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There are 449 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 18Requiring alcohol awareness education courses for certain employees of retailers and licensed private clubs 03/02/11
SB 63Relating to Board of Pharmacy and controlled substances02/03/11
SB 66Relating to use of low-speed vehicles in municipalities03/07/11
SB 71Making child neglect creating substantial risk of bodily harm misdemeanor01/31/11
SB 78Requiring parental consent and accompaniment for minor to use tanning device 03/01/11
SB 80Redefining basis for disqualification of prospective jurors01/31/11
SB 82Relating to a child's right to nurse03/04/11
SB 281Criminalizing installation of certain invasive software on mobile devices 02/08/11
SB 303Adding captive cervids to list of animals protected from dogs03/04/11
SB 307Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals03/03/11
SB 338Permitting state opt out of federal statute preventing residents convicted of certain crimes from receiving certain benefits02/11/11
SB 385Increasing special penalties for assault and battery on athletic official02/11/11
SB 387Allowing retired officers carry concealed weapon03/01/11
SB 388Allowing fire chief appoint member to serve as designee on property safety enforcement agency03/04/11
SB 390Adding web-enabled mobile devices to crime of invasion of privacy on computer02/22/11
SB 420Clarifying county commissioners must reside in district they represent03/04/11
SB 426Requiring judge's permission before release of juror information after trial03/03/11
SB 430Filing civil petition for expungement of certain criminal records03/03/11
SB 438Relating to election of magistrates by division02/10/11
SB 444Relating to protection of nonfamily or nonhousehold members from violations of personal safety03/02/11
SB 499Regulating zipline and canopy tour operations03/03/11
SB 508Allowing certain liquor licensees ability to conduct responsible liquor sampling events03/01/11
SB 526Allowing certain emergency service providers possess Naloxone to administer in suspected overdoses03/04/11
SB 540Creating Equine Rescue Facilities Act03/02/11
SB 552Creating crime of financial exploitation of elderly, protected or incapacitated person03/02/11
SB 565Providing notice and ability to be heard during certain hearings to person residing with victim prior to crime03/03/11
SB 568Providing attorney from public defender office be appointed by judge in certain cases03/02/11
SB 609Clarifying certain employees of property management firms are not required to be licensed security guards03/02/11
HB 2006Providing a rebuttable presumption that a firefighter has developed a pulmonary disease or sustained a cardiovascular injury01/12/11
HB 2010Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act01/12/11
HB 2011Using the Crime Victims Fund to fill-in a portion of the property damage deductible for victims of the negligence of an uninsured driver01/12/11
HB 2016Providing general rules for all county and municipal referendum votes01/12/11
HB 2028Establishing a work program for qualified inmates01/12/11
HB 2036Increasing penalties for exposing children to methamphetamine manufacturing01/12/11
HB 2040Increasing the number of magistrates in Jefferson County by one01/12/11
HB 2048Eliminating good time for persons convicted of sex crimes involving minor children01/12/11
HB 2051Relating to electing magistrates by division01/12/11
HB 2057Allowing certain owners of warehouses to store and to transport quantities of alcoholic liquors, wine, beer or nonintoxicating beer which are not intended or being stored for the purpose of sale or use within the state01/12/11
HB 2058Allowing nonprofit organizations to hold up to two charitable Texas hold'em tournaments per year01/12/11
HB 2061Requiring the reporting and publication of all compensation, including contingent compensation, paid to lobbyists for all lobbying activities01/12/11
HB 2066Excluding indigent persons from receiving health care records free of charge when represented by an organization or an attorney that is charging a fee01/12/11
HB 2067Providing that adultery shall be a bar to alimony in a divorce proceeding01/12/11
HB 2068Relating to conditions of bond for defendants in cases of crimes between family or household members01/12/11
HB 2072Relating to civil actions based upon false or fraudulent claims against the medical programs of the Department of Health and Human Resources01/12/11
HB 2079Relating to the Fire Prevention and Control Act01/12/11
HB 2081Permitting the state to opt out of a federal statute that would otherwise not allow a state resident who has been convicted of a felony involving a controlled substance from receiving certain benefits01/12/11
HB 2082Changing the time for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property01/12/11
HB 2084Permitting a county sheriff when acting as a conservator to retain five percent of the protected person's estate, up to $250 per year01/12/11
HB 2089Prohibiting any person convicted of any felony from voting in an election of state and local officials01/12/11
HB 2091Prohibiting a cheif deputy sheriff from engaging in certain political activities01/12/11
HB 2095Requiring that any new or increased municipal taxes or fees must have a defined purpose01/12/11
HB 2097Permitting the sale of nonintoxicating beer within three hundred feet from a church that consents to the sale01/12/11
HB 2103Prohibiting a person convicted of any felony from holding public office01/12/11
