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There are 231 Bills pending in Senate Judiciary




SB 3Relating to COVID Liability 02/10/21
SB 4Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals02/10/21
SB 6Creating WV Employment Law Worker Classification Act02/10/21
SB 8Relating to castle doctrine and self-defense standards02/10/21
SB 17Requiring certain disclosures of election expenditures02/10/21
SB 24Limiting liability of employers in cases where certain crime convictions are expunged02/10/21
SB 25Requiring minors in possession of marijuana and their parents to attend classes on danger of marijuana02/10/21
SB 26Limiting penalty for possession of marijuana to no more than $1,000 without confinement 02/10/21
SB 27Allowing voters who register in person with county clerk to vote during early in-person voting02/10/21
SB 31Relating to custodial allocation actions independent of divorce02/10/21
SB 33Creating State Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act02/10/21
SB 46Requiring one-year residency within district or county to fill vacancy in Legislature02/10/21
SB 49Requiring PACs disclose contributors' names and addresses to Secretary of State02/10/21
SB 52Relating to payment of attorney fees in subsidized adoptions or guardianships02/10/21
SB 54Permitting photo identification on voter registration cards02/10/21
SB 57Staying civil actions resulting from domestic violence for 60 days from date of final order02/10/21
SB 65Requiring licensed programs for domestic violence victims offer specific services02/10/21
SB 70Relating to residency requirements for voter registration02/10/21
SB 71Adding grievance and appellate procedures for individuals participating in DMV safety and treatment program02/10/21
SB 76Providing compensation to victims of abusive lawsuits02/10/21
SB 109Prohibiting civil rights violations02/10/21
SB 110Adjusting distance from polling place certain election-related activity is prohibited02/10/21
SB 116Drug testing of legislators02/10/21
SB 119Prohibiting certain misleading pharmaceutical advertising practices02/10/21
SB 122Allowing counties to hold inmates under certain circumstances in county jail02/10/21
SB 127State Board of Risk and Insurance Management rule relating to mine subsidence insurance02/12/21
SB 128State Board of Risk and Insurance Management rule relating to public entities insurance program02/12/21
SB 129State Board of Risk and Insurance Management rule relating to procedures for providing written notification of claims of potential liability to state or its employees.02/12/21
SB 130DEP rule relating to ambient air quality standards02/11/21
SB 131DEP rule relating to standards of performance for new stationary sources02/11/21
SB 132DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from combustion of solid waste02/11/21
SB 133DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from municipal solid waste landfills02/11/21
SB 134DEP rule relating to acid rain provisions and permits02/11/21
SB 135DEP rule relating to emission standards for hazardous air pollutants.02/11/21
SB 136DEP rule relating to control of greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal-fired electric utility generating units02/11/21
SB 137DEP rule relating to requirements governing water quality standards02/11/21
SB 138DEP rule relating to hazardous waste management system02/11/21
SB 139DEP rule relating to voluntary remediation and redevelopment rule02/11/21
SB 141DHHR rule relating to behavioral health centers licensure02/11/21
SB 142DHHR rule relating to hospital licensure02/11/21
SB 143DHHR rule relating to nursing home licensure02/11/21
SB 144DHHR rule relating to lead abatement licensing02/11/21
SB 145DHHR rule relating to emergency medical services02/11/21
SB 146DHHR rule relating to client rights at state-operated mental health facilities02/11/21
SB 147DHHR rule relating to delegation of medication administration and health maintenance tasks to approved medication assistive personnel02/11/21
SB 148DHHR rule relating to public health standards for businesses remaining open during COVID-19 outbreak02/11/21
SB 149DHHR rule relating to diabetes self-management education02/11/21
SB 150DHHR rule relating to WV clearance for access, registry, and employment screening02/11/21
SB 151DHHR rule relating to recovery residence certification and accreditation program02/11/21
