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Bill Status - 2011 Regular Session

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There are 59 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 8Redesignating Division of Veterans' Affairs Department of Veterans' Assistance01/12/11
SB 14Increasing retirement income exemption for certain state and federal retirees01/12/11
SB 16Reducing residency requirements for Purchasing Division's vendor preferences01/12/11
SB 17Creating Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs01/12/11
SB 19Providing certain firefighters personal income tax credit01/12/11
SB 23Establishing municipalities' method for B&O taxes on gasoline distributors and dealers01/12/11
SB 45Providing method of appraising certain affordable multifamily rental property for ad valorem property taxes01/12/11
SB 55Clarifying confidentiality of local government audit-supporting documentation01/12/11
SB 86Requiring equal numbers of members from each magisterial district on county planning commissions01/13/11
SB 90Establishing Equal Employment Opportunity Office within Office of Governor01/14/11
SB 91Allowing correctional industries directly purchase workers' compensation coverage for certain inmates01/14/11
SB 98Allowing certain organizations use electronic or mechanical devices to conduct raffles01/17/11
SB 101Creating Equal Pay Coordinator within Office of Governor01/17/11
SB 188Relating to WV Geographical Information System01/18/11
SB 198Requiring study of feasibility of consolidation of government services and enforcement of laws pertaining to motor carrier industry01/18/11
SB 199Establishing certain requirements for pawnbrokers01/19/11
SB 214Creating Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs01/19/11
SB 232Authorizing Boone County Commission transfer title and interests in Boone Memorial Hospital01/21/11
SB 262Making English official language of WV01/25/11
SB 271Relating generally to Environmental Protection Advisory Council 01/25/11
SB 284Changing date of canvassing of votes in primary election 01/26/11
SB 302Creating "Dutch's Law" honoring fallen law-enforcement canines and their law-enforcement handlers01/27/11
SB 305Authorizing county and municipal governments to levy tax on food and beverages01/27/11
SB 320Requiring certain governmental entities and circuit courts retain biological material for possible DNA testing01/27/11
SB 336Creating WV Energy Efficient Buildings Program Act01/28/11
SB 346Relating to collection of fees by circuit clerks01/31/11
SB 348Allowing certain community work program labor be credited to fines or court costs01/31/11
SB 398Establishing shift differential pay scales for certain correctional employees02/02/11
SB 418Clarifying Office of Technology is responsible for retiring or transferring certain information technology equipment02/04/11
SB 441Creating rebuttable presumption that development of certain cancers by firefighters arose out of employment02/07/11
SB 442Increasing expenditure limit on public service district contracts before competitive bids required02/07/11
SB 452Relating to Alcohol Beverage Control Commission employees02/07/11
SB 453Providing retention salary increases for Division of Corrections and Division of Juvenile Services02/07/11
SB 469Relating to public service district board members02/09/11
SB 473Relating to fire chief and deputy chief positions02/09/11
SB 475Subsidizing cost of certain municipal audits and government fraud examinations02/09/11
SB 496Relating to emergency powers of Secretary of State02/11/11
SB 506Relating to Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program02/14/11
SB 517Creating Quality Control Procedure for Agency Rules Act02/15/11
SB 539Relating to reinstatement of certain police chiefs and deputy chiefs03/03/11
SB 542Relating to meeting and conference rights for members of fire departments02/17/11
SB 543Creating WV Gun Owners' Protection Act of 201102/18/11
SB 567Establishing planning commission's rights and obligations when developer files for bankruptcy before development's completion02/21/11
SB 602Creating program for managing workers' compensation coverage of state entities by Insurance Commissioner02/21/11
SB 603Including Civil Air Patrol in state entities' workers' compensation coverage02/21/11
HB 2370Removing the Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health from professional licensure boards01/25/11
HB 2400Relating to granting licensed real estate appraisers access to commercial or residential review documents02/03/11
HB 2503Authorizing Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists to require licensees to provide government identification02/08/11
HB 2524Relating to the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology03/03/11
HB 2533Requiring the identities of signatories to a certificate for a person seeking ballot access to be made public and verified02/17/11
HB 2703Relating to qualifications of members of certain county commissions03/02/11
HB 2787Transferring the licensure of private investigators and security guards from the Secretary of State to the Division of Justice and Community Services02/10/11
HB 2796Relating to professional licensing boards02/28/11
HB 2804Removing outdated sunset language02/04/11
HB 2976Exempting barbers with twenty or more years of experience from continuing education requirements03/03/11
HB 3031Authorizing professional licensing boards to obtain criminal history record checks03/03/11
HB 3032Relating to emergency powers of the Secretary of State02/25/11
HB 3050Relating to the practice of dieticians03/02/11
HB 3243Relating to appointments or promotions to positions in paid municipal fire departments03/03/11
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