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Bill Status - 2005 Regular Session

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There are 477 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 12Making English official language of state03/29/05
SB 49Repealing section of code relating to inspection of jails03/01/05
SB 63Requiring legislative approval for certain designations of roads, highways or bridges03/17/05
SB 101Allowing county commission or municipality to request traffic control signal be used as flashing signal04/06/05
SB 152Permitting county commissions to alter observance of legal holidays for county employees04/01/05
SB 184Repealing section authorizing wardens to offer rewards for escaped convicts03/01/05
SB 230Creating crime of "involuntary manslaughter by caregiver"; penalty03/29/05
SB 245Relating to regulating elections04/07/05
SB 270Relating to examinations of insurance and health care entities03/30/05
SB 442Relating generally to authorizing table games at licensed horse and dog racetracks03/29/05
SB 444Establishing offense of careless driving04/06/05
SB 487Authorizing use of ballot-marking accessible voting systems03/29/05
SB 530Amending list of prohibited political activities by deputy sheriffs and municipal police officers03/29/05
SB 533Relating to parental notification for abortions performed on unemancipated minors04/05/05
SB 542Relating to venue for suits against state involving motor accidents03/31/05
SB 620Relating to speed-measuring devices used by law-enforcement officers; training04/06/05
SB 638Relating to filing campaign reports in timely manner03/29/05
SB 680Changing filing time for subcontractor's lien03/31/05
SB 681Relating to counterfeit auto inspection stickers; penalty03/28/05
SB 743Allowing preindictment detainees opportunity for bail reduction at change of court term03/28/05
SB 745Authorizing use of citations in lieu of arrest warrants for certain offenses03/28/05
HB 2007Requiring that an authorized representative of the miners be allowed to accompany the inspector when an inspection of a surface-mining operation is undertaken02/09/05
HB 2013Raising the age at which a person may request to be excused from jury duty from sixty-five to seventy02/09/05
HB 2016Increasing the maximum number of magistrate court deputy clerks that may be appointed from sixty-two to seventy-two02/09/05
HB 2024Providing for administration costs associated with the court security fund and to eliminate obsolete language02/09/05
HB 2029Relating to variable premium adjustable life insurance policies03/28/05
HB 2030Permitting motor vehicle dealers to sell certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis without a warranty02/09/05
HB 2033Requiring that parents whose parental rights are terminated continue to be responsible for support of the child until the child is adopted, reaches age of majority or is otherwise emancipated02/09/05
HB 2034Limiting the purchase of handguns to one gun per month02/09/05
HB 2038Prohibiting children under the age of eight years old from being passengers on motorcycles on public roads02/09/05
HB 2040Prohibiting a person not the owner of a dog from removing tags, collars or apparel from a dog without the permission of the owner02/09/05
HB 2043Requiring a seller or a seller's agent at closing to disclose the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all utilities providing service to the real estate involved in the transaction02/09/05
HB 2048Investigating and interviewing alleged adult victims of abuse or neglect02/09/05
HB 2049Allowing awards under the crime victims compensation program to be made to victims of identity theft02/09/05
HB 2050Repealing the section involving the vesting of title to vocational education property in the state department of education02/09/05
HB 2056Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons02/09/05
HB 2057Creating the criminal offense of failing to supervise a child02/09/05
HB 2058Providing that at the filing deadline for candidacy of mayor, recorder or city council, a candidate is unopposed, the municipality will allow an extended period beyond the filing deadline for write-in candidates to be submitted02/09/05
HB 2059Classification of Class II property for levy purposes02/09/05
HB 2060Exempting public works projects receiving federal assistance and subject to federal labor standards from the state prevailing wage laws02/09/05
HB 2063Phasing in increased assessments on certain property02/09/05
HB 2072Allowing for the continuation of misdemeanor prosecutions in cases where a defendant is charged by complaint with both a felony and misdemeanor02/09/05
HB 2073Requiring the state election commission and the secretary of state to study a method of conducting elections by means of computer internet systems02/09/05
HB 2075Prohibiting law-enforcement officers from asking crime victims if they have insurance coverage to cover losses occasioned by criminal activity02/09/05
HB 2082Amending PSC rules, accelerated rate procedures for gas, water and electric utilities02/09/05
HB 2084Reinstatement without loss of rights of state employees following extended leave of absence02/09/05
HB 2085Requiring the state personnel board to consider levels of seniority when awarding or withdrawing benefits02/09/05
HB 2089Making records in criminal juvenile proceedings involving crimes of violence open to the public02/09/05
HB 2090Clarifying that a "victim" includes that person damaged by acts of juveniles and increasing liability of parents for criminal acts of their children02/09/05
HB 2095Equalizing the number and alternating the selection of juror strikes in a felony trial02/09/05
HB 2097Providing that a person sixty-five years of age or older may redeem real estate owned by him or her by paying the delinquent taxes without other costs or liens02/09/05
HB 2098Relating to deferral of court costs and fees when collecting delinquent emergency ambulance bills02/09/05
HB 2100Providing that certain discriminatory pricing practices prohibited under the federal Robinson-Patman Act are also unlawful under West Virginia law02/09/05
HB 2104Providing that retiring municipal police officers may keep their service revolver02/24/05
HB 2105Providing that applications for farm use valuation must be filed with the county assessor between dates specified02/09/05
HB 2108Prohibiting state purchases of information technology equipment constructed of flammable materials02/09/05
HB 2109Exempting bee hives from personal property assessment and taxation02/09/05
HB 2110Allowing a retail markup on the sale of beer, wine and intoxicating liquors02/09/05
HB 2114Imposing misdemeanor penalties for obstructing or giving false statements to a law-enforcement officer02/09/05
HB 2118Providing for reimbursement to the bail bondsman for the amount of a forfeited bond under certain circumstances02/09/05
HB 2120Providing a special method of appraising charitable property02/09/05
HB 2121Permitting the use of cash or a certificate of deposit in lieu of the posting of any bond requirement under state law02/09/05
HB 2124Requiring establishments serving prepared food to the public for consumption to allow people with special dietary restrictions to bring certain foods with them02/09/05