SB 152DHHR rule relating to child placing agencies licensure02/11/21
SB 153DHHR rule relating to minimum licensing requirements for residential child care and treatment facilities for children and transitioning adults and vulnerable and transitioning youth group homes and programs in WV02/11/21
SB 154DHHR rule relating to procedure to contest substantiation of child abuse or neglect02/11/21
SB 155Health Care Authority rule relating to exemption from certificate of need02/11/21
SB 157Fire Marshal rule relating to standards for certification and continuing education municipal, county, and other public sector building code officials, building code inspectors, and plans examiners02/12/21
SB 158State Emergency Response Commission rule relating to emergency planning and community right to know02/12/21
SB 159State Emergency Response Commission rule relating to emergency planning grant program02/12/21
SB 161Alcohol Beverage Control Commission rule relating to distilleries, mini-distilleries, and micro-distilleries02/25/21
SB 162Division of Financial Institutions rule relating to Fintech Regulatory Sandbox Program02/25/21
SB 163Insurance Commissioner rule relating to fingerprinting requirements for applicants for insurance producer and insurance adjuster license02/25/21
SB 164Insurance Commissioner rule relating to insurance adjusters02/25/21
SB 165 Insurance Commissioner rule relating to credit for reinsurance02/25/21
SB 166Insurance Commissioner rule relating to continuing education for individual insurance producers and individual insurance adjusters02/25/21
SB 167Insurance Commissioner rule relating to mental health parity02/25/21
SB 168Insurance Commissioner rule relating to health benefit plan network access and adequacy02/25/21
SB 169Municipal Pensions Oversight Board rule relating to exempt purchasing02/25/21
SB 170Racing Commission rule relating to thoroughbred racing02/25/21
SB 171Racing Commission rule relating to greyhound racing02/25/21
SB 172Racing Commission rule relating to advance deposit account wagering02/25/21
SB 173Lottery Commission rule relating to WV lottery interactive wagering rule02/25/21
SB 174State Tax Department rule relating to tax credit for providing vehicles to low-income workers02/25/21
SB 175State Tax Department rule relating to downstream natural gas manufacturing investment tax credit02/25/21
SB 176State Tax Department rule relating to high-wage growth business tax credit02/25/21
SB 177DOH rule relating to traffic and safety rules02/11/21
SB 178DMV rule relating to examination and issuance of driver's license02/11/21
SB 179DMV rule relating to denial, suspension, revocation, disqualification, restriction, non-renewal, cancellation, administrative appeals, and reinstatement of driving privileges02/11/21
SB 180DMV rule relating to compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance02/11/21
SB 181DMV rule relating to special purpose vehicles02/11/21
SB 183Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to WV Seed Law02/19/21
SB 184Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to inspection of meat and poultry02/19/21
SB 185Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to poultry litter and manure movement into primary poultry breeder rearing areas02/19/21
SB 186Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to seed certification program02/19/21
SB 187Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to WV exempted dairy farms and milk and milk products processing rules02/19/21
SB 188Auditor rule relating to standards for requisitions for payment issued by State Officers on Auditor02/19/21
SB 189Board of Funeral Service Examiners rule relating to funeral director, embalmer, apprentice, courtesy card holders, and funeral establishment requirements02/19/21
SB 190Board of Funeral Service Examiners rule relating to crematory requirements02/19/21
SB 191Board of Funeral Service Examiners rule relating to fee schedule02/19/21
SB 192Board of Hearing Aid Dealers rule relating to rule governing the West Virginia Board of Hearing Aid Dealers02/19/21
SB 193Board of Landscape Architects rule relating to registration of landscape architects02/19/21
SB 194Board of Landscape Architects rule relating to application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals02/19/21
SB 195Livestock Care Standards Board rule relating to livestock care standards02/19/21