HB 2109Creating an affirmative defense for certain civil and criminal actions arising from the sale of certain alcoholic drinks and nonintoxicating beer by licensed private clubs to persons under the age of twenty-one01/12/11
HB 2124Certified Legal Assistant Act01/12/11
HB 2125Requiring every internment or grave to identify the decedents' identity01/12/11
HB 2129Providing for mandatory sentences for any person who shoots a police officer on duty01/12/11
HB 2133Making it an unfair trade practice to refuse to refill a propane gas tank01/12/11
HB 2138Providing for the payment of unemployment compensation when a person misses work due to domestic violence01/12/11
HB 2140Requiring racetracks who are licensed to operate video lottery terminals pay a fee of one thousand dollars for each machine and that the revenue from these fees are to be transferred to the benefit fund of the Teachers Retirement System01/12/11
HB 2152Establishing threshold quantities of certain controlled substances to trigger prima facie evidence of intent to deliver if possessed by an individual01/12/11
HB 2157Relating to parental notification requirements for abortions performed on unemancipated minors01/12/11
HB 2158Increasing the penalties for sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion on incarcerated persons01/12/11
HB 2169Requiring that bartenders be licensed by the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner01/12/11
HB 2170Requiring all final actions by the Department of Environmental Protection regarding coal mine permits to be completed within six months01/12/11
HB 2175Allowing, under limited circumstances, a child under the age of fifteen years to hunt or take antlerless deer without first obtaining a certificate of training01/20/11
HB 2181Requiring an automatic home confinement sentence for certain nonviolent misdemeanors01/12/11
HB 2182Mandatory funding of community corrections programs01/12/11
HB 2184Granting a salary increase for Regional Jail Authority employees01/12/11
HB 2188Providing for the criminal offenses of home invasion in the first, second, third and fourth degrees01/12/11
HB 2190Making it a criminal offense to disturb the peace01/12/11
HB 2204Relating to requirements for self-employed persons to participate in the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement's PayConnextion program01/12/11
HB 2209Requiring that all worker's compensation adjusters employed by a private insurance carrier be located within the geographic borders of West Virginia01/12/11
HB 2213Requiring notice of an abortion to be provided to the father of the unborn child01/12/11
HB 2222Prohibiting the use of touch screen voting machines01/12/11
HB 2224Notifying persons from out-of-state who issue worthless checks in this state and who, fail to pay the check and applicable fine or fail to appear in court, that a notice of their failure will be sent to the Division of Motor Vehicles01/12/11
HB 2225Providing that when a person from another state writes a worthless check in this state which results in a summons to appear in magistrate court but then fails to appear shall have his or her privilege to drive in this state revoked01/12/11
HB 2229Limiting the purchase of handguns to one gun per month01/12/11
HB 2233Providing that actions in which the state is a party be brought in the county which is affected or related to the controversy01/12/11
HB 2234Providing a procedure for disclosure of birth parents to an adoptee, in certain circumstances01/12/11
HB 2235Providing an election to allow resident homeowners, sixty-five years old or older, to defer the payment of property tax increases to their residential property01/12/11
HB 2239Increasing the minimum prison sentence for a parent or guardian or custodian who abuses a child01/12/11
HB 2243Requiring disclosure by judicial officers of campaign contributions in excess of $25001/12/11
HB 2251Increasing the salaries of magistrates who serve populations of eight thousand four hundred or more01/12/11
HB 2252Limiting liability for persons donating and charitable organizations accepting certain food and grocery items01/12/11
HB 2261Changing the amount a person can earn while receiving unemployment benefits01/12/11
HB 2270Relating to assessments of real property01/12/11
HB 2276Providing a three percent cap on any increase in assessment on real property that is the primary residence01/12/11
HB 2277Relating to minimum grab bar standards for hotel and motel rooms that are specifically designated or intended for use by handicapped or disabled guests01/12/11
HB 2278Authorizing the use of additional medium for use in archiving government records01/12/11
HB 2279Requiring that abortion providers notify the parents of a minor seeking an abortion forty-eight hours before performing the procedure01/12/11
HB 2287Abolishing joint liability and establishing the principle of comparative fault01/12/11
HB 2290Uniform Premarital Agreement Act01/12/11
HB 2291Providing that identity theft is a felony if a person commits the crime with the intent to commit any other crime01/12/11
HB 2293Prohibiting the publication of the consideration paid for the sale of real estate or the amount of any lien on the real property subject to the sale01/12/11
HB 2297Requiring lobbyists to disclose compensation agreements for each registered employer01/12/11
HB 2298Prohibiting any member of the Legislature from fund-raising during any session01/12/11
HB 2299Eliminating parole for persons incarcerated in state correctional facilities01/12/11
