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Bill Status - 2001 Regular Session

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There are 39 Bills pending in House Roads and Transportation




SB 56Requiring legislative approval for designation of road, highway, bridge or division of highways facilities03/14/01
SB 386Relating to special registration plates or placards issued to persons with impaired mobility03/23/01
SB 500Allowing holder of suspended commercial driver's license continue operating under certain circumstances03/20/01
SB 705Relating to weight and load limitations on certain roads in Weirton04/03/01
HB 2017Regulating the operation of all-terrain vehicles02/14/01
HB 2034Adopting standards for improvement of signs and road markings on highways02/14/01
HB 2064Exempting funeral procession vehicles from payment of bridge or road tolls02/14/01
HB 2089Relating to weight limits on coal conveyance vehicles02/14/01
HB 2099Removing language in the seat belt law whereby enforcement is accomplished only as a secondary action02/14/01
HB 2108Requiring commercial trucks to have the corporate name prominently displayed on the truck02/14/01
HB 2114Issuance of continuous or multiple trip permits for the transport of oversize or overweight loads on highways02/14/01
HB 2182Requiring all occupants driving or riding in a motor vehicle to wear safety belts02/14/01
HB 2191Relating generally to special registration plates or placards with persons with a disability02/14/01
HB 2257Requiring an occupied caboose at the rear of each train02/16/01
HB 2288Creating the West Virginia transportation oversight committee02/19/01
HB 2300Providing continued use of a suspended commercial driver's license under certain circumstances02/19/01
HB 2301Requiring motor vehicles carrying logs or timber to use steel supports to contain the logs
HB 2330Clarifying that a person may start a motor vehicle for the purpose of warming the engine and leaving the vehicle unattended02/19/01
HB 2350Authorizing the parkways, economic development and tourism authority to construct industrial sites along its corridor02/20/01
HB 2469Providing for the mandatory covering of any vehicles carrying certain loads02/22/01
HB 2499Relating to the acquisition and maintenance of orphan roads02/23/01
HB 2518Providing equipment for snow removal in school bus turn around areas02/23/01
HB 2559Relating to license plates for the division of protective services and the state fire marshal02/26/01
HB 2742Requiring alternatively flashing headlights on the front of school buses that are stopped03/05/01
HB 2794Providing criminal penalties for impeding the flow of traffic in passing lanes03/08/01
HB 2807Requiring school buses to have rear impact underride guards03/09/01
HB 2818Exempting certain providers of general public transportation from regulatory requirements applicable to motor carriers03/09/01
HB 2872Authorizing specialized motor vehicle registration plates bearing the logo "PRO LIFE"03/15/01
HB 2910Relating to license plates for war veterans03/19/01
HB 2913Relating generally to motor vehicle special registration plates or placards03/20/01
HB 2978Authorizing the issuance of coal miners special motor vehicle registration plates03/23/01
HB 3004Modifying the application procedure for motor vehicle registrations and renewals03/26/01
HB 3014Regulation and licensing of persons engaged in the business of selling vehicles03/27/01
HB 3040Relating to registration requirements of the selective service system03/28/01
HB 3119Requiring the development of a state transportation plan03/30/01
HB 3146Relating to the degree of tint on automobile windows03/30/01
HB 3154Making it a crime to operate certain large vehicles in the passing lane of four lane highways03/30/01
HB 3165Titling of antique cars03/30/01
HB 3167Allowing the purchase of special motor vehicle registration plates for volunteer firemen03/30/01
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