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Bill Status - 2010 Regular Session

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There are 59 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 20Relating to surveying services' procurement01/13/10
SB 23Requiring equal number of members from each magisterial district on county planning commissions01/13/10
SB 25Increasing Adjutant General's salary01/13/10
SB 35Placing Science and Culture Center under General Services Division's authority01/13/10
SB 40Expanding counties covered by Route 2 and Interstate 68 Authority02/03/10
SB 59Requiring licensing for subsurface property rights leasing01/13/10
SB 73Expanding number of hours temporary state employee can work 01/13/10
SB 78Requiring background checks on real estate licensing applicants01/13/10
SB 108Dedicating portion of severance taxes for counties and municipalities01/13/10
SB 119Adding magistrate court deputy clerk in Braxton County01/13/10
SB 134Expanding municipal parking authority officers' ticketing powers 01/13/10
SB 144Dedicating portion of severance tax revenue to counties and municipalities01/13/10
SB 163Authorizing issuance of revenue bonds for public projects01/13/10
SB 199Requiring annual legislative audits of Parkways Authority01/13/10
SB 207Relating to parolee release plans01/13/10
SB 221Authorizing registration of vacant buildings by municipalities01/14/10
SB 226Revising Board of Examiners of Land Surveyors' qualification standards01/15/10
SB 245Authorizing Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists promulgate legislative rule relating to procedures, criteria and curricula for examinations and licensure of barbers, cosmetologists, manicurists and aestheticians03/11/10
SB 246Authorizing Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists promulgate legislative rule relating to standard of ethics03/11/10
SB 248Authorizing Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists promulgate legislative rule relating to hearing procedures03/11/10
SB 254Authorizing Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists promulgate legislative rule relating to disciplinary and complaint procedures03/11/10
SB 335Increasing number of Marshall County Park and Recreation Board members01/22/10
SB 358Removing Equal Pay Commission termination date01/27/10
SB 366Reducing required number of members for certain municipal commissions and zoning boards01/27/10
SB 374Limiting county commissions' mortgage recording tax01/28/10
SB 378Limiting municipal assessments lien01/28/10
SB 395Allowing counties' discretion on printed poll book use01/29/10
SB 448Authorizing Auditor enter agreement with U. S. Treasury Financial Management Service02/02/10
SB 452Increasing certain police departments maximum age for new hires02/03/10
SB 459Requiring Senate confirmation of certain board and commission appointees02/03/10
SB 470Requiring additional license for physicians dispensing hearing aids 02/04/10
SB 479Relating to Department of Administration, Real Estate Division02/04/10
SB 481Requiring Library Commission propose legislative rule regarding grants-in-aid distribution03/13/10
SB 491Creating Unintentional Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team03/13/10
SB 520Authorizing Finance Division ensure certain agencies comply with comprehensive annual financial report deadlines02/10/10
SB 544Requiring death certificate state cause of death in legible fashion02/11/10
SB 546Clarifying audit-supporting documentation confidentiality02/11/10
SB 551Abolishing Advisory Committee on Journalistic and Editorial Integrity02/12/10
SB 552Creating Office of Child Advocacy03/13/10
SB 561Creating gasoline distributers and dealers business and occupation tax calculation method02/12/10
SB 562Authorizing user fees for state's motor vehicle and aircraft fleet02/12/10
SB 563Relating to Public Records Management and Preservation Act02/12/10
SB 568Abolishing Distance Learning Coordinating Council02/12/10
SB 570Requiring public access to electronic system of certain public documents03/13/10
SB 571Requiring certain public document submission to state publications clearinghouse02/12/10
SB 620Providing licensed appraisers certain forms from county assessor's office02/19/10
SB 629Creating Equal Pay Coordinator within Governor's Office02/19/10
SB 672Revising Health Care Authority's powers and duties02/22/10
SB 673Raising sheriffs' salaries02/22/10
SB 687Authorizing county commission member act as nonvoting member of PSD board02/22/10
HB 2050Expanding the counties covered by West Virginia Route 2 and Interstate 68 Authority to include Cabell, Mason and Jackson counties; and increasing the number of members02/22/10
HB 4139Relating to professional licensing boards02/02/10
HB 4157Removing outdated sunset language02/18/10
HB 4179Removing the termination date of the Equal Pay Commission02/16/10
HB 4210Requiring the Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board to have a quorum of five members present at any public hearing02/18/10
HB 4217Requiring the West Virginia Enhanced 911 Council to propose Emergency Medical Dispatch procedures03/04/10
HB 4327Relating to the practice of beauty care02/25/10
HB 4455Changing the Martinsburg public library to the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library03/01/10
HB 4460Relating to granting licensed real estate appraisers access to commercial or residential review documents03/03/10
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