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Bill Status - 2005 Regular Session

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There are 58 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 7Providing criminal history check for certain applicants working on school property02/09/05
SB 8Prohibiting school employees from promoting abortion02/09/05
SB 34Relating to term of contract for coach in county school system02/09/05
SB 35Relating to funding salaries of principals for certain time02/09/05
SB 48Creating Equitable Compensation Act02/09/05
SB 73Relating to tuition and fees at institutions of higher education02/09/05
SB 76Relating to incremental salary increases for classified employees of higher education02/09/05
SB 95Relating to reimbursement for cost of school nurses02/09/05
SB 105Providing guidelines for approving intercounty transfer of student02/09/05
SB 112Relating to public school counselors02/09/05
SB 140Allowing substitute teachers applying for full-time professional employment seniority credit02/09/05
SB 142Relating to establishing Dollars for Scholars Loan Program02/09/05
SB 155Changing ratio of school nurses to students02/11/05
SB 169Adding Bluefield State College to institutions for graduate education02/14/05
SB 170Relating to beverages allowed sold in schools02/14/05
SB 177Adding President of West Virginia University Institute of Technology to Board of Governors02/14/05
SB 180Relating to employment of principals, assistant principals and secretaries02/14/05
SB 192Relating to mileage reimbursement rate for school service personnel02/15/05
SB 217Relating to incentives for general education degree02/18/05
SB 219Relating to Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student Grant Program02/18/05
SB 233Creating PROMISE Forgivable Loan Program02/18/05
SB 243Requiring county employ full-time nurse for certain number of students02/22/05
SB 244Consolidating certain functions of West Virginia University Institute of Technology with West Virginia University02/22/05
SB 250Eliminating authority of Secondary School Activities Commission to promulgate rules02/22/05
SB 255Granting tuition waiver to children and spouses of parole and probation officers in certain cases02/23/05
SB 400Eliminating provisions which created unlawful classifications based on race in certain school systems02/28/05
SB 402Relating to increased salary increments paid to principals and assistant principals02/28/05
SB 408Providing pay for county boards of education for mandatory education03/01/05
SB 409Providing high school diplomas for certain veterans 03/11/05
SB 440Removing delay in school aid formula funding for increased student enrollment03/03/05
SB 475Relating to dedicated funding for counties with both increased and certain net enrollment03/07/05
SB 478Relating to grievance procedures for state educational employees03/07/05
SB 482Continuing tuition and fees for certain national guard members at higher education institutions03/08/05
SB 483Removing cap on scholarship funds for surviving children of certain State Police03/08/05
SB 504Relating to high-tech research zones, parks and technology centers03/22/05
SB 506Requiring rehabilitation counselors paid same as public school counselors03/10/05
SB 557Providing maximum time limits for certain one-way bus transportation for students; waiver03/15/05
SB 569Relating to disbursement of surplus funds to teachers and service personnel03/17/05
SB 577Limiting time certain teachers may retain accrued seniority03/17/05
SB 602Designating Mountaineer Challenge Academy as special alternative education program03/18/05
SB 606Providing teachers salary increase over next three years03/21/05
SB 610Relating to evaluation of school personnel and teacher's lesson plans03/21/05
SB 611Allowing school faculty senate determine any new program or curriculum implemented03/21/05
SB 635Prohibiting school personnel from collecting both temporary total disability and personal leave with cause benefits03/21/05
SB 645Relating to number of days substitute teacher may work03/21/05
SB 672Providing process for allocations to school districts with low enrollment03/21/05
SB 719Creating Student Loan Forgiveness Program03/21/05
SB 720Relating to alternative teacher education programs, fitness programs and other programs03/21/05
HB 2012Providing a salary supplement for providers of medicaid eligible services in the public schools03/31/05
HB 2365Relating to school board member disclosure and voting obligations; unauthorized individual actions of board members03/31/05
HB 2525Removing the requirement to contract for independent evaluation and report to Legislative Oversight Commission every two years on character education program in public schools03/14/05
HB 2795Relating to the consolidation of administrative, information, technological, financial and operating systems and functions of West Virginia University Institute of Technology with and into such systems and functions of West Virginia University03/31/05
HB 3019Relating to recognizing the Appalachian Education Initiative promoting the role of art education in public schools03/31/05
HB 3040Providing maximum time limits for one-way bus transportation for any new bus route created to transport students in the wake of the closure or consolidation of an existing school facility03/31/05
HB 3107Diabetes Care Plan Act established in the public schools03/31/05
HB 3108Increasing the focus of regional educational service agencies on school improvement 03/31/05
HB 3225Relating to the preparation and publication of year-end financial statements by county boards of education03/31/05
HB 3359Relating to filling the positions and extra duty assignments of the absent school bus operators 03/31/05
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