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There are 64 Bills pending in House Technology and Infrastructure




SB 250Requiring certain drivers display student driver sign on rear of vehicle02/13/23
HB 2020Requiring a warning light to be erected on certain roads to warn of a traffic light ahead01/11/23
HB 2049Allowing antique car license plates for cars over 10,000lbs01/11/23
HB 2054Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to develop a formula for allocating road funds among districts01/11/23
HB 2078Relating to performance metrics for the West Virginia Division of Highways01/11/23
HB 2080To amend the laws relating to overtaking and passing school buses in West Virginia01/11/23
HB 2085Affordable broadband access for seniors, low income, and disabled persons due to fixed, minimum, or moderate incomes01/11/23
HB 2160Create license plate for autism awareness01/11/23
HB 2171Removing obsolete provisions regarding DOH standards for studded tires and chains01/26/23
HB 2246Relating to unlawfully using electronic communication devices while driving01/11/23
HB 2271Exempting law enforcement and emergency vehicles from paying turnpike tolls01/11/23
HB 2278Authorizing the DMV to issue certain vital records in the custody of the state registrar01/11/23
HB 2337Prohibiting the placement of the name or likeness of public officials on state road signs01/11/23
HB 2356Prohibiting certain devices which enhance a diesel-powered vehicle’s capacity to emit soot01/11/23
HB 2364To exempt school buses from toll fees in West Virginia01/11/23
HB 2371Ensure State Road Construction Account funds are in addition to general highways funds provided to the DOT districts01/11/23
HB 2373Requiring legislative approval of additional parkways bonds and removing tolls once bonds paid 01/11/23
HB 2384Providing for the Relief at the Pump Bill01/11/23
HB 2389Provide for a special driver’s license for those with physical disabilities01/11/23
HB 2414Placing notation on driver’s license or ID cards regarding certain cognitive disabilities01/11/23
HB 2442Requiring that a state employee with a commercial driver’s license have a current medical evaluation certification01/11/23
HB 2445To exempt EMS providers from Turnpike Tolls01/11/23
HB 2456Relating to a customer constructing a connection or other infrastructure necessary for the customer to connect to the public utility01/11/23
HB 2469Keep federal level weight limits for trucking in the state of WV01/11/23
HB 2484Requiring paving contracts for state highways to have special requirements to prevent potholes01/11/23
HB 2502Repeal law requiring motorcycle riders to wear a helmet01/11/23
HB 2507Relating to the West Virginia public employees grievance procedure01/12/23
HB 2514Increasing penalties for putting objects on highways01/12/23
HB 2520Free Gold Star License Plates to parents01/12/23
HB 2562Provide for a special drivers license for those with physical disabilities 01/16/23
HB 2565Relating to registration plates01/16/23
HB 2581Relating to a permanent partial repeal of the gasoline tax in WV not to exceed 50% of the current tax01/16/23
HB 2593Creating the WV Energy Efficiency Jobs Creation Act01/17/23
HB 2632Repeal code relating to inspection of vehicles01/17/23
HB 2691Authorizing the Division of Highways to promulgate a legislative rule relating to construction and reconstruction of state roads01/17/23
HB 2781Establishing Comprehensive Highway Paving Plan01/18/23
HB 2788Repealing vehicle inspection sticker requirements in WV01/18/23
HB 2794To create a special license plate for 100% disabled veterans01/18/23
HB 2806Relating to an occupational limited license01/19/23
HB 2864To require larger municipally owned public water and wastewater utilities to pass rates to meet the same standards as utilities regulated under Chapter 24 of the Code 01/20/23
HB 2881Relating to utility rate increases01/20/23
HB 2886Elimination of the required annual vehicle inspection for vehicles not requiring a “Modified Inspection”01/20/23
HB 2887Elimination of the helmet requirement for motorcycles01/20/23
HB 2943Providing that West Virginia residents would not have to renew their driver’s license until they reach 65 years of age01/24/23
HB 2954Eliminate need for Certificate of public convenience for water and sewer utilities01/24/23
HB 2957Create camera assisted enforcement of speeding in active work zones01/24/23
HB 2984Relating to establishing a program for camera assisted speed enforcement in active school zones in this state01/24/23
HB 3023To cut the WV gas tax by 50% for WV residents01/25/23
HB 3032Relating to increasing the validity of a commercial instruction permit01/25/23
HB 3043To require a blood draw/blood test after a motor vehicle accident to determine impairment of those involved.01/25/23
HB 3056To change the requirement for an EMS Agency Vehicle Inspection from every year to every two years02/09/23
HB 3071Requiring the approval of the Legislature and the Governor before additional bonds may be issued by the Parkways Authority01/26/23
HB 3131Clarify pricing for gasoline to consumers01/30/23
HB 3179Relating to road work signs01/31/23
HB 3217To eliminate the process of vehicle inspection in West Virginia02/02/23
HB 3255Relating to granting parolees driving permits02/03/23
HB 3256To mandate that credit card payment be acceptable at toll booths02/03/23
HB 3258Ending the toll road when the bond is paid off02/03/23
HB 3323Relating to Drivers License Address Requirements02/07/23
HB 3324Relating to the reduction of State Gas Tax02/07/23
HB 3377Remove the Privilege Tax02/13/23
HB 3395To require railroad companies to provide alternative entry and exit ways02/13/23
HB 3453Consumer Data Protection Act02/14/23
HB 3541Moving recovery of certain expenses from the reconcilable rate to be charged to the users of the broadband facilities02/14/23
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