HB 2127Relating to the sales price of gasoline and prohibiting wholesalers of cigarettes from offering discounts to retailers or consumers02/09/05
HB 2131Lowering the threshold required for reporting certain information about individuals, firms, associations or committees contributing to a campaign02/10/05
HB 2132Justifying the use of deadly force by a pregnant woman when she reasonably believes that her unborn child's life is threatened02/10/05
HB 2136Requiring the clerk of the county commission to execute, record and post a disclaimer relating to certain unlawful covenants02/10/05
HB 2137Defining the offense of trespassing on a railroad track02/10/05
HB 2142Defining curtilage as it relates to trespass02/10/05
HB 2145Changing the time for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property02/10/05
HB 2148Conferring on magistrates the authority to perform marriages02/10/05
HB 2151Modifying delinquent real and personal property collection and purchase requirements02/10/05
HB 2153Providing certain correctional officers be transferred into the civil service system as covered employees02/10/05
HB 2155Prohibiting discrimination in providing access to public accommodations because of means of a person's transportation or insignia on clothing02/10/05
HB 2156Establishing the duty of support of a child born out of wedlock by the natural father who is under the age of eighteen years02/10/05
HB 2158Exempting one motor vehicle owned by a volunteer fireman from personal property taxation02/10/05
HB 2160Providing vendors may apply a surcharge of up to six percent of the amount of any retail sales transaction in which a credit card is used02/10/05
HB 2162Equalizing magistrate salaries for all magistrates02/10/05
HB 2167Releasing the name and identification of any juvenile adjudicated or convicted of a crime to the victims02/10/05
HB 2169Providing for the certification of persons who perform evaluations to determine if defendants charged with crimes are competent to stand trial or are not guilty by reason of mental illness02/10/05
HB 2171Increasing the penalties for issuing worthless checks03/11/05
HB 2173Allowing family court judges to carry concealed deadly weapons without obtaining a license02/10/05
HB 2178Requiring law-enforcement officers investigating motor vehicle accidents to include in the written report the estimated weights of commercial motor vehicles involved02/10/05
HB 2181Requiring businesses which use scanners at the checkout counter to post prices on the shelf02/10/05
HB 2182Creating the criminal offense of injury to a pregnant woman that results in miscarriage or stillbirth02/10/05
HB 2185Increasing circuit clerks' salaries02/10/05
HB 2191Making the penalty for the murder of a law-enforcement officer while on active duty punishable by death02/10/05
HB 2194Relating to the ethical standards of public officers and employees, modifying confidentiality requirements, prohibiting submission of false information, and providing penalties02/10/05
HB 2195Limiting access to certain chemicals used in the production of methamphetamines02/10/05
HB 2206Requiring a license for entities that only take assignment of regulated consumer loans or for entities that only service regulated consumer loans02/11/05
HB 2209Creating an affirmative defense for certain civil and criminal actions arising from the sale of certain alcoholic drinks and nonintoxicating beer by licensed private clubs to persons under the age of twenty-one whose age is verified by use of scanner technology02/11/05
HB 2212Providing for a felony offense under the shoplifting statute02/11/05
HB 2218Creating a three person rate review board within the public service commission02/11/05
HB 2220Prohibiting sale at full retail price of any damaged container or canned goods02/11/05
HB 2221Removing the maximum aggregate penalties limit in regard to violations of the unfair trade practices act02/11/05
HB 2223Requiring mine operators to provide notice of hazardous chemical substances and lead exposure to its employees02/11/05
HB 2225Expanding the comprehensiveness of the section concerning what causes civil rights violations for purposes of criminal responsibility02/11/05
HB 2226Removing the confidentiality privilege in communications to clergy when the communication involves sexual abuse of a minor child, unless the communication was made as a recognized, privileged confession02/11/05
HB 2235Increasing salaries for magistrate clerks, magistrate assistants and magistrate deputy clerks02/11/05
HB 2236Relating to the compensation paid to temporary senior magistrates02/11/05
HB 2238Providing a criminal penalty for transmitting bulk electronic mail messages which are unsolicited02/11/05
HB 2239Creating a presumption of compensability for cardiovascular injury or disease of firefighters02/11/05
HB 2241Providing telephone subscribers with a highly effective means of preventing the receipt of telemarketing phone solicitations02/11/05
HB 2245Altering the criminal penalties for driving while license is suspended or revoked02/11/05
HB 2246Securing the right of blind and visually impaired people to vote under the same conditions of privacy and independence as sighted people02/11/05
HB 2249Increasing the penalty for the unauthorized practice of medicine and surgery or as a physician assistant02/11/05
HB 2250Relating to the titling and ownership of property for area vocational education programs02/11/05
HB 2251Reducing the burdens of jury service and increasing participation in the jury system02/11/05
HB 2252Requiring the use of helmets by skateboarders02/11/05
HB 2254Prohibiting the elected or appointed public officials from using their names or likenesses under certain specific circumstances02/11/05
HB 2258Uniform Arbitration Act02/11/05
HB 2261Increasing the penalties for attempted crimes02/11/05
HB 2262Extending the filing deadline for homestead property tax exemption02/11/05
HB 2263Requiring persons who have judgments against them and their wages to notify the court of any change of job status or employer02/11/05
HB 2268Requiring county commission of the county in which an indigent individual resides to pay the expenses of a commitment hearing02/11/05
HB 2269Penalty for failing to make a reasonable, good-faith attempt to return a minor child in a timely manner at the expiration of lawful custody or visitation02/11/05
HB 2270Exempting individual retirement accounts, pension and profit-sharing plans from executions02/11/05
HB 2274Requiring that a criminal defendant's right to a jury trial in misdemeanor cases is forever waived unless requested within twenty days of initial appearance02/11/05
HB 2276Providing that surplus revenues remaining in the general revenue fund after such revenues have been set aside for the revenue shortfall reserve fund shall be used to reduce personal and corporate income tax rates02/11/05
HB 2277Providing that actions in which the state is a party be brought in the county which is affected or related to the controversy02/11/05
HB 2278Providing for the Public Employment Relations Act02/11/05