HB 2300Abolishing the one-vote straight ticket voting in all general and special elections within West Virginia01/12/11
HB 2307Relating to the worker's compensation claimant attorney fees01/12/11
HB 2308Protecting computer owners and users from computer spyware01/12/11
HB 2309Requiring the use of helmets by skateboarders01/12/11
HB 2311Creating the criminal offense of injury to a pregnant woman that results in miscarriage or stillbirth01/12/11
HB 2313Relating to the insertion of language which defines acts of violence and makes its false reporting a felony01/12/11
HB 2314Allowing for juveniles to be tried as adults for instances of child abuse resulting in bodily injury and child abuse which results in death01/12/11
HB 2315Relating to obscene, anonymous, harassing and threatening communications by computer01/12/11
HB 2322Creating and issuing certificates recognizing the termination of marriage01/12/11
HB 2325Using both parents' income in determining child support, calculation of adjusted gross income01/12/11
HB 2330Relating to the licensing of private investigators and security guards01/12/11
HB 2335Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons01/12/11
HB 2336Providing limited immunity from civil damages for persons who volunteer their services to public health departments01/12/11
HB 2344Removing the receipt of an annuity, pension or other retirement pay as a disqualification for unemployment compensation benefits01/12/11
HB 2360Allowing quarterly payment of real and personal property taxes01/12/11
HB 2367Redistricting of the House of Delegates into one hundred single member districts01/12/11
HB 2382Requiring witnesses of violent acts or emergency situations to report the incident to law-enforcement01/12/11
HB 2388Allowing the legal sale of liquor and wine on Sunday to be the same hours as prescribed for the sale of beer on Sunday01/12/11
HB 2391Making it a misdemeanor to make more than three separate calls to 911 for nonemergency health concerns01/12/11
HB 2393Providing that parties advocating passage or defeat of a public question by referendum vote are subject to reporting requirements01/12/11
HB 2396Requiring review and approval of final settlements of Workers' Compensation awards01/12/11
HB 2403Establishing requirements for Marcellus gas well operations use of water resources01/12/11
HB 2405Relating to corporate political accountability01/12/11
HB 2406Relating to the designation of a primary guardian for a minor child01/12/11
HB 2409Making English the official language of West Virginia01/12/11
HB 2417Requiring write-in candidates for public office to pay a filing fee01/12/11
HB 2418Prohibiting sex offenders from residing in certain areas and subjecting convicted sex offenders to global positional system monitoring01/12/11
HB 2421Requiring a seventy-two hour waiting period before the Legislature votes on the state budget for final passage01/12/11
HB 2428Requiring a preliminary breath analysis for the purpose of determining the blood alcohol content of a surviving driver01/12/11
HB 2429Eliminating the state excise tax on the privilege of transferring real property, and imposing a new county excise tax for transferring real property01/12/11
HB 2431Requiring a child to be placed with a relative, where possible, when removed from the home of a parent under the Home-Base Family Preservation Act01/12/11
HB 2432Establishing a bill of rights for children in foster care01/12/11
HB 2433Providing guidance for prosecuting attorneys in cases involving abused and neglected children01/12/11
HB 2434Establishing a bill of rights for foster parents01/12/11
HB 2441Relating to elections01/13/11
HB 2443Prohibiting wagering at animal fighting ventures and providing a felony criminal penalty01/13/11
HB 2444Using voter registration figures to determine the placement of political parties on the general election ballot01/13/11
HB 2445Requiring the Legislature to approve changes in costs imposed by the Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board01/13/11
HB 2446Increasing the criminal penalties for assaults and batteries against athletic officials01/13/11
HB 2452Prohibiting the use of prerecorded or synthesized voice messages and establishing a do-not-call list01/13/11
HB 2454Relating to recall elections of elected or appointed federal officers that do not hold a life term01/13/11
HB 2460Clarifying that probation officers are authorized to supervise sex offenders01/13/11
HB 2461Relating to the appointment of hearing officers for juvenile drug courts01/13/11
HB 2465Requiring magistrate courts to maintain records relating to successful collection rates on judgements01/13/11
HB 2466Providing for the temporary detention of criminal suspects by law-enforcement officers where probable cause appears to exist01/13/11
HB 2473Clarifying that fire chiefs working with paid and volunteer fire departments are employees that are provided immunity under the Governmental Tort Claims01/14/11
HB 2476Relating to imposition of sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion on incarcerated persons01/14/11
HB 2481Relating to elections01/14/11
HB 2482Changing the way that the costs of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected01/14/11
HB 2484Relating to railroad employees01/14/11
HB 2486Creating the felony offense of possession of one gram or more of cocaine01/14/11
HB 2488Relating to the nonpartisan elections of justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and circuit court judges01/14/11
