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Bill Status - 2012 Regular Session

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There are 52 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 3Requiring safety features on new residential water heaters01/11/12
SB 5Creating Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs01/11/12
SB 15Creating Energy Efficient Building Act01/11/12
SB 27Relating to bidding preference for resident vendors and vendors employing state residents01/11/12
SB 33Requiring full-time prosecuting attorney devote full time to public duties01/11/12
SB 34Requiring feasibility study of consolidation of government services and law enforcement for motor carrier industry01/11/12
SB 35Regulating pawnbrokers01/11/12
SB 37Requiring certain public works employees complete construction safety program02/09/12
SB 69Providing certain firefighters personal income tax credit01/11/12
SB 90Providing method of appraising certain affordable multifamily rental property for ad valorem property taxes01/11/12
SB 115Creating Keep Jobs in West Virginia Act02/09/12
SB 120Permitting person to file bond in escrow with court to cover mechanic's lien01/11/12
SB 121Making English official state language01/11/12
SB 123Requiring equal number of members from each magisterial district on county planning commissions01/11/12
SB 135Considering military training, experience and education toward professional or occupational licensure qualifications02/29/12
SB 143Requiring PSC report to Legislature on broadband markets01/25/12
SB 146Requiring county commissions change magisterial boundary lines following census01/11/12
SB 158Requiring handrails in handicap restrooms01/11/12
SB 175Providing for issuance of special volunteer medical license to active medical and osteopathic physicians01/18/12
SB 193Creating Governor's Commission on Improving Outcomes for At-Risk Youth01/16/12
SB 213Authorizing State Fire Commission establish volunteer firefighter training requirements01/17/12
SB 267Authorizing Board of Funeral Service Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to crematory requirements01/18/12
SB 332Relating to registration of pawnbrokers01/18/12
SB 348Creating Quality Control Procedure for Agency Rules Act of 201201/19/12
SB 355Allowing counties to deduct delinquent tax collection costs from distribution to levying bodies01/20/12
SB 389Establishing minimum number of State Police troopers; salary increase01/23/12
SB 416Relating to issuance of driver's licenses02/01/12
SB 438Including sheriffs access to certain confidential pharmaceutical information01/27/12
SB 439Relating to certain taxpayer petitions for assessor review of improper real property valuation01/27/12
SB 440Reinstating certain former fire chiefs and appointing deputy chiefs01/27/12
SB 442Providing for phase-in of certain real property assessment increases01/27/12
SB 463Expanding assessment exclusions under Tax Increment Financing Act01/31/12
SB 482Reinstating certain former fire chiefs and appointing deputy chiefs02/02/12
SB 511Increasing compensation of Secretary of Department of Veterans' Assistance02/03/12
SB 516Authorizing ABCC promulgate legislative rules requiring training for alcoholic liquor servers02/06/12
SB 538Relating to standards for registered family child care homes02/22/12
SB 570Requiring DEP maintain Office of Internal Auditing02/10/12
SB 587Relating to disposition of a deceased person's body02/14/12
SB 592Requiring certain public construction projects comply with International Energy Conservation Code02/15/12
SB 604Authorizing State Fire Commission propose legislative rules relating to green plumbing and mechanical systems design and construction standards 02/15/12
SB 616Updating code regarding medical imaging and radiation therapy practice02/16/12
SB 617Increasing State Fire Commission membership02/16/12
SB 631Permitting Monongalia County Commission levy special district excise tax02/17/12
SB 645Authorizing DEP propose legislative rules granting counties and municipalities certain litter disposal exemptions02/17/12
SB 660Relating to charitable organizations' audit requirements02/20/12
SB 666Increasing salaries of State Police criminalists and civilian employees02/20/12
SB 668Relating to state employee leave donation program02/20/12
HB 4018Granting licensed real estate appraisers access to commercial or residential review documents02/20/12
HB 4104Authorizing professional licensing boards to exempt certain licensees from continuing education requirements02/16/12
HB 4111Relating to the authority by state boards of examinations and registration to apply for an injunction02/16/12
HB 4296Authorizing licensing boards to require applicants to submit to criminal background checks03/01/12
HB 4647Relating to funeral expenses for indigent persons03/01/12
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