HB 2279Uniform Premarital Agreement Act02/11/05
HB 2283Restricting increased assessments on real property to no more than five percent in any one year02/11/05
HB 2290Providing jury trials in certain administrative proceedings involving contested cases02/14/05
HB 2292Adding a magistrate in Wood County02/14/05
HB 2295Providing for a process in which to enlist binding arbitration in state employee grievance procedures02/14/05
HB 2302Providing for law-enforcement officers to seek a warrant to draw blood from a person arrested for DUI when the person refuses to submit to a secondary chemical test02/14/05
HB 2303Authorizing the alcohol beverage control commissioner to license businesses offering exotic entertainment to prevent harmful secondary effects associated with such businesses02/14/05
HB 2304Adding a fifty-ninth delegate district consisting of portions of Mason and Putnam counties02/14/05
HB 2308Requiring applicants for an extension of a mining permit to provide a copy of the permit application to a representative of the miners at the mine02/14/05
HB 2312Requiring grab bars to be installed in all hotel and motel tubs and showers02/14/05
HB 2316Making it unlawful to offer for sale or sell products created wholly or in part by county or regional jail inmates02/14/05
HB 2317Making larceny of municipal or voluntary fire department equipment a felony02/14/05
HB 2325Establishing the West Virginia Protection of Air Quality Related Values Act02/14/05
HB 2327Including boat retailers in the special method for appraising dealer vehicle inventory02/14/05
HB 2330West Virginia Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Control Act02/14/05
HB 2335Establish safety standards for bed and breakfast establishments02/14/05
HB 2337Increasing the distance that a beer licensee must be located from a school or church02/15/05
HB 2338Prohibiting termination or refusal of reinstatement of electric or gas service during certain months02/15/05
HB 2339Extending unemployment compensation benefits when special circumstances exist02/15/05
HB 2340Making the offense of failure to wear safety belts a primary offense02/15/05
HB 2341Prohibiting law-enforcement surveillance of individuals or groups participating in constitutionally protected activities02/15/05
HB 2342Creating a misdemeanor offense to abandon a motor vehicle which is unlicensed or inoperable, or both, upon any private property02/15/05
HB 2343Providing that candidates for statewide political office belonging to the party with the most registered voters in the state be placed in a preeminent position on the election ballot02/15/05
HB 2344Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project for a living elected official by any governmental entity in this state02/15/05
HB 2345Allowing bail bondsmen to deliver offenders to county and regional jails without bailpiece, setting requirements and penalties02/15/05
HB 2346Including publicly and privately owned water utilities in the one-call system02/15/05
HB 2347Establishing a pilot project designed to improve the voluntary commitment process02/15/05
HB 2357Providing person not guilty of trespassing for hunting with dogs on lands of another 03/03/05
HB 2366Authorizing the commissioner of department of highways to set certain speed limits02/24/05
HB 2379Requiring property owners to keep property adjacent to intersections clear of obstacles for line of sight of operators of motor vehicles02/24/05
HB 2416Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death02/16/05
HB 2418Requiring persons appointed to any state board or commission or employed in state government to disclose political contributions for a seven-year period prior to the appointment or employment02/16/05
HB 2419Restricting public access to concealed weapons permit records02/16/05
HB 2420Retitling the "Clerk of the Circuit Court" as the "Clerk of the Courts"02/16/05
HB 2421Regulating sexually oriented businesses to promote the morals and general welfare of the citizens of the state02/16/05
HB 2422Providing a separate offense when a person causes death or serious bodily injury to an unborn child while attempting to cause death or serious bodily injury to the mother02/16/05
HB 2423Increasing the compensation of family court judges02/16/05
HB 2424Prohibiting persons from impersonating a public official by copying or imitating the markings of a public agency or official on a motor vehicle02/16/05
HB 2425Providing a statutory good faith exception to the exclusionary rule when evidence has been obtained during an execution of a search warrant, arrest warrant or capias02/16/05
HB 2427Providing for the election of public service commissioners02/16/05
HB 2430Removing the provision of the code that prohibits primary enforcement by police action of the legal requirement to wear a seatbelt02/16/05
HB 2431Establishing the offense of setting fires in a public right of way as arson in the fifth degree02/16/05
HB 2432Relating to the misrepresentation of age and use of false identification to purchase alcoholic liquor, beer or tobacco products02/16/05
HB 2433Allowing candidates for countywide office the option of filing with the county clerk or the secretary of state02/16/05
HB 2434Requiring the secretary of the department of environmental protection to adopt the federal regulations governing surface coal mining activities02/16/05
HB 2435Creating the "West Virginia Joint Coal Owners Trust and Conservation Act"02/16/05
HB 2436Defining "felony offense" to include a plea of guilty to a misdemeanor as the result of bargaining down from a felony charge02/16/05
HB 2438Requiring preliminary breath analysis for the purpose of determining the blood alcohol content of a surviving driver02/16/05
HB 2439Clarifying that the public service commission may permit rates to become effective prior to the end of a suspension period02/16/05
HB 2440Authorizing home incarceration supervisors to arrest persons who obstruct them in the performance of their duties02/16/05
HB 2441Increasing the fines for trespass to structures, conveyances and all other tangible properties02/16/05
HB 2442Including sexual orientation and disability as a bias-based crime civil rights violation for purposes of criminal responsibility02/16/05
HB 2443Relating to the request for an applicant's e-mail address on application for voter registration02/16/05
HB 2445Relating generally to the comprehensive reform of the state's tax laws02/16/05
HB 2448Relating to criminal offenses involving the theft of mail matter02/16/05
HB 2452Relating to county commission approval for certain municipal annexation03/03/05
HB 2467Eliminating the set-off against unemployment compensation benefits for persons receiving social security benefits02/17/05
HB 2468Requiring a public hearing and county commission approval prior to the issuance of an initial or transfer license for a private club02/17/05
HB 2470Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the human rights act02/17/05
HB 2472Relating to "good time" for inmates of correctional institutions 02/17/05
HB 2473limiting the eligibility of parole if the person has violated the terms and conditions of probation or home incarceration02/17/05