HB 2489Exempting licensed surveyors from liability for defamation or slander of title when performing their professional duties01/14/11
HB 2494Allowing certain vehicles for emergency response by West Virginia police reserves to use red flashing lights01/14/11
HB 2495Relating generally to driving under the influence01/14/11
HB 2497Relating to the nonpartisan elections of Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General and Commissioner of Agriculture and justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals01/14/11
HB 2510Permitting magistrates to carry concealed handguns without a permit01/17/11
HB 2514Requiring reclaimed strip mines to be populated by plants that are beneficial to the local bee population02/03/11
HB 2515Relating to liens for assessments on common interest community real property01/17/11
HB 2526Providing for a death penalty and procedures and standards applicable thereto for commission of murder in the first degree01/18/11
HB 2528Providing that a person convicted of a crime, under the provisions of the West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act, against a minor is denied Internet access as part of punishment and penalty01/18/11
HB 2530Requiring a study of the feasibility of consolidation of government services and enforcement of laws pertaining to the motor carrier industry02/03/11
HB 2537Protecting consumers from price gouging and unfair pricing practices01/18/11
HB 2538Relating to law-enforcement certification01/18/11
HB 2540Relating to requirements to serve as a magistrate01/18/11
HB 2541Relating to the criminal offense of robbery and attempted robbery01/18/11
HB 2546Relating to subpoena powers for aid of criminal investigations01/18/11
HB 2549Establishing a system of issuing all licenses, certificates or permits, required for business entities in the state, from a single location01/18/11
HB 2552Providing for a new election to fill a vacancy in the Office of Governor01/19/11
HB 2553Subjecting certain inmates that commit first degree murder to capital punishment01/19/11
HB 2565Relating to crimes using computers, telephones and electronic devices01/19/11
HB 2566Veterinary Medicine, schedule of fees02/18/11
HB 2567WorkForce West Virginia, rule for employer violator system02/15/11
HB 2568Agriculture, inspection of meat and poultry02/18/11
HB 2569Agriculture, general groundwater protection rules02/18/11
HB 2570Barbers and Cosmetologists, schedule of fees02/18/11
HB 2571Consolidated Public Retirement Board, general provisions02/11/11
HB 2572Consolidated Public Retirement Board, teachers' defined contribution system02/11/11
HB 2573Consolidated Public Retirement Board, public employees retirement system02/11/11
HB 2574Consolidated Public Retirement Board, refund, reinstatement, retroactive service, loan and employer error interest factors02/11/11
HB 2575Consolidated Public Retirement Board, WV State Police02/11/11
HB 2576DEP-air quality, standards of performance for new stationary sources01/19/11
HB 2577DEP-air quality, permits for construction and major modification of major stationary sources of air pollution01/19/11
HB 2578DEP-air quality, control of air pollution from hazardous waste treatment01/19/11
HB 2579DEP-air quality, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants01/19/11
HB 2580DEP-air quality, ambient air quality standards01/19/11
HB 2581DEP-water resources, requirements governing water quality standards01/19/11
HB 2582WV Bureau for Public Health, specialized multipatient medical transport02/08/11
HB 2583WV Bureau for Public Health, public water systems01/27/11
HB 2584WV Bureau for Public Health, fire department rapid response services licensure01/25/11
HB 2585WV Bureau for Public Health, cancer registry01/27/11
HB 2587Highways, transportation of hazardous waste02/15/11
HB 2588Insurance Commission, suitability in annuity transactions01/27/11
HB 2589Insurance Commission, actuarial opinion and memorandum rule01/27/11
HB 2590Insurance Commission, credit personal property01/27/11
HB 2591Insurance Commission, valuation of life insurance companies01/27/11
HB 2592Insurance Commission, recognition of preferred mortality tables01/27/11
HB 2593Insurance Commission, professional employer organizations01/27/11
HB 2594Insurance Commission, HMO point of service option01/27/11
HB 2595Natural Resources, prohibitions when hunting and trapping02/15/11
HB 2596Natural Resources, general hunting02/15/11
HB 2597Pharmacy, board of pharmacy rules regarding licensure and practice02/18/11
HB 2598Pharmacy, controlled substances monitoring02/18/11
HB 2599Physical Therapy, fees02/18/11
HB 2600Sanitarians, interim fee schedule02/18/11
HB 2601Sanitarians, rules governing the practice02/18/11
HB 2602Secretary of State, combined voter registration and driver licensing fund02/18/11
HB 2603State Rail Authority, valuation used in rolling stock and equipment02/15/11
HB 2604Tax Department, exchange of information agreement between department and lottery02/11/11
HB 2605Agriculture, apiary rule02/18/11
HB 2606Barbers and Cosmetologists, procedures, criteria and curricula02/18/11
HB 2607Barbers and Cosmetologists, qualifications, training, examination of instructors02/18/11
HB 2608Barbers and Cosmetologists, operational standards02/18/11
HB 2609DEP - waste management, hazardous waste management system01/19/11
HB 2610DEP - water and waste management, monitoring well design standards01/19/11
HB 2611DEP - water resources, requirements governing groundwater standards01/19/11
HB 2612Ethics Commission, forms01/19/11
