funds or grants to notify a grantee of certain audit reporting requirements02/09/04
HB 4359Reorganizing the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, reducing the number of members and the quorum required for business02/09/04
HB 4370Requiring government employees hired after a date certain performing electrical work on government property to be licensed02/09/04
HB 4398Relating generally to mine inspectors02/11/04
HB 4432Raising the purchase card transaction limit, authorizing the auditor to select vendors, allowing attachment of pension benefits to reimburse for fraud and adding members to the advisory committee02/12/04
HB 4443Providing flexibility to organizations receiving less than one hundred thousand dollars of state funds in obtaining audits and reviews02/12/04
HB 4482Providing that retiring physicians may retain their original wall license and exempts physicians holding an inactive license from the assessment fee for the Physicians' Mutual Insurance Company02/16/04
HB 4555Relating to the state emergency response commission generally02/20/04
HB 4594Creating an office of inspector general within the department of health and human resources02/24/04
HB 4595Requiring that annual reports be recorded on CD-Rom for distribution02/24/04
HB 4610Creating a multidisciplinary citizen panel to review the policies, procedures and, when appropriate, specific cases handled by child protective services02/25/04
HB 4612Establishing a credentialing program for dialysis technicians by the board of registered professional nurses02/25/04
HB 4639Increasing the size of the library commission to ten members and requiring that one member of the library commission be a blind person02/26/04
HB 4640Training and empowering a body of volunteer professionals, called rehabilitators, to care for, protect and return injured wildlife to the wild02/26/04
HB 4647Providing a procedure for the economic development authority to address employment and economic development problems of minority populations of this state02/26/04
HB 4659Creating a vendor preference for state purchasing and purchases by political subdivisions of the state in corporations that maintain their principle places of business in the state02/26/04
HB 4667Establishing in the state treasury a targeted minority economic development fund to address economic issues of minorities and minority communities02/26/04
HB 4676Establishing a maximum number of employees allowed in a department or separate spending unit of the state02/27/04
HB 4678Relating generally to the West Virginia racing commission02/27/04
HB 4679Relating to the design-build procurement act02/27/04
HB 4693Increasing the resident vendor's bid ratio from two and one-half percent to five percent02/27/04
HB 4711Creating a West Virginia tourism authority02/27/04
HB 4719Creating the joint commission on technology and advanced communications02/27/04
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