HB 2474Preventing the recordation of fraudulent deeds and notification by the clerk of the county commission02/17/05
HB 2479Simplifying the reciprocity process between states regarding concealed handgun permits02/17/05
HB 2480Prohibiting account wagering and electronic betting02/17/05
HB 2481Encouraging state and local government entities to display the national motto, "In God We Trust"02/17/05
HB 2485Relating to regulating elections02/17/05
HB 2486Creating a system for public funding of election campaigns 02/24/05
HB 2488Providing that accident report forms are conclusive as to the issue of the accident's cause, unless a court rules otherwise02/18/05
HB 2489Limiting third party actions in unfair trade practices suits against insurers, their employees, representatives and agents02/18/05
HB 2490Modifying the method of establishing reciprocity between states regarding handgun permits02/18/05
HB 2491Relating to the grievance procedure for state employees02/18/05
HB 2493Requiring that of the two judges allotted for the twenty-fifth circuit, one must be a resident of Boone County and one a resident of Lincoln County02/18/05
HB 2494Relating to prohibiting deputy sheriffs from engaging in political activities02/18/05
HB 2502Providing representation on the Commission on State Water Resources from various hydrological regions of the state 02/18/05
HB 2504Requiring promulgation of emergency and legislative rules to encourage the beneficial use of water treatment plant sludge02/18/05
HB 2519Providing intent to commit "a crime" as an element of the offense of breaking and entering in place of "commit a felony or any larceny"02/21/05
HB 2521Increasing by one the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks and designating an additional deputy clerk for Braxton County02/21/05
HB 2524Creating the criminal offense of harassment of a participant of a neighborhood crime watch 02/21/05
HB 2526Providing that medical monitoring may not be awarded against participants in the tobacco master settlement agreement02/21/05
HB 2542Providing a process for public funding of elections for the governor, attorney general, auditor, commissioner of agriculture, secretary of state, treasurer and members of the Legislature02/21/05
HB 2545Waiving the requirement that a training course in handling and firing handguns must be completed prior to the issuance of a concealed weapons permit for veterans who served during a period of armed conflict02/21/05
HB 2547Changing the amount a person can earn while receiving unemployment benefits02/21/05
HB 2551Prohibiting out-of-state lenders from making loans over the internet or by other means unless they are licensed in West Virginia03/24/05
HB 2552Enacting the Uniform Trust Code02/21/05
HB 2558Relating to the limitation of the number and location of video lottery terminals02/21/05
HB 2566Adding a magistrate to those serving Putnam County02/21/05
HB 2567Providing for the continuation of misdemeanor prosecutions in cases where a defendant is charged by complaint with felonies and misdemeanors02/21/05
HB 2569Revocation of driving privileges of nonresidents who issue a worthless check in this state and fail to appear to a summons for the same02/21/05
HB 2573Prohibiting utilities from utilizing minimum billing of customers and to bill customers based on actual usage only02/21/05
HB 2574Authorizing issuance of warrants to extract blood analysis of persons charged with driving under the influence02/21/05
HB 2576Providing that members and staff of the Legislature shall automatically receive one-fourth of the required continuing legal education for each regular session worked or served02/21/05
HB 2577Setting forth certain standards for petit juror service02/21/05
HB 2579Reimbursement for costs of first five days of incarceration02/21/05
HB 2582Making it a felony offense for stealing lottery tickets02/21/05
HB 2585Relating to water treatment plant sludge generally02/21/05
HB 2590Establishing the "Clean Elections Act"02/22/05
HB 2594Requiring mandatory blood tests from drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents that result in death or bodily injury if suspected of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both02/23/05
HB 2595Relating to increasing salaries for magistrate clerks, magistrate assistants and magistrate deputy clerks02/23/05
HB 2596Providing for a death penalty and procedures and standards applicable thereto02/23/05
HB 2597Increasing the accrual rate of vacation time for deputy sheriffs with twenty and twenty-five years of service02/23/05
HB 2598Creating the misdemeanor crime of stalking correctional officers by former inmates02/23/05
HB 2615Allowing the use of clearly visible painted markings to designate or post land on which trespassing is prohibited03/28/05
HB 2629Creating the crime of possession of burglarious tools02/24/05
HB 2630Relating to National Animal Identification System03/04/05
HB 2631Requiring registered sex offenders to be issued special driver's licenses that identifies the person as a registered sex offender03/25/05
HB 2632Relating to the filing of insurance rates and forms03/03/05
HB 2641Nonpartisan election of justices of the supreme court of appeals02/24/05
HB 2642Relating to imposition of an annual fee of ten thousand dollars on each video lottery machine at a dog or horse racetrack02/24/05
HB 2643Repealing a section of the code relating to requirements as to franchise agreements between brewers and distributors02/24/05
HB 2655Providing for the emancipation of minors who enlist in the armed forces and who have completed the attendant course of basic training02/24/05
HB 2657Requiring that parents whose parental rights are terminated continue to be responsible for support of the child until the child is adopted, reaches age of majority or is otherwise emancipated02/24/05
HB 2662Relating to granting campus police officers law enforcement powers at private institutions of higher education in this state03/28/05
HB 2668 Administration, Department of, State Owned Vehicles03/15/05
HB 2670Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, Retail Liquor Operation02/28/05
HB 2671Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, Private Club Licensing02/28/05
HB 2672Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, Bailment Policies and Procedures02/28/05
HB 2673Consolidated Public Retirement Board, West Virginia State Police Disability Determination and Appeal03/15/05
HB 2674Environmental Protection, Department of, Division of Air Quality, Permits for Construction and Major Modification or Major Stationary Sources of Air Pollution for the Prevention of Significant Deterioration03/25/05
HB 2675Environmental Protection, Department of, Division of Air Quality, Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants03/25/05
HB 2676Environmental Protection, Department of, Division of Air Quality, Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources03/25/05
HB 2677Environmental Protection, Department of, Division of Air Quality, Permits for Construction and Major Modification or Major Stationary Sources of Air Pollution which cause or contribute to nonattainment03/25/05