HB 2614Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction, law enforcement training standard02/11/11
HB 2615Health and Human Resources, requirements for licensure of nonprofit corporations for conservator service01/25/11
HB 2616Health Care Authority, certificate of need rule02/03/11
HB 2617WV Bureau for Public Health, food manufacturing02/03/11
HB 2618WV Bureau for Public Health, maternal risk screening01/25/11
HB 2619Highways, community empowerment transportation act program02/15/11
HB 2620Insurance Commission, insurance adjusters01/27/11
HB 2621Insurance Commission, long-term care insurance02/03/11
HB 2622Insurance Commission, property and casualty actuarial opinion01/27/11
HB 2623Insurance Commission, credit life insurance, credit accident and sickness insurance, credit unemployment insurance01/27/11
HB 2624Insurance Commission, self-insurance pools for political subdivisions02/03/11
HB 2625Labor, elevator safety act02/15/11
HB 2627Labor, crane operator certification act02/15/11
HB 2628Labor, crane operator certification act - practical examination02/15/11
HB 2629Natural Resources, special motorboating regulations02/15/11
HB 2630Optometry, rules of the board02/18/11
HB 2631Optometry, continuing education02/18/11
HB 2632Optometry, schedule of fees02/18/11
HB 2633Optometry, examination and scoring policy02/18/11
HB 2634Optometry, licensure by endorsement02/18/11
HB 2635Optometry, contact lenses that contain and deliver pharmaceutical agents certificate02/18/11
HB 2636Osteopathy, physician assistants02/18/11
HB 2637Osteopathy, fees02/18/11
HB 2638Physical Therapy, general provisions02/18/11
HB 2640Physical Therapy, fees for athletic trainers02/18/11
HB 2641Tax Department, commercial patent incentives tax credit02/11/11
HB 2642Tax Department, exchange of information agreement between department and fire marshal02/11/11
HB 2643Veterinary Medicine, organization and operation and licensing of veterinarians02/18/11
HB 2644Veterinary Medicine, registration of technicians02/18/11
HB 2645Veterinary Medicine, standards of practice02/18/11
HB 2646Veterinary Medicine, certified animal euthanasia technicians02/18/11
HB 2647Motor Vehicles, inspection manual02/15/11
HB 2652Repealing the Code of West Virginia and adopting in lieu thereof the Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia01/20/11
HB 2654Prohibiting lottery from using minors in advertising during school hours01/20/11
HB 2656Requiring persons incarcerated for sex offenses to register as such at the time they are incarcerated01/20/11
HB 2657West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act01/20/11
HB 2670Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death01/20/11
HB 2672Providing a ten percent cap on any increase in assessment of real and personal property in any one year01/20/11
HB 2677Changing the way that the cost of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected01/20/11
HB 2679Increasing penalties for failing to report child abuse01/20/11
HB 2685Providing an exemption from estate taxes and the Consumers Sales and Service Tax for certain expenses of any infant who dies before reaching one year of age01/20/11
HB 2686Relating to limitations for certain asbestos exposure claims01/20/11
HB 2687Requiring facilities providing abortions to obtain parental notification or consent in writing01/20/11
HB 2698Requiring a nonbinding referendum in the counties of Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson to determine their desire to secede from West Virginia and become a part of Virginia01/21/11
HB 2705West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act01/21/11
HB 2707Expanding the definition of "imminent danger to the physical well-being of the child" with regard to child abuse and neglect01/21/11
HB 2710Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act01/21/11
HB 2712Relating to the State Athletic Commission01/21/11
HB 2713Relating to civil and criminal forfeiture actions related to criminal activity01/21/11
HB 2715Suspending the future issuing of new video lottery licenses01/21/11
HB 2721Including additional information on the sex offender registry01/21/11
HB 2722Subjecting persons convicted of sexual crimes against a minor to "GPS" monitoring for life01/21/11
HB 2724Sexually Oriented Businesses Regulation Act01/21/11
HB 2735Creating a criminal felony offense of aggravated assault or battery of a child or a person who is mentally incapacitated01/21/11
HB 2737Providing a procedure for removal of county, district or municipal officers02/03/11
HB 2740Making covenants that restrict the installation or use of solar energy systems unenforceable01/21/11
HB 2741Exempting the construction or addition of active solar energy systems from real and personal property taxation01/21/11
HB 2743Changing the way the cost of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected01/21/11
HB 2744Requiring recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program be issued a photo identification card01/21/11
HB 2746Relating to the testing of vehicles operated by nonprofit corporations engaged in research and development02/03/11
HB 2747Creating a felony offense for causing serious bodily injury to another person while driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs01/21/11
HB 2748Relating to the voting period for early in-person voting01/21/11
HB 2751Clarifying that fire chiefs and their duly appointed officers are provided immunity under the Governmental Tort Claims and Insurance Reform Act01/21/11