SB 196Board of Medicine rule relating to registration to practice during declared state of emergency02/19/21
SB 197Board of Occupational Therapy rule relating to telehealth practice; requirements, definitions02/19/21
SB 198Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to licensing procedures for osteopathic physicians02/19/21
SB 199Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to emergency temporary permits to practice during states of emergency or states of preparedness02/19/21
SB 200Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure and practice of pharmacy02/19/21
SB 201Board of Pharmacy rule relating to Uniform Controlled Substances Act02/19/21
SB 202Board of Pharmacy rule relating to Board of Pharmacy rules for continuing education for licensure of pharmacists02/19/21
SB 203Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure of wholesale drug distributors, third-party logistics providers, and manufacturers02/19/21
SB 204Board of Pharmacy rule relating to controlled substances monitoring program02/19/21
SB 205Board of Pharmacy rule relating to board of pharmacy rules for immunizations administered by pharmacists and pharmacy interns02/19/21
SB 206Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to general provisions for physical therapist and physical therapist assistants02/19/21
SB 207Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to fees for physical therapist and physical therapist assistants02/19/21
SB 208Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to general provisions for athletic trainers02/19/21
SB 209Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to fees for athletic trainers02/19/21
SB 210Board of Professional Surveyors rule relating to examination and licensing of professional surveyors in WV02/19/21
SB 211Real Estate Commission rule relating to licensing real estate brokers, associate brokers, and salespersons and conduct of brokerage business02/19/21
SB 212Board of Respiratory Care rule relating to criteria for licensure02/19/21
SB 213Secretary of State rule relating to loan and grant programs under the Help America Vote Act for purchase of voting equipment, election systems, software, services, and upgrades02/19/21
SB 214Secretary of State rule relating to guidelines and standards for electronic notarization02/19/21
SB 215Bureau of Senior Services rule relating to shared table initiative for senior citizens02/19/21
SB 217Division of Labor rule relating to high pressure steam boiler and forced flow steam generator requirements02/13/21
SB 218Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training rule relating to rule governing submission and approval of comprehensive mine safety program for coal mining operations in WV02/13/21
SB 219Division of Natural Resources rule relating to Cabwaylingo State Forest trail system two-year pilot program permitting ATVs and ORVs02/13/21
SB 220DNR rule relating to defining terms used in all hunting and trapping02/13/21
SB 221DNR rule relating to deer hunting rule02/13/21
SB 222DNR rule relating to special migratory game bird hunting02/13/21
SB 223DNR rule relating to special waterfowl hunting02/13/21
SB 229Implementing system for ranked choice voting for election of justices to WV Supreme Court of Appeals02/11/21
SB 230Prohibiting civil rights violations02/11/21
SB 246Allowing licensed employees, staff, and students of public universities to carry concealed weapon02/12/21
SB 250Prohibiting abuser of child from making contact with victim for 10 years02/12/21
SB 252Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices covered by Human Rights Act and Fair Housing Act02/12/21
SB 254Adding definitions of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to categories covered by Human Rights Act02/12/21
SB 261Authorizing Office of Administrative Hearings hear appeals on suspension or revocation of graduated driver's license02/12/21
SB 264Relating generally to licenses to sell paraphernalia for use with controlled substances02/12/21
SB 265Relating to sale of delinquent tax liens02/12/21
SB 266Creating Uniform Easement Relocation Act02/12/21
SB 267Relating to payment of taxes by co-owners02/12/21
SB 268Prohibiting insurance discrimination against firearms manufacturers02/12/21
SB 279Eliminating restriction to carry firearm on State Capitol Complex grounds02/13/21
SB 281Prohibiting ABCC from taking enforcement actions for violations of law or rule not related to ABCC02/13/21