HB 2678Environmental Protection, Department of, Division of Air Quality, To Prevent and Control Air Pollution from Hazardous Waste Treatment03/25/05
HB 2679Environmental Protection, Department of, Division of Air Quality, Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants03/25/05
HB 2680Environmental Protection, Department of, Office of Mining and Reclamation, Surface Mining Reclamation Rule03/25/05
HB 2681Environmental Protection, Department of, Office of Waste Management03/25/05
HB 2682Fire Marshall, State, Fees for Licenses, Permits, Inspections, Plans Review and Other Services03/15/05
HB 2683Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction Protocol for Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence03/25/05
HB 2684Highways, Division of, Traffic and Safety03/03/05
HB 2685Highways, Division of, Transportation of Hazardous Wastes Upon the Roads and Highways03/03/05
HB 2686Insurance Commissioner, Cancellation and Nonrenewal of Automobile Liability Policies03/11/05
HB 2687Insurance Commissioner, Examiners and Examinations03/11/05
HB 2688Insurance Commissioner, Surplus Lines Insurance03/11/05
HB 2689Insurance Commissioner, Continuing Education for Individual Insurance Producers03/11/05
HB 2690Insurance Commissioner, Valuation of Life Insurance Policies03/11/05
HB 2691Insurance Commissioner, Recognition of the 2001, CSO Mortality Table for Use in Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities and Nonforfeiture Benefits03/11/05
HB 2692Labor, Division of, West Virginia Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Board03/28/05
HB 2693Licensed Practical Nurses, Board of Examiners for, Fees for Services Rendered by the Board03/25/05
HB 2695Motor Vehicles, Division of, Administrative Due Process02/28/05
HB 2696Motor Vehicles, Division of, Examination and Issuance of Driver's License02/28/05
HB 2697Natural Resources, Division of, Commercial Whitewater Outfitters03/28/05
HB 2698Natural Resources, Division of, Wildlife Resources Section, Commercial Sale of Wildlife03/28/05
HB 2699Secretary of State, Agencies Designated to Provide Voter Registration Services03/25/05
HB 2700State Police, West Virginia, WVSP Career Progression System03/15/05
HB 2701State Police, West Virginia, Carrying of Handguns by Retired or Medically Discharged Members02/28/05
HB 2702Acupuncture, Board of, Rule for Dispensing of Materia Medica, Formulary and Legend Drugs03/25/05
HB 2703Administration, West Virginia Department of, Leasing Space on Behalf of State Spending Units03/15/05
HB 2704Agriculture, West Virginia Department of, Animal Disease Control03/25/05
HB 2705Agriculture, West Virginia Department of, Commercial Feed03/25/05
HB 2706Chiropractic Examiners, Board of, Regulations of Chiropractic Practice03/25/05
HB 2707Consolidated Public Retirement Board, General Provisions03/15/05
HB 2708Consolidated Public Retirement Board, Benefit Determination and Appeal03/15/05
HB 2709Consolidated Public Retirement Board, Teachers' Defined Contribution System03/15/05
HB 2710Consolidated Public Retirement Board, Teachers' Defined Benefit Plan03/15/05
HB 2711Consolidated Public Retirement Board, Public Employees Retirement System03/15/05
HB 2712Consolidated Public Retirement Board, Deputy Sheriff Retirement System03/15/05
HB 2713Contractors Licensing Board, West Virginia Contractor Licensing Act03/25/05
HB 2714Correction, Division of, Parole Supervision02/28/05
HB 2715Dental Examiners, Board of, Rule for West Virginia Board of dental Examiners03/25/05
HB 2716Dental Examiners, Board of, Formation and Approval of Professional Limited Liability Companies03/25/05
HB 2717Dental Examiners, Board of, Formation and Approval of Dental Corporations03/25/05
HB 2719Employment Programs, Bureau of, Rule Prohibiting Agencies from Granting, Issuing, or Renewing Contracts, Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Other Authority to Conduct a Trade, Profession or Business03/28/05
HB 2720Environmental Protection, Department of, Office of Explosives and Blasting03/25/05
HB 2721Environmental Protection, Department of, Office of Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management Rule03/25/05
HB 2722Environmental Protection, Department of, Office of Water Resources03/25/05
HB 2724Ethics Commission, West Virginia, Code of Conduct of Administrative Law Judges02/28/05
HB 2725Family Protection Service Board, Perpetrator Intervention Programs Licensure for Correctional Institutions03/25/05
HB 2726Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction03/25/05
HB 2727Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreational Authority, Rules for Use of Facilities03/25/05
HB 2729Health and Human Resources, Department of, Methods and Standards for Chemical Test for Intoxication03/03/05
HB 2730Health and Human Resources, Department of, Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk03/03/05
HB 2731Health and Human Resources, Department of and Insurance Commissioner, Uniform Credentialing of Health Care Practitioners03/10/05
HB 2732Health and Human Resources, Department of, Implementation of Omnibus Health Care Act03/10/05
HB 2733Health and Human Resources, Department of, Implementation of Omnibus Health Care Act Payment Provisions03/10/05
HB 2734Health Care Authority, Benchmarking and Discount Contract Rule03/10/05
HB 2735Highways, Division of, Use of State Roads Rights of Way03/15/05
HB 2736Information Service and Communications, Telecommunications Payments by Spending Units03/25/05
HB 2737Insurance Commissioner, Insurance Fraud Prevention03/11/05
HB 2738Insurance Commissioner, Small Employer Eligibility Requirements03/11/05
HB 2739Labor, West Virginia, Division of, Elevator Safety Act03/28/05
HB 2740Labor, West Virginia Division of, Weights and Measures Calibration Fees03/28/05
HB 2741Land Surveyors, West Virginia State Board of Examiners of, Rule Minimum Standards for Practice of Land Surveying 03/25/05
HB 2742Natural Resources, Division of, Revocation of Hunting and Fishing Licenses03/28/05
HB 2743Personnel, West Virginia Division of, Administrative Rule03/17/05
HB 2744Personnel, West Virginia, Division of, Pre-Employment Reference and Inquires Rule03/17/05
HB 2745Public Service Commission, Rules for Statewide Information and Referral 211 Service03/25/05
HB 2746Racing Commission, West Virginia, Thoroughbred Racing03/15/05
HB 2747Radiologic Technology, West Virginia Board of Examiners03/25/05
HB 2748Registered Professional Nurses, Board of Examiners for, Fees for Services Rendered by the Board03/25/05
HB 2749Risk and Insurance Management, Board of, Public Entities Insurance Program03/17/05
HB 2750Risk and Insurance Management, Board of, Patient Injury Compensation Fund03/17/05
HB 2751Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Board of Examiners for03/25/05
HB 2752State Police, West Virginia, WVSP Grievance Procedure02/28/05
HB 2753State Police, West Virginia, WVSP, Professional Standards Investigations 02/28/05
HB 2754State Tax Department, Valuation of Active and Reserve Coal Property for Ad Valorem Property Tax Purposes03/15/05
HB 2755State Tax Department, Valuation of Producing and Reserve Oil and Gas for Ad Valorem Property Tax Purposes03/15/05
