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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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There are 71 Bills pending in House Pensions and Retirement




HB 2033Consideration of time served in the armed forces for service credit under the public employees retirement system01/09/02
HB 2053Permitting a legislator to contribute to teachers retirement for that period during which the legislator is engaged in official business01/09/02
HB 2071Increasing benefits for retired state personnel and teachers01/09/02
HB 2078Relating generally to the public employee retirement system01/09/02
HB 2090Increasing disability and death benefits for police pensions01/09/02
HB 2131Relating to service credit for unused personal leave days for teachers01/09/02
HB 2132Increasing a surviving spouse's death benefit under a municipal police officer's or firefighter's pension01/09/02
HB 2133Providing retirement service credit to teachers at private colleges and universities01/09/02
HB 2171Relating to the amount of employee and board contributions to retirement plans selected by the governing boards of higher education01/09/02
HB 2189Providing a one time supplemental cost-of-living allowance to be added to the annual benefits of annuitants of the teachers retirement system01/09/02
HB 2224Crediting a deceased teacher's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse and other dependents01/09/02
HB 2232Providing an annual cost-of-living increase for retired teachers01/