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There are 34 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 20Creating online voters' guide01/12/22
SB 36Requiring notice be sent to owners of record before real property can be sold due to nonpayment of taxes01/12/22
SB 48Exempting DOH from Purchasing Division procedures01/12/22
SB 50Authorizing counties to impose county sales and use tax up to one percent under certain circumstances01/12/22
SB 75Requiring certain municipalities pay for incarceration of inmates01/12/22
SB 76Mandating coverage for medical care of State Police officers injured in line of duty01/12/22
SB 103Creating Closed Captioning Act01/12/22
SB 108Reestablishing prevailing wage for certain state government contracts01/12/22
SB 114Relating generally to Electronic Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Act01/12/22
SB 131Establishing Chuck Yeager Mountain State Medal of Excellence01/12/22
SB 132Requiring municipalities that impose one percent sales tax must reduce and remove B&O tax in five years01/12/22
SB 142Requiring payment of increased costs to volunteer fire departments and EMS units imposed by legislative rules01/12/22
SB 165Authorizing transfer of accrued personal leave of former county board of education employee when subsequently employed by state agency01/12/22
SB 199Creating Multiphase Procurement for Broadband Projects Act01/12/22
SB 202Regulating pawnbrokers01/12/22
SB 210Relating to measures Governor may make during state of emergency01/12/22
SB 241Modifying procedure certain public agencies use to procure architectural and engineering services contracts01/12/22
SB 243Granting all public employees 10 percent per year permanent pay increase01/12/22
SB 257Increasing salaries for WV State Police01/13/22
SB 258Prohibiting legislators and part-time public officials from having interest in public contracts under certain circumstances01/13/22
SB 273Relating to number of state troopers in county01/14/22
SB 473Creating Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan Fair Pay Act01/24/22
SB 513Creating Fire Service Recruitment and Retention Grant01/31/22
SB 519Relating generally to Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority02/01/22
SB 521Updating and modifying operations of Purchasing Division02/01/22
SB 539Creating Division of Multimodal Transportation02/01/22
SB 618Relating to zoning requirements for exempt wholesale generators02/11/22
SB 681Relating generally to WV Real Estate License Act02/18/22
SB 705Creating WV Native American Tribes Unique Recognition, Authentication, and Listing Act02/21/22
HB 3036Sunsetting the Board of Sanitarians02/10/22
HB 3122Relating to the establishment and operation of regional water, wastewater and stormwater authorities02/22/22
HB 4262Relating to licensure for polygraph examiners02/23/22
HB 4320Relating to natural immunity or antibodies to any illness to be treated as equal or better to vaccine induced immunity03/03/22
HB 4768Relating to change hearing location and customer notice provisions02/24/22
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