SB 292Relating to disclosure of fundraising contributions during legislative session02/13/21
SB 298Limiting landowner liability for recreational use of lands02/16/21
SB 299Providing liquor, wine, and beer licensees with new concepts developed during state of emergency02/16/21
SB 304Requiring Secretary of State maintain online database of religious organizations02/17/21
SB 306Relating to removal of animals left unattended in motor vehicles02/17/21
SB 309Creating felony offense of aggravated cruelty to animals02/17/21
SB 310Providing for nonpartisan elections of county prosecuting attorneys02/17/21
SB 315Protecting consumers against businesses using automatic renewals without consent02/17/21
SB 316Eliminating suspension of driver's license for failure to pay court fines and costs02/17/21
SB 317Providing protection from civil liability for certain individuals rescuing animals locked in unattended vehicles02/17/21
SB 330Allowing grocery stores to sell certain amount of WV-made wine without license02/18/21
SB 333Establishing WV Freedom of Conscience Protection Act02/18/21
SB 340Requiring all local special levies be held on regularly scheduled statewide election ballot02/18/21
SB 347Allowing private club licensees provide alcoholic beverage carryout02/18/21
SB 349Limiting DHHR and certain state and local boards of health in gaining access to certain entities02/18/21
SB 352Creating offenses of conversion of leased or rented personal property02/18/21
SB 353Creating Second Amendment Preservation Act02/18/21
SB 355Relating to emergency powers of Governor02/18/21
SB 357Creating 2021 Farm Bill02/18/21
SB 364Limiting use of wages by employers and organizations for political activities02/19/21
SB 365WV Firearms Protection Act02/19/21
SB 367Relating to advertisements from political candidates02/19/21
SB 369Permitting civil actions against social media sites for censorship02/19/21
SB 378Requiring participation in drug court program for certain offenders02/22/21
SB 379Requiring persons convicted of certain crimes on or after March 8, 1995, provide DNA samples02/22/21
SB 400Relating to costs and interest in eminent domain condemnation proceedings02/23/21
SB 403Creating Timber Co-tenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act and Unknown and Unlocatable Timber Interest Owners Act02/23/21
SB 405Amending definition of "aboveground storage tank"02/23/21
SB 411Requiring probationers who served 10 or more years to participate in work release program02/23/21
SB 414Requiring DHHR file petition to terminate parental rights under certain circumstances02/23/21
SB 427Limiting DEP employees entering private lands for environmental purposes only02/23/21
SB 428Transferring Parole Board to Office of Administrative Hearings02/23/21
SB 430Modifying form of certain deeds02/23/21
SB 451Relating to possession of firearms by individuals during declared state of emergency02/25/21
SB 481Increasing penalty for impersonating law-enforcement officer or official03/01/21
SB 484Adding stalking to list of offenses for certain misconduct03/01/21
SB 491Relating to interest rate in condemnation proceedings03/01/21
SB 495Providing criminal offense of sexual extortion and sexual extortion by person holding certain position over another03/01/21
SB 497Increasing penalty for attempted murder in first degree03/01/21
SB 498Amending definition of "sexual contact"03/08/21
SB 499Relating to parole eligibility for drug distribution offenses03/01/21
SB 503Creating crime for being under influence of controlled substance unless specifically prescribed03/01/21
SB 504Relating to review of presidential executive orders by Legislature03/01/21
SB 506Requiring certain persons who commit criminal offense while in juvenile custody not be held within sight or sound of adult inmates03/01/21
SB 511Preventing compensatory damage awards for medical expenses under certain circumstances03/01/21
SB 512Relating to filing of asbestos and silica claims03/01/21
SB 519Prohibiting political subdivisions from enacting means of regulating certain areas of employer-employee relationship and sale or marketing of consumer merchandise03/02/21
SB 526Creating Uniform Worker Classification Act03/02/21
SB 527Prohibiting political subdivisions from enacting certain ordinances, regulations, local policies, or other legal requirements03/02/21
SB 553Removing liability from railroad company in certain instances03/03/21