HB 2754Allowing sheriffs and their designees access to information maintained by the Board of Pharmacy01/21/11
HB 2755Relating to mentally ill persons01/21/11
HB 2759Relating to purchasing practices01/24/11
HB 2773Relating to neighborhood crime watch programs01/24/11
HB 2775Relating to writing worthless checks01/24/11
HB 2785Relating to the excise tax on the privilege of transferring real property and using the tax to reimburse counties for regional jail fees01/24/11
HB 2790Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act01/24/11
HB 2794Requiring that when a controlled substance is dispensed by mail or delivery service the recipient of the controlled substance be over eighteen years of age01/24/11
HB 2805Providing that activities, documents and records of the government be in English01/24/11
HB 2806Relating to ethical standards for elected and appointed officials and public employees01/24/11
HB 2808Reducing from six months to three months the period of delinquency for failure to meet an obligation to pay support to a minor01/24/11
HB 2810Relating to interconnection and net-metering of customer-generators of renewable energy01/24/11
HB 2812Requiring insurers issuing group accident and sickness insurance policies to certain employers to furnish claims loss experience02/17/11
HB 2814Establishing a returnable beverage container deposit program01/24/11
HB 2816Permitting private clubs to purchase alcoholic liquors from retail liquor stores in any market zone in the state01/24/11
HB 2819Requiring all state boards, commissions, committees or councils to be gender balanced and to have proportionate representation of minorities01/24/11
HB 2821Strengthening the Ethics Act financial disclosure filing requirements01/24/11
HB 2822Enabling creditors to collect upon their judgements from debtors who often attempt to defeat such judgments01/24/11
HB 2823Increasing any award of just compensation to a property owner for eminent domain takings by nongovernment entities01/24/11
HB 2826Clarifying procedures for protection of graves and burial sites01/24/11
HB 2829Budget and Spending Transparency Act01/24/11
HB 2831Issuing special registration plates allowing parking privileges for persons with mobility impairments01/24/11
HB 2832Including larceny of copper ground wires or cables from communications towers sites under crimes against property01/24/11
HB 2833Providing for the redistricting office of the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to propose redistricting plans during census years01/24/11
HB 2840Providing that all persons have the right to be free from violence01/25/11
HB 2841Eliminating the third offense conviction of shoplifting and its corresponding felony penalty01/25/11
HB 2842Defining ownership of coalbed methane01/25/11
HB 2844Relating to protection of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed01/25/11
HB 2846Prohibiting elected or appointed officials from using public funds to purchase, distribute or disseminate certain items and publications01/25/11
HB 2856Reducing the days for early voting in person01/26/11
HB 2857Requiring voting for at least five consecutive days during the period of early voting01/26/11
HB 2858Requiring persons arrested for a felony to submit to a DNA sample01/26/11
HB 2866West Virginia Patriot's Protection Act01/26/11
HB 2867Requiring DNA testing for individuals arrested for certain offenses01/26/11
HB 2873West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act01/26/11
HB 2874Creating a pilot program for incarceration and treating low risk inmates who are disabled or impaired01/26/11
HB 2877Relating to insurance holding company systems01/26/11
HB 2884Establishing a statute of limitations regarding claims involving manufactured housing02/10/11
HB 2891Subjecting persons convicted of sexual crimes to "GPS" monitoring for the duration of their life01/27/11
HB 2892Permitting specific law-enforcement officials access to certain confidential pharmaceutical information02/22/11
HB 2893Relating to the Home Incarceration Act01/27/11
HB 2896Administration, state owned vehicles02/11/11
HB 2897ABCC, licensed retailer operations02/11/11
HB 2898ABCC, licensing of retail outlets02/11/11
HB 2899DEP- air quality, permits for construction and major modification01/27/11
HB 2900DEP - air quality, control of air pollution01/27/11
HB 2901DEP - explosives and blasting01/27/11
HB 2902DEP - mining and reclamation01/27/11
HB 2903Election Commission, public campaign financing pilot program02/18/11
HB 2904Health, emergency medical services02/11/11
HB 2905Health and Human Resources, safety and treatment program02/03/11
HB 2906Optometry, oral pharmaceutical prescriptive authority02/18/11
HB 2907Optometry, injectable pharmaceutical agents certificate02/18/11
HB 2908Racing Commission, thoroughbred racing01/27/11
HB 2909Racing Commission, greyhound racing01/27/11
HB 2910Racing Commission, pari-mutuel wagering02/11/11
HB 2911Treasurer's Office, establishment of imprest funds02/18/11
HB 2923Relating to expungement of certain criminal convictions01/28/11
HB 2925Increasing the number of magistrate court clerks in Marion County by one01/28/11
HB 2926Relating to the issuance, disqualification, suspension and revocation of driver's licenses and privilege to operate a commercial motor vehicle02/03/11
HB 2927Removing outdated language from the code and requiring a county prosecuting attorney to be full-time02/10/11
HB 2930Safe and Efficient Parkways Act02/23/11
HB 2943Clarifying that the Insurance Commissioner may designate the administrator of the adverse risk plan02/10/11
