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Senate Executive Message No. 2 (1ES) (Confirmations)
Senate Executive Message No. 1 (1ES)
FY 2025 Governor's Budget Revisions (03-05-24)
Proclamation Extending Session
Executive Message 2 (Annual Reports)
Executive Message 3 (Pardons-Reprieves)

Executive Message 1
Executive Message 2 (General Revenue)
Executive Message 3 (Statement of Revenues)
Executive Message 4 (Confirmations)
Executive Message 5 (Pardons Granted-Not Granted)
Executive Message 6 (Annual Reports Received)

Executive Message 3 (Annual Reports)
Executive Message 4 (Pardons)
Executive Message 5 (Budget Adjustment)
Executive Message 2 (Budget Breakdown)
Executive Message 3 (Annual Reports)
Executive Message 4 (Pardons)

Publications of the Senate Clerk's Office

West Virginia Blue Book

West Virginia Blue Book
Produced by: Senate Clerk's Office

phone: (304) 357-7800
Published each year, the Blue Book is an extensive guide containing information on current officials in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government; federal officers, including the president, congressional representatives and judges; and, political leaders, including party committee chairs and members. The books, published in odd-numbered years and the 2000 edition, include photographs and biographies of these officials. This publication also contains information on state and federal agencies; postal information; the Constitutions of the United States and West Virginia; and, considerable information on counties, municipalities and various organizations.

2017-2018 Blue Book

Frontice (p. I-VIII)
Section 1: Executive (p. 1-330)
Section 2: Legislative (p. 331-508)
Section 3: Judicial (p. 509-546)
Section 4: Constitutional (p. 547-642)
Section 5: Institutions (p. 643-690)
Section 6: Federal (p. 691-766)
Section 7: Press, Television & Radio, Postal (p. 767-780)
Section 8: Political (p. 781-872)
Section 9: Counties (p. 873-942)
Section 10: Municipalities (p. 943-1038)
Section 11: Departmental, Statistical & General Information (p. 1039-1116)

2015-2016 Blue Book

Frontice (p. I-XIV)
Section 1: Executive (p. 1-336)
Section 2: Legislative (p. 337-512)
Section 3: Judicial (p. 513-542)
Section 4: Constitutional (p. 543-628)
Section 5: Institutions (p. 629-676)
Section 6: Federal (p. 677-752)
Section 7: Press, Television & Radio, Postal (p. 753-766)
Section 8: Political (p. 767-876)
Section 9: Counties (p. 877-946)
Section 10: Municipalities (p. 947-1042)
Section 11: Departmental, Statistical & General Information (p. 1043-1116)
Section 12: Index (p. 1117-1134)

Archived Editions:
2012 WV Blue Book
2011 WV Blue Book
2008 WV Blue Book
2007 WV Blue Book
2006 WV Blue Book
2005 WV Blue Book
2004 WV Blue Book
2003 WV Blue Book
2002 WV Blue Book
2001 WV Blue Book
2000 WV Blue Book
1999 WV Blue Book
1998 WV Blue Book
1997 WV Blue Book
1996 WV Blue Book
1995 WV Blue Book
1994 WV Blue Book
1993 WV Blue Book
1992 WV Blue Book
1991 WV Blue Book
1989 WV Blue Book
1987 WV Blue Book
1986 WV Blue Book
1985 WV Blue Book
1984 WV Blue Book
1983 WV Blue Book
1982 WV Blue Book
1981 WV Blue Book
1980 WV Blue Book
1979 WV Blue Book
1978 WV Blue Book
1977 WV Blue Book
1976 WV Blue Book
1975 WV Blue Book
1973 WV Blue Book
1972 WV Blue Book
1971 WV Blue Book
1970 WV Blue Book
1969 WV Blue Book
1968 WV Blue Book
1967 WV Blue Book
1966 WV Blue Book
1965 WV Blue Book
1964 WV Blue Book
1963 WV Blue Book
1962 WV Blue Book
1961 WV Blue Book
1960 WV Blue Book
1959 WV Blue Book
1958 WV Blue Book
1957 WV Blue Book
1956 WV Blue Book
1955 WV Blue Book
1954 WV Blue Book
1953 WV Blue Book
1952 WV Blue Book
1951 WV Blue Book
1950 WV Blue Book
1949 WV Blue Book
1948 WV Blue Book
1947 WV Blue Book
1946 WV Blue Book
1945 WV Blue Book
1944 WV Blue Book
1943 WV Blue Book
1942 WV Blue Book
1941 WV Blue Book
1940 WV Blue Book
1939 WV Blue Book
1938 WV Blue Book
1936 WV Blue Book
1935 WV Blue Book
1934 WV Blue Book
1933 WV Blue Book
1931 WV Blue Book
1930 WV Blue Book
1929 WV Blue Book
1928 WV Blue Book
1927 WV Blue Book
1926 WV Blue Book
1925 WV Blue Book
1924 WV Blue Book
1923 WV Blue Book
1922 WV Blue Book
1921 WV Blue Book
1920 WV Blue Book
1919 WV Blue Book
1918 WV Blue Book
1917 WV Blue Book
1916 WV Blue Book