SB 558Prohibiting certain divisive acts or concepts from schools, state agencies and any groups receiving state funding03/03/21
SB 559Providing protection for property owner when someone visiting private cemetery causes damage to property03/04/21
SB 561Election Security and Access Act of 202103/05/21
SB 564Creating Office of State Inspector General03/05/21
SB 570Creating Campus Self-Defense Act03/05/21
SB 572Creating Patrolman Cassie Johnson Memorial Act03/05/21
SB 573Requiring disclaimers on third-party, nongovernment solicitations mailed or otherwise provided to businesses03/05/21
SB 578Removing requirement of imminent lawless action to prerequisite for crime of intimidation03/05/21
SB 580Updating WV Governmental Ethics Act03/05/21
SB 581Relating to online privacy protection for minors03/05/21
SB 582Lowering legal age to sell or deliver wine from 18 to 1603/05/21
SB 591Amending penalty of simple possession of marijuana from misdemeanor crime to civil violation03/08/21
SB 597Providing caregiver expenses be given to candidates running for office in WV03/08/21
SB 624Prohibiting county airport authorities from adopting rules prohibiting possession of firearms in public areas03/11/21
SB 630Declaring sale and manufacture of firearms an essential business during declared emergency03/11/21
SB 631Permitting all registered voters to vote by absentee ballot03/11/21
SB 633Creating Social Media Integrity and Anti-Corruption in Elections Act03/12/21
SB 638Allowing "one button" straight party ticket voting03/12/21
SB 639Making elections of all judges and county boards of education partisan03/12/21
SB 649Legalizing cannabis production, sales, and adult consumption03/17/21
SB 650Permitting concealed carry in certain areas on State Capitol Complex03/17/21
SB 664Establishing public easement by prescription on private property03/18/21
SB 675Clarifying process for filling vacancies in Legislature03/19/21
SB 681Creating Natural Resources Anti-Commandeering Act03/22/21
SB 685WV Monument and Memorial Protection Act03/22/21
SB 687Updating provisions of Medical Professional Liability Act03/22/21
SB 688Mandating extended supervision for defendants convicted of stalking and related felonious acts03/22/21
SB 690Requiring all eligible voters to vote in general election03/22/21
SB 691Updating provisions of Medical Professional Liability Act03/22/21
SB 692Prohibiting unlawful discriminatory practices covered by Human Rights Act and Fair Housing Act03/22/21
SB 696Creating mechanism for enforcement of spousal support03/22/21
SB 699Relating to reasonable force in defense of self, real, and personal property03/22/21
SB 700Creating WV Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 202103/22/21
HB 2007Provide for occupational licenses or other authorization to practice by recognition for qualified applicants from other states 03/22/21
HB 2174West Virginia Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 202103/22/21
HB 2184Increasing the penalties for exposure of governmental representatives to fentanyl or any other harmful drug02/25/21
HB 2257Relating to extended supervision for certain drug offenders03/08/21
HB 2335Increasing the minimum criminal penalty for a driver who, in an impaired state, causes the death of a minor03/09/21
HB 2592Require Counties and Municipalities to hold all local elections during statewide elections04/01/21
HB 2598Altering the definition of an above ground storage tank03/12/21
HB 2630Requiring DEP to reimburse fines paid by towns, villages and communities in certain instances03/24/21
HB 2705Authorizing the Department of Health and Human Resources to promulgate a legislative rule relating to food establishments03/16/21
HB 2751Modernize the process for dissolution of municipal corporations in this State04/01/21
HB 2908Relating to disclosure of information by online marketplaces to inform consumers04/01/21
HB 2932Protections for Charitable Organizations03/15/21
HB 2972Allowing a person to manufacture a stated amount of alcoholic liquor for personal consumption 03/16/21
HB 3164Relating generally to kidnapping03/25/21
HB 3231Public Utilities not required to pay interest on security deposits03/26/21
HB 3303Relating to clarifying the process of filling vacancies on ballots03/30/21
HB 3307Social Media Integrity and Anti-Corruption in Elections Act04/01/21
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