HB 2756State Tax Department, Consumer Sales and Service and Use Tax03/15/05
HB 2757Treasurer's Office, Procedures for Fees in Collections03/25/05
HB 2758Veterans Affairs, West Virginia, Division of, VA Headstones or Markers03/24/05
HB 2759Veterinary Medicine, Board of, Organization and Operation03/25/05
HB 2760Veterinary Medicine, Board of, Certified Animal Euthanasia Technicians03/25/05
HB 2761Veterinary Medicine, Board of, Schedule of Fees03/25/05
HB 2769Homestead exemption from debts caused by catastrophic illness03/01/05
HB 2770Relating to enhancement of penalties for crimes against the elderly03/01/05
HB 2772Requiring commercial entities who maintain databases notify consumer in writing when personal data has been compromised03/01/05
HB 2773Providing that the applicable statue of limitations is tolled as to all potential third-party defendants after an initial tortfeasor is sued03/01/05
HB 2774Creating one or more pilot programs establishing a court referral officer program for certain offenses related to driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs03/01/05
HB 2776Providing for the staggered election of justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals on a nonpartisan basis beginning with the general election held in 200803/01/05
HB 2778Relating to mandatory sentencing for any person who maliciously shoots a police officer on duty or unlawfully, but not maliciously, shoots a police officer on duty03/01/05
HB 2779Clarifying when audits are required of state funds or grants03/01/05
HB 2790Relating to liability of physicians who render services to youth camps and programs03/01/05
HB 2791Providing for use of blaze orange paint markers and providing a penalty for illegal posting of the land of another person03/01/05
HB 2792Providing for the redistricting office of the joint committee on government and finance to propose redistricting plans during census years03/01/05
HB 2798Relating to establishing the crime of purchasing scrap railroad steel without making a record of such purchase03/01/05
HB 2810Relating to disclosure requirements for political campaign advertisements03/01/05
HB 2817Relating to enacting the Elder and Mental Retardation Offense Registration Act03/01/05
HB 2818Relating to requiring lien holders to notify the sheriff's office via written instrument and to record a release in the county clerk's office within sixty days after the lien has been satisfied03/01/05
HB 2824Providing judicial guidelines for the apportionment of damages in causes of action involving the tortious conduct of more than one defendant03/02/05
HB 2829Relating to the regulation of advertising by dentists03/02/05
HB 2835Providing that a judgement debtor may not assert anew the thousand dollar exemption for wages in two consecutive pay periods03/02/05
HB 2840Ensuring that medical workers have the right to refuse to participate in any abortion-related activity without fear of disciplinary action or dismissal03/02/05
HB 2845Establishing the West Virginia Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act03/02/05
HB 2848Authorizing table games at licensed racetracks03/03/05
HB 2856Prohibiting cloning of human beings and embryos 03/03/05
HB 2859Relating to overtime and holiday pay for classified employees03/03/05
HB 2860Relating to direct appeals to the West Virginia Office of Tax Appeals 03/03/05
HB 2861Removing the authority of the Public Service Commission to regulate a common or contract carrier by motor vehicle of property and of passengers by taxicab for hire03/03/05
HB 2862Relating to allowing counties to tax cats in the same manner as dogs03/03/05
HB 2870Relating to universal design, providing immunity from civil damages03/04/05
HB 2871Relating to definitions under the Medical Professional Liability Act03/04/05
HB 2875Providing penalties for negligently or carelessly wounding or killing a person while hunting under the influence of alcohol or drugs03/17/05
HB 2881Relating to providing for liens upon proceeds or awards of a child support obligor from Workers' Compensation awards03/04/05
HB 2884Relating to gradually exempting from taxation personal property which is employed exclusively in agriculture03/04/05
HB 2886Relating to cure offers and requiring notice of violation prior to initiation of law suits 03/04/05
HB 2887Creating a felony offense for making, issuing or using counterfeit auto inspection stickers03/24/05
HB 2899Relating to allowing counties with contiguous borders with other states where the closing time for bars is earlier set a closing time at an hour no later than that of the contiguous state03/07/05
HB 2900Minimizing the likelihood that a reader might be induced to believe that he or she had more time than actually existed to perfect a lien upon subject property03/07/05
HB 2901Increasing the state's share of gross profits from video lottery terminals03/07/05
HB 2907Imposing additional costs on defendants convicted of offenses involving driving a motor vehicle or operating a motorized vessel while under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs03/07/05
HB 2918Expanding the funeral expense payment benefit to include all probation officers killed in the line of duty03/07/05
HB 2925Changing the way that the cost of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected03/07/05
HB 2926Providing that all persons have the right to be free from violence03/07/05
HB 2931Providing for any review of the State Tax Commissioner's ruling on a question of classification or taxability (not valuation) of real property for ad valorem tax purposes to be by the Office of Tax Appeals03/08/05
HB 2932Providing for binding arbitration and optional mediation for state employees, employees for boards of education and county board of health03/28/05
HB 2933Authorizing the use of ballot-marking accessible voting systems while setting forth minimum requirements for these systems03/08/05
HB 2934Creating new felony offenses of malicious wounding with the use of a firearm and unlawful wounding with the use of a firearm of a law enforcement officer and providing for mandatory jail sentences03/08/05
HB 2935Requiring cross-reporting among child protective service workers, adult protective service workers, law enforcement and humane officers of suspected child abuse or neglect, abuse or neglect of elderly adults, or animal cruelty03/08/05
HB 2946Requiring the use of child safety booster seats for children under eight years of age, unless the child is at least four feet nine inches tall or taller03/09/05
HB 2947Requiring payments for delinquent real estate taxes submitted fourteen days prior to the date of the sheriff's sale, be made by cashiers check, money order, certified check or United States currency 03/09/05
HB 2948Repealing the Racial Profiling Data Collection Act03/09/05
HB 2949Providing for the installation of land-based telephone service along portions of the West Virginia Turnpike where no cellular telephone service exists03/09/05
HB 2961Providing for numbered divisions for the nomination and election of magistrates in counties that have two or more magistrates, beginning in the year 200803/10/05
