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There are 43 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 9WV Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 202301/11/23
SB 16Local Government Labor and Consumer Marketing Regulatory Limitation Act01/11/23
SB 17Extending expiration date of current cap on per diem cost for incarcerated inmates in regional jail01/11/23
SB 18Clarifying amount of deputy sheriff annual salary increase01/11/23
SB 20Relating to authorization and administration of county sales and use taxes01/11/23
SB 22Local Government Labor and Consumer Marketing Regulatory Limitation Act01/11/23
SB 25Requiring disclaimers on third-party, nongovernment solicitations of services for filing business annual reports with Secretary of State01/11/23
SB 26Requiring WV State Police to provide medical care for illness or injury received in line of duty01/11/23
SB 29Relating to funding for volunteer fire departments and emergency medical services units01/11/23
SB 44Requiring certain municipalities pay for incarceration of inmates01/11/23
SB 57Requiring political action committee to disclose contributors' names and addresses to Secretary of State01/11/23
SB 66Relating to regulation and control of elections01/11/23
SB 82Relating to unemployment benefits program01/11/23
SB 119Requiring notice be sent to owners of record before real property can be sold due to nonpayment of taxes01/11/23
SB 122Preventing public water and sewer utilities from prohibiting customer from constructing, installing, or maintaining connection to public utility01/11/23
SB 152Moving state primaries to August01/12/23
SB 164Prohibiting legislators and part-time public officials from having interest in public contracts under certain circumstances01/13/23
SB 176Allowing Tax Commissioner to process certain early refunds01/13/23
SB 180Relating to number of state troopers in county01/19/23
SB 181Creating Closed Captioning Act01/13/23
SB 206Increasing retirement benefit multiplier of Deputy Sherriff Retirement System Act 01/13/23
SB 215Creating No TikTok on Government Devices Act01/13/23
SB 218Establishing presidential primary election in presidential election years01/13/23
SB 257Providing for nonpartisan election of county sheriffs, prosecutors, assessors, county clerks, and circuit clerks01/17/23
SB 272Authorizing use of Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program Fund01/18/23
SB 432Granting Fleet Management Division oversight authority of state vehicle fleet01/23/23
SB 509Requiring that free feminine hygiene products be provided to female prisoners01/27/23
SB 511Ensuring certain amount of vehicle registration renewal fee be dedicated to Deputy Sheriff's Retirement System01/30/23
SB 512Providing that continuing education credits shall be valid for three years01/30/23
SB 536Relating to distribution of certain taxes to benefit fire departments and emergency medical services providers02/01/23
SB 542Relating to sheriff’s commission for collection of taxes02/01/23
SB 556Allowing sheriffs to collect additional funds for performing certain tasks02/03/23
SB 583Reducing rates for legal advertising 02/08/23
SB 586Requiring spending units to submit software procurement requests to Enterprise Resource Planning Board02/08/23
SB 627Establishing solar program for subscribers to gain credits against their utility bills02/14/23
SB 642Changing deadline for county clerks to report voter participation history02/15/23
SB 700Transferring Division of Personnel duties to individual agencies02/20/23
HB 2878To grant the Fleet Management Division oversight authority of the state vehicle fleet03/02/23
HB 3091Requiring counties provide fiscal information for State Auditor’s WV Checkbook website02/06/23
HB 3278Relating to the practice of optometry02/25/23
HB 3341To allow cigar bars 02/27/23
HB 3353Relating to the limitations on the financial relationships with foreign entities that have values antithetical to those of the State of West Virginia02/24/23
HB 3562Relating to the West Virginia Fusion Center03/02/23
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