HB 2945Reporting beaver and river otter taken and tagged02/10/11
HB 2947Making it a crime to put certain types of invasive software on mobile devices01/31/11
HB 2948Relating to electronic registration of wildlife02/10/11
HB 2951Relating to an all-payer claims database01/31/11
HB 2960Raising the balance allowed to be in the Underground Storage Tank Administrative Fund02/01/11
HB 2965Implementing drug testing for legislators of the State of West Virginia and for applicants and recipients of temporary assistance for needy families cash benefits02/01/11
HB 2979Relating to the award of attorney fees by the Surface Mine Board02/01/11
HB 2982Limiting the liability of military personnel who respond to local emergencies and calls for assistance02/01/11
HB 2983Relating to captive insurance02/10/11
HB 2987Allowing quarterly payment of real and personal property taxes and requiring new tax tickets to be mailed after property is transferred02/02/11
HB 2988Amend the definition of "accredited thoroughbred horse" to require registration with the Thoroughbred Breeders Association02/17/11
HB 2991Relating to the West Virginia Fair Housing Act02/02/11
HB 2992Authorizing the equal pay commission to study the "glass ceiling" concept02/23/11
HB 2995Relating to notice requirements of a convicted sex offender volunteering for an organization which has direct contact with minors02/03/11
HB 2999Adding marshals and deputy marshals of the Federal Air Marshal Service to the list of federal law enforcement authorized to act under this section02/03/11
HB 3001Lengthening the period for voter registration02/03/11
HB 3005Ensuring Patient Safety Act02/04/11
HB 3014Increasing the limit on the size of voting precincts02/04/11
HB 3016Relating to the responsibilities of the real estate director02/04/11
HB 3018West Virginia Health Benefit Exchange Act02/07/11
HB 3019Incorporating the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 into the insurance code02/07/11
HB 3030Increasing the number of municipalities that may participate in the Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program02/17/11
HB 3033Amending the contract procedure for the Medicaid program02/07/11
HB 3036Relating generally to voter registration02/07/11
HB 3037Creating crime and criminal penalties for drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy resulting in diagnosed harm to infant02/07/11
HB 3041Protecting nonfamily or nonhousehold members from sexual offenses, stalking and harassment02/07/11
HB 3042Relating to the regulation of oil and gas wells02/07/11
HB 3046Relating to voiding all noncompete agreements02/08/11
HB 3047Removing the ban on disposing of covered electronic devices02/08/11
HB 3058Relating generally to the use of electronic voting systems02/08/11
HB 3065Relating to the eligibility requirements, processes, and assistance of absentee voting, and early in person voting02/08/11
HB 3066Preventing a business from adopting a trade name already in use02/09/11
HB 3072Creating a hunting permit to safely accommodate visually impaired hunters02/17/11
HB 3073Clarifying that the Human Rights Act purpose is to provide all citizens equal opportunity for employment, equal access to places of public accommodations, and equal opportunity in housing accommodations02/09/11
HB 3074Relating to a certificate of convenience and necessity for taxi cab service02/21/11
HB 3076Relating to the procedure for petitioning to regain the right to possess firearms02/09/11
HB 3079Implementing random drug testing for recipients of temporary assistance for needy families cash benefits and for legislators02/09/11
HB 3084Substituting the term firearm for handgun with regard to concealed weapon permits02/09/11
HB 3085Including oral or written inquiry of a patient about possession, ownership or storage of firearms as a reason for invoking disciplinary proceedings against physicians02/09/11
HB 3089Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks02/10/11
HB 3093Clarifying language relating to offenses occurring at the State Capitol02/10/11
HB 3103Amending recount procedures02/11/11
HB 3106Regulating the use of the internet by children02/11/11
HB 3107Implementing an agreement among the states to elect the President and Vice President by national popular vote02/11/11
HB 3109Permitting unit owners' associations to institute legal action against a unit owner to collect dues or assessments that are overdue02/11/11
HB 3112Clarifying the distinction of nonprofit in charitable organizations02/11/11
HB 3122Allowing the West Virginia State Police and the Division of Labor to confirm the validity of an employees identification card02/17/11
HB 3123Encouraging the use of telemedicine, telepsychology and video conferencing in order to make child welfare system more effective02/22/11
HB 3124Relating to administrative hearings for suspension and revocation of licenses for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs02/14/11
HB 3125Relating to the regulation of firearms and other deadly weapons02/14/11
HB 3127Increasing the fees charged by the clerk of the circuit court for medical professional liability actions02/15/11
HB 3128Relating to filing a civil petition for expungement of records relating to an arrest02/15/11
HB 3132Requiring a judge's permission before a juror's information can be released02/15/11
HB 3133Removing the statute of limitations in child and spousal support cases02/15/11
HB 3140Providing for the interception of insurance settlement claims by the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement for past-due support02/15/11