HB 2964Prohibiting salvage yards from storing any salvage within two hundred yards of a stream03/10/05
HB 2965Limiting liability for remediation costs for certain owners not responsible for the accumulation of waste tires on the property03/10/05
HB 2977Relating to authorizing school level implementation of student uniform policies03/18/05
HB 2993Relating to establishing a lottery scratch-off game for the benefit of West Virginia firefighters03/11/05
HB 3003General revisions to the unclaimed property statutes03/11/05
HB 3008Increasing the maximum allowance charged for self-service storage late fees, shortening the time for default, and adding sale of personal property by private auction as well as public auction03/14/05
HB 3009Requiring circuit judges to require repayment of the costs of legal representation provided by the public defender system under certain circumstances03/14/05
HB 3011Defining "the deceased" for purposes of prescribing that a deceased victim includes unborn children under first and second degree murder03/14/05
HB 3025Providing that County and Regional Solid Waste Authorities may designate certain common carriers of recyclable materials to be exempt from certificate of convenience requirements03/15/05
HB 3026Providing that County and Regional Solid Waste Authorities may designate certain common carriers of solid waste to be exempt from certificate of convenience03/15/05
HB 3028Prohibiting the performance of any abortion by any person who has admitted to or who has been adjudicated to have committed medical malpractice03/15/05
HB 3035Establishing a time frame for maintaining campaign records and receipts03/15/05
HB 3036Providing for certain judicial standards and procedures for personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of asbestos or silica exposure03/15/05
HB 3037Providing for judicial procedures for suspension and revocation of licenses for driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs03/15/05
HB 3038Increasing the salaries of magistrates, magistrate clerks, magistrate assistants and deputy magistrate clerks, Supreme Court Justices, circuit court judges and family court judges03/15/05
HB 3047Expanding the statute governing manufacturing, compounding, producing, processing or preparing methamphetamine and providing penalties03/28/05
HB 3058The Critical Access Hospital Designation Act03/24/05
HB 3064Providing that attendance of college by a noncustodial parent may not be used as grounds to modify a child support order03/16/05
HB 3065Establishing an instant lottery game with the proceeds to be paid to the Deputy Sheriffs' Retirement System Pension Fund03/16/05
HB 3066Increasing the penalties for discarding trash on land and in streams03/16/05
HB 3067Removing certain language requiring canvassers to notify signers that they are prohibited from voting in a primary election and requiring clerk of the county commission to assist in checking the validity of nominating petitions03/28/05
HB 3070Providing that identity theft is a felony if a person commits the crime with the intent to commit any other crime03/16/05
HB 3073Making certain technical changes clarifying access to maintenance and examination of sealed post-election materials and equipment during the canvass and requiring the immediate resealing03/16/05
HB 3074Relating to the installation of obstructions or structures in perennial watercourses without a permit issued by the public land corporation 03/16/05
HB 3081Making it a crime for a person to fail to appear in court on a criminal matter when under a mandate to do so and providing a penalty for violation03/17/05
HB 3082Creating the criminal offenses of scalping tickets to sporting and other public events and scalping package transactions for services or commodities03/17/05
HB 3083Relating to including fortified beer within the definition of nonintoxicating beer03/17/05
HB 3084Relating to the creation, funding and implementation of the "Part-Time Bailiff Program"03/17/05
HB 3088Requiring that factory-built housing not be discriminated against in local ordinances03/28/05
HB 3090Relating to motor vehicle registration of all-terrain vehicles used off private property03/17/05
HB 3095Updating the definitions in article 1 of the UCC to comply with the changes made to other articles in the UCC03/18/05
HB 3096Making changes to Article 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) on warehouse receipts, bills of lading, and other documents of title03/18/05
HB 3097Relating to criminal offenses involving the sale of yo-yo waterball toys03/18/05
HB 3109Allowing a nonresident, licensed to carry concealed weapons in another state, to carry a concealed weapon in this state without a reciprocal agreement between the nonresident's state and this state03/21/05
HB 3110Recognizing and authorizing the use of an electronic postmark as part of digital signatures and electronic commerce03/28/05
HB 3111Relating to expanding the definition of animal cruelty, instituting stronger penalties for animal cruelty, and providing an early intervention program 03/21/05
HB 3112Requiring that wine distributorships be divided into territories 03/21/05
HB 3113Reducing from four years to one year the time that an action may be brought for a violation of the Consumer Protection Act involving consumer credit sales or consumer loans03/21/05
HB 3122Providing that the Director of Natural Resources, designated county issuers and agents shall provide a voter registration application form as an integral and simultaneous part of every process for a hunting or fishing license03/22/05
HB 3123Prohibiting employees of higher education from assisting students in securing abortions03/22/05
HB 3136Providing that judgment awards in tort actions be reduced by the amount of certain collateral source benefits received by the claimant or to which the claimant is entitled03/22/05
HB 3137Relating to retaliating against a witness03/22/05
HB 3142Requiring physicians who perform abortions to report to the Division of Health whether the male who impregnated the minor female receiving the abortion was eighteen years or older at the time of the impregnation03/22/05
HB 3143Clarifying the criteria for an employee to sustain a lawsuit for intentional injury03/22/05
HB 3144Relating to the "Human Cloning Prohibition Act"03/22/05
HB 3166Allowing a fire chief to have a designee serve on an enforcement agency relative to the enforcement of county-adopted ordinances 03/24/05
HB 3172Repealing the section which authorized annexation by minor boundary adjustment03/23/05
HB 3173Increasing the penalties for child abuse03/23/05
HB 3175Modifying rules regulating greyhound racing in this state whether live or simulcast, the conducting of pari-mutuel wagering, and breeding of greyhounds for racing03/23/05
HB 3176Clarifying the exemption for property used by not for profit, tax exempt communities from property taxes03/23/05
HB 3177Requiring that employers perform criminal history background checks for employees involved in the installation of home security systems03/28/05
HB 3179Establishing the offense of careless driving03/23/05
HB 3180Requiring newspapers to obtain an affidavit from the next of kin before publishing an obituary or death notice03/23/05
