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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 55 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 5Combining offices and duties of commissioner of highways and secretary of transportation; salary01/14/04
SB 12Dividing department of health and human resources into two departments01/14/04
SB 14Authorizing counties to impose recreation and amusement tax01/14/04
SB 30Increasing salaries of certain employees in division of corrections01/14/04
SB 41Renaming division of natural resources01/14/04
SB 49Allowing counties adopting flood plain ordinance designate enforcement agency01/14/04
SB 83Relating to county commissions making flood insurance available to property owners01/14/04
SB 109Relating to state agencies making timely payments for telephone service01/14/04
SB 112Prohibiting municipality from closing fire department without fire marshal approval; proceeds01/14/04
SB 113Relating to cooperation between regional councils and agencies in planning and development01/14/04
SB 124Providing for licensure of athletic trainers01/14/04
SB 128Authorizing fire chief to designate representative when unable to serve01/14/04
SB 140Creating position of Americans with disabilities coordinator 01/14/04
SB 158Creating division of employee and insurance services01/14/04
SB 177Requiring chief technology officer maintain central cross index of forms01/16/04
SB 189Relating to specifications for state purchasing contracts01/16/04
SB 201Updating code references concerning members of steel advisory commission01/19/04
SB 202Including Gulf War and Afghanistan or Iraq conflict veterans on veterans council01/30/04
SB 203Transferring certain bonding functions of public energy authority to state treasurer01/19/04
SB 241Establishing western highway authority01/21/04
SB 247Relating to greater Huntington park and recreation district; board01/21/04
SB 249Relating to hotel tax01/21/04
SB 250Requiring municipalities proposing annexation without election to provide notice to county commission01/21/04
SB 256Increasing members on public employees insurance agency finance board01/22/04
SB 259Requiring state board of examination and registration to have websites01/22/04
SB 266Relating to extraordinary police or security services by deputy sheriffs for certain entities01/22/04
SB 301Extending time for Harrison County Commission to meet as levying body01/28/04
SB 305Relating to intrastate air transportation services 01/28/04
SB 306Changing composition of employee suggestion award board01/28/04
SB 409Requiring Senate clerk to print blue book every other year01/30/04
SB 412Creating presumption assessed value of property is correct; exception02/02/04
SB 421Allowing state auditor flexibility in conducting audits on local government offices02/03/04
SB 423Relating to housing trust fund board of directors02/03/04
SB 432Providing arresting agency pay certain costs for incarcerated inmate; definition02/04/04
SB 443Relating to recruiting and retaining nurses02/04/04
SB 451Authorizing municipalities to purchase land at tax sales02/05/04
SB 457Transferring motor vehicle inspection duties to commissioner of division of motor vehicles02/05/04
SB 463Revising law governing vital records02/05/04
SB 474Relating to governor's cabinet on children and families02/06/04
SB 475Establishing State Trail Authority02/06/04
SB 493Encouraging display of national motto02/09/04
SB 522Prohibiting renaming or rededication of certain monuments and memorials02/12/04
SB 539Creating flood prevention task force02/17/04
SB 552Relating to state conservation committee and conservation districts02/18/04
SB 560Relating to board of dietitians02/18/04
SB 589Increasing membership of library commission and including blind person as member02/20/04
SB 597Extending time for Cabell County commission to meet as levying body for certain election02/20/04
SB 601Allowing county commissions of certain counties to enact ordinances02/20/04
SB 654Relating to appointment of members to county airport authorities03/02/04
SB 656Relating to emergency response commission and local planning committees02/23/04
SB 666Creating office of inspector general within department of health and human resources02/23/04
SB 703Creating Job Preservation Act of 200402/23/04
SB 733Eliminating complaint process to public service commission regarding cable television03/04/04
HB 4113Requiring all state boards of examination and registration provided in chapter thirty of the code of West Virginia to have websites accessible to the public03/04/04
HB 4379Changing the representation of the board of registered professional nurses03/02/04
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