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Bill Status - 2001 Regular Session

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There are 47 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




SB 660Relating to motor vehicle insurance policies04/09/01
HB 2009Prohibiting certain motor vehicle rate increases within a family residence02/14/01
HB 2013Prohibiting automobile insurance rate increases or surcharges for reason of nonserious traffic convictions02/14/01
HB 2019Removing the family purpose doctrine provision from motor vehicle liability policies02/14/01
HB 2061Reducing insurance premium charges for school bus operators and drivers' education instructors02/14/01
HB 2137Prohibiting subrogation of motor vehicle liability insurance medical payments02/14/01
HB 2181Correcting an omission in the model Insurance Company Holding Act by providing that certain information reported is confidential02/14/01
HB 2185Changing from twenty-four hours to seventy-two hours the time in which an insured has to report an accident02/14/01
HB 2226Making osteoporosis testing available for HMO subscribers02/15/01
HB 2235Prohibiting banks from charging fees for payoff or balance inquiries unless the inquiries exceed a certain number02/15/01
HB 2241Insurance coverage of infant formula02/15/01
HB 2267Requiring insurance coverage of breast reconstruction following mastectomy surgery02/16/01
HB 2397Prohibiting auto insurers from developing premium rates by territories and requiring the same to be developed statewide02/21/01
HB 2400Improving health care delivery and access to health care02/21/01
HB 2423Providing that an insured individual's motor vehicle coverage is primary when a claim arises from the operation of a vehicle owned by a certain person, firm or corporation02/21/01
HB 2491Eliminating the seventy five percent participation requirement for certain group insurance policies02/22/01
HB 2495Requiring certain health insurance policy language02/23/01
HB 2507Relating generally to the Insurance Guaranty Association Act02/23/01
HB 2571Patients' Access to Eye Care Act02/27/01
HB 2726Requiring prompt payment for claims under individual and group accident and sickness insurance policies03/05/01
HB 2730Requiring insurance coverage for a reasonable period of inpatient care following mastectomy surgery03/05/01
HB 2732Relating generally to insurance fraud03/05/01
HB 2737Relating to variable premium adjustable life insurance policies03/05/01
HB 2789Regulation of residential mortgage lenders, brokers and servicers03/07/01
HB 2813Requiring PEIA plans which provide coverage for dialysis to cover transportation costs03/09/01
HB 2907Requiring PEIA coverage of early detection cancer tests03/19/01
HB 3001Relating to benefits, limits, terms, conditions and exclusions approved by the commissioner of insurance03/26/01
HB 3026Privacy rights of West Virginia insureds03/28/01
HB 3067Reducing the total cost of professional liability insurance03/29/01
HB 3068Prohibiting late charges on consumer installment payments in certain circumstances03/29/01
HB 3079Allowing banks flexibility in the hours branches are required to be open03/29/01
HB 3082Requiring associations to which life and health insurance can be sold be bona fide03/29/01
HB 3083Relating to unauthorized insurer provisions and unlawful transaction of insurance generally03/29/01
HB 3092Preventing lenders from unreasonably assessing late charges and from creating credit problems for consumers03/29/01
HB 3101Authorizing medical malpractice insurers to issue contracts or policies with rates for specific risks in excess of their filed rates03/29/01
HB 3102Relating to accounting principles to be used in the annual audited financial reports of insurers03/29/01
HB 3103Permitting health maintenance organizations and hospital, medical and dental service corporations to borrow money for surplus funds and other expenses03/29/01
HB 3104Relating to examination of persons transacting insurance in the state03/29/01
HB 3116Authorizing insurers to issue policies with rates for specific risks in excess of their filed rates03/30/01
HB 3160Prescription Drug Fair Pricing Act03/30/01
HB 3171Liability insurance for certain employees of mental health centers or mental retardation facilities who use personal vehicles to transport patients03/30/01
HB 3183Relating to consumer real estate loans and consumer credit reports03/30/01
HB 3184Providing for civil penalties for abuses by credit reporting agencies03/30/01
HB 3186Prohibiting bank charges to recipients of worthless checks03/30/01
HB 3188Requiring banks to immediately post deposits03/30/01
HB 3197Liability of an insurance agent or broker when a malpractice insurer becomes solvent03/30/01
HB 3222Requiring health benefit plans to issue uniform prescription drug information cards or technology03/30/01
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