HB 3184Including education related child care expenses in the child support calculation, and eliminating the 25% reduction to the child support adjustment03/28/05
HB 3185Changing the definition of "substantial change in circumstances" for the purposes of a modification of child support from a 15% change to either a 15% or seventy-five dollar change, whichever is less03/28/05
HB 3192Limiting the racial profiling data collected by law-enforcement officers to five questions03/24/05
HB 3198Repealing the section relating to preparation and distribution of digest of budget bill by Legislature03/24/05
HB 3199Increasing the civil penalties that may be imposed by the Public Service Commission for pipeline safety violations03/24/05
HB 3201Relating to the compensation of secretary-clerks to family court judges03/24/05
HB 3205Requiring employees of licensed private clubs and retail outlets selling alcoholic beverages to take the Techniques for Education and Alcoholic Management (TEAM) course03/24/05
HB 3207Removing the limitation on the amount of parental liability for acts of vandalism by minors and to set minimum fines and sentences for crimes of destruction of property03/24/05
HB 3218Relating to immunities and limitations extended in association with the provision of emergency services03/28/05
HB 3220Clarifying the requirements for the cancellation of titles to mobile or manufactured homes affixed the real property of the owner of the home03/24/05
HB 3221Eliminating the probate of uncontested small estates and simplifying certain procedures related to the administration of estates03/24/05
HB 3224Authorizing the use of blue reflective markers to designate the locations of fire hydrants03/24/05
HB 3245Requiring the Division of Highways to remediate any waste tire pile in the state consisting of more than twenty-five tires03/25/05
HB 3246Adding language regarding spyware to the West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act03/25/05
HB 3247Relating to increasing the penalty for the felony offense of driving under the influence causing death03/25/05
HB 3248Creating criminal penalties for a railroad company or employee who denies, delays or interferes with medical treatment to a railroad employee injured on the job03/25/05
HB 3249Providing the Secretary of State the authority to publish the names of any candidate, financial agent or treasurer of a political party committee who fails to file campaign finance reports in a timely manner03/25/05
HB 3250Deleting certain language involving controlled substances by excluding compounding by an individual for his or her own use from the definition of "manufacture"03/25/05
HB 3251Requiring judgement debtors to report to the court wherein final judgement was rendered against them changes in employment03/25/05
HB 3252Providing for civil liability of a person falsely accusing another of child abuse and establishing the criminal offense of falsely reporting child abuse03/25/05
HB 3253Relating to liability of persons voluntarily rendering aid to another in peril03/25/05
HB 3254Relating to designating English as the official state language03/25/05
HB 3255Prohibiting solid waste authorities from duplicating or competing with private recycling businesses03/25/05
HB 3256Correcting definitions applicable to the assessment of real property and to homestead property tax exemption03/28/05
HB 3257Clarifying that the 60 day time limit for filing an appeal with the Office of Tax Appeals does not apply when other provisions of the West Virginia Code set forth different times03/28/05
HB 3259Requiring the Tax Commissioner's consent in order for a case to be conducted as a small claims hearing 03/28/05
HB 3260Prohibiting an employee from recovering for an injury that was self-inflicted and establishing the Asbestos and Silica Compensation Fairness Act of 200503/25/05
HB 3284Relating to requiring that persons accused of committing battery submit to a test for infectious diseases and that the accused person pay for such test03/25/05
HB 3287Increasing the salaries of Supreme Court Justices, circuit court judges, family court judges and magistrates03/25/05
HB 3288Providing that members of a county planning commission are elected on a nonpartisan basis03/25/05
HB 3292Amending certain provisions of the code involving horse and dog racing03/25/05
HB 3295Increasing certain fees charged to collect delinquent taxes03/25/05
HB 3296Limiting the time in which a purchaser of erroneously assessed or nonexistent real estate at a sheriff's tax sale may claim a refund03/25/05
HB 3297Making it a misdemeanor to fail to provide a woman with information regarding all available reproductive alternatives03/25/05
HB 3298Requiring faith-based, abstinence-only and antichoice facilities to have written policies and procedures03/25/05
HB 3300Requiring any faith-based facility that counsels women regarding contraception, abortion or pregnancy to maintain a quality assurance program03/25/05
HB 3302Requiring the Public Service Commission's consumer advocate's office to review all rate cases filed by public and private utilities03/25/05
HB 3304Reducing the term of Public Service Commission members from six to three years03/25/05
HB 3305Regulating telemarketing for quasi-state agencies03/25/05
HB 3310Transferring the enforcement powers from the state police to the county sheriff when a person fails to maintain liability insurance03/25/05
HB 3321Relating to the creation of the Judicial Compensation Commission03/25/05
HB 3324Providing that a Public Service District Commissioner may be removed forthwith and without cause upon the filing with the county commission, a petition containing a simple majority of a public service district's customer accounts 03/25/05
HB 3326Eliminating the exception to the prohibition against allowing passengers under eighteen years of age on All-terrain vehicles03/25/05
HB 3331Creating the crime of chemical battery03/25/05
HB 3336Restricting a registered sex offender from knowingly entering the proximity of a school or other facility for minors03/25/05
HB 3341Providing that male child molesters are subjected to a life sentence unless they choose to undergo an orchiectomy03/25/05
HB 3343Defining "fill material" in the Water Pollution Control Act03/25/05
HB 3344Prohibiting the Division of Natural Resources from approving or rejecting any certification issued under the provisions of 33 U. S. C. section 134403/25/05
HB 3346Reducing the period within which the tenancy of a factory-built home site may be terminated from three months to forty-five days03/25/05
HB 3348Providing that the arresting agency pays the cost incurred for initial twenty-four hours of incarceration for each inmate they arrest and incarcerate, and defining "arresting agency"03/25/05
HB 3352Relating to petition for adoption and modifying qualifications of person who may adopt03/25/05
HB 3353Increasing salaries for magistrates, magistrates clerks, magistrate assistants, deputy magistrate clerks, Supreme Court Justices, circuit court judges and family court judges03/25/05
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