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Bill Status - 2015 Regular Session

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There are 32 Bills pending in House Agriculture and Natural Resources




SB 341Permitting Agriculture Commissioner approve and submit Livestock Care Standards Board rules02/02/15
HB 2017Providing for the posting of unenclosed lands to prohibit hunting, trapping or fishing01/14/15
HB 2018Providing a fee discount for certain nonresident hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for native nonresidents01/14/15
HB 2033Captive Cervid Farming Act01/14/15
HB 2064Providing a ten percent discount to residents at state parks and forests01/15/15
HB 2071Providing an increase in compensation for natural resources police officers01/15/15
HB 2072Increasing compensation for conservation officers01/15/15
HB 2083Relating to Class XS senior resident lifetime licenses01/16/15
HB 2143Creating a hunting license permitting crossbow hunting01/20/15
HB 2171Relating to rules governing the operation of motorboats on lakes01/21/15
HB 2175Increasing criminal penalties for the illegal killing, taking, or possessing of certain wildlife01/21/15
HB 2181Relating to provide special outdoor recreational opportunities for eligible veterans01/21/15
HB 2214Permitting the resident lineal descendants of landowners to hunt, trap or fish on that resident landowner's property without a license01/22/15
HB 2221Clarifying that a valid West Virginia identification card is an acceptable form of ID to prove age and residency for purposes of obtaining a senior citizen campground rental discount01/22/15
HB 2231Permitting grandchildren of resident landowners to hunt, trap or fish on that landowner's property without a license01/22/15
HB 2399Exempting all veterans of the Armed Forces or any reserve component thereof from having to obtain a hunting, trapping fishing license01/27/15
HB 2420Relating to unlawful methods of hunting and fishing01/27/15
HB 2448Permitting the sale of raw milk01/28/15
HB 2464Exempting disabled veterans from campground rental fees during certain times01/28/15
HB 2467Establishing a farmers market vendor permit and its scope and fees01/28/15
HB 2578Creating a hunting license permitting crossbow hunting02/03/15
HB 2581Relating to the Chesapeake Bay watershed; and establishing a comprehensive nutrient reduction credit trading program02/04/15
HB 2590Providing that residents sixty-five years of age or older are not required to have a license to hunt, trap or fish02/04/15
HB 2596Providing that all hunting and fishing licenses are valid for one year from the date issued02/04/15
HB 2640Extending buck firearms season by one week02/06/15
HB 2644Providing that persons trapping coyote need only check traps once every seventy- two hours02/06/15
HB 2751Allowing hunting and trapping on private lands throughout the state on Sundays02/13/15
HB 2783Modifying procedures available to persons to address bears causing property damage or destruction02/17/15
HB 2807Expanding the list of persons the Commissioner of Agriculture may license to grow or cultivate industrial hemp02/18/15
HB 2822Prohibiting the training of dogs to be used in hunting bears under certain circumstances02/19/15
HB 2959Allowing the use of rotary drum composters to destroy or dispose of the carcass of any animal to prevent the spread of disease02/24/15
HB 2966Relating to the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program02/24/15
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