The West Virginia Capitol: A Commemorative History

A Commemorative History of the West Virginia Capitol
Produced by: Senate Clerk's Office

phone: (304) 357-7800

On the web: Capitol History
Download: Capitol History [PDF]
First printed in 1982 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Capitol's dedication, this publication contains archival pictures, photographs and detailed accounts of the Statehouse's history - from its early locations and a devastating fire to Cass Gilbert's vision, its awe-inspiring construction in Charleston and the intricate details that citizens continue to enjoy today. The book also includes information on the Governor's Mansion and a summary of statistical figures concerning the Capitol.

Page Program Book

Page Program Book
Created as a guide for students participating in the Legislature's Page Program, this book provides valuable information on the members of the Senate and House of Delegates, including their photographs and seating charts. It also details students' responsibilities while serving as pages and important rules to follow while in the Chambers. In addition, the book includes Capitol maps, an explanation of the legislative process and historical information on West Virginia.

Senate Journals

Senate Journals
Produced by: Senate Clerk's Office

Legislative Duplicating
phone: (304) 347-4811

On the web: Legislature's Bulletin Board
Printed daily, this is the official record of the proceedings that take place each day while the Senate is in session. The Journal follows the Order of Business and details floor actions on any legislation up for introduction, amendment or passage. In addition, the results of all roll call votes are shown. For added convenience, the Senate Daily Journals are now available online.

Senate Bound Journal

Senate Journal, 2023, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2023, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2023, Volume 3

Senate Journal, 2022, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2022, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2022, Volume 3
Senate Journal, 2022, Volume 4

Senate Journal, 2021, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2021, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2021, Volume 3
Senate Journal, 2021, Volume 4

Senate Journal, 2020, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2020, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2020, Volume 3
Senate Journal, 2020, Volume 4

Senate Journal, 2019, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2019, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2019, Volume 3
Senate Journal, 2019, Volume 4

Senate Journal, 2018, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2018, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2018, Volume 3
Senate Journal, 2018, Volume 4

Senate Journal, 2017, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2017, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2017, Volume 3
Senate Journal, 2017, Volume 4

Senate Journal, 2016, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2016, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2016, Volume 3
Senate Journal, 2016, Volume 4

Senate Journal, 2015, Volume 1
Senate Journal, 2015, Volume 2
Senate Journal, 2015, Volume 3

Senate Journal, 2014
Senate Journal, 2013

Senate Topical Index & Bill History

Senate Index and Abstract
Produced by: Senate Clerk's Office

Legislative Duplicating
phone: (304) 347-4811

On the web: Legislature's Bulletin Board
Printed daily, the Senate Topical Index contains a list of all bills introduced by subject and includes short titles of each measure. The Senate Bill History, also printed daily, is a numerical listing of all bills introduced, including short titles, sponsor(s), notation of companion House bills and an updated history of Senate and House action from introduction through approval or veto by the governor. These publications are available online.
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