HB 3149Requiring state contracts and local contracts funded with state dollars to be performed within the United States02/15/11
HB 3150Authorizing a new court to be known as the Intermediate Court of Appeals02/15/11
HB 3153Exempting of certain public safety training courses from payment of consumer sales tax02/15/11
HB 3156Relating to the method of appraising certain affordable multifamily rental housing property02/16/11
HB 3161Relating to assignment of cases to private attorneys by bid02/16/11
HB 3164Creating a pilot program for incarceration and treating low risk inmates who are disabled02/17/11
HB 3165Creating an Intermediate Court of Appeals02/17/11
HB 3166Permitting municipalities to stagger the terms of elected officers02/23/11
HB 3167Limiting elected or appointed officials from placing their name or likeness on trinkets paid for with public funds02/17/11
HB 3173Amending and adding to divorce, distribution of property and child custody guidelines to take into consideration the presence of an autistic child02/17/11
HB 3174Relating to liquor sampling events02/22/11
HB 3176Adding a magistrate to Monongalia County02/17/11
HB 3177Permitting an owner who sells real property pursuant to a deed of trust to terminate a preexisting tenancy02/17/11
HB 3184Making property crimes valued at over $1,000 a felony02/18/11
HB 3190Creating the offense of obstructing health care facility access02/18/11
HB 3191Creating a workers' compensation insurance subsidy program for volunteer fire departments02/18/11
HB 3193Permitting persons who have been convicted of felonies to qualify for jury service03/02/11
HB 3197Relating to licensing of out-of-state simulcasting facilities02/18/11
HB 3198Relating to abuse or neglect of an incapacitated adult02/18/11
HB 3206Implementing evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism02/21/11
HB 3207Authorizing the state to enter into a multistate compact defining the birthright form of United States citizenship02/21/11
HB 3209Permitting the Secretary of State to dissolve a corporate entity if its professional license has been revoked02/23/11
HB 3212Requiring community corrections performance measurement standards for agencies responsible for supervising individuals placed on probation, serving a period of parole02/21/11
HB 3213Relating to the Community Corrections Performance Incentive02/21/11
HB 3217Allowing an adoptee who was a minor at the time of entry of an order of adoption to dissent at any time after the adoption02/21/11
HB 3219Requiring a voter to present an identifying document which contains the name, address and a photograph of that person02/21/11
HB 3220Preserving the rights of individuals guaranteed by the West Virginia Constitution and the United States Constitution when deciding the comity of a legal decision in a foreign country02/21/11
HB 3223Relating to complaints made against employees of the Department of Health and Human Resources02/21/11
HB 3226Relating to qualification of members of the board of parole02/21/11
HB 3227Providing a definition of sex for unlawful discriminatory practices02/21/11
HB 3229Relating to community voting locations02/21/11
HB 3230Creating the Immigration Law Enforcement Act02/21/11
HB 3233Protecting consumers against certain actions of debt collectors02/21/11
HB 3236Relating to child abuse and neglect02/21/11
HB 3237Allowing an honorable military discharge to be an acceptable form of training for a West Virginia concealed handgun permit02/21/11
HB 3238Allowing additional facilities to be built on the site of wind power facilities that are already properly permitted by law02/21/11
HB 3242Allowing simulcast pari-mutuel racing within the confines of gaming facilities located at historic resort hotels02/21/11
HB 3244Limiting the amount of a tortfeasor to the amount of insurance coverage02/21/11
HB 3246Authorizing the development and operation of a nursing home on the grounds of a critical access hospital in Summers County02/21/11
HB 3248Allowing political parties to obtain ballot access by expanding the scope of the definition of political party02/21/11
HB 3251Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act02/21/11
HB 3252Allowing wine distribution agreements to be by geographic areas02/21/11
HB 3253Relating to forensic-medical examination services for victims of sexual offenses02/21/11
HB 3254Adding oil and gas facilities, wells, pipelines and tanks to the coordinated statewide program of air pollution prevention02/21/11
HB 3255Relating to exceptions as to prohibitions against carrying concealed deadly weapons02/21/11
HB 3256Requiring the closing hours of private clubs to be two o'clock a.m.02/21/11
HB 3257Relating to competency and criminal responsibility of persons charged or convicted of a crime02/21/11
HB 3258Providing forensic evaluators with civil immunity for acts committed by the subject of the evaluation02/21/11
HB 3259Authorizing immediate discharge and transportation to a regional jail for aggressive and violent behavior of persons committed to state hospitals02/21/11
HB 3260Adding certain sanctions for violations of probation and parole02/21/11
HB 3263Providing assistance to volunteer fire departments02/21/11
HB 3265Making the possession of heroin, without a valid prescription, by a person, acting in the course of his or her professional practice, a felony02/21/11
HB 3266Uniform Power of Attorney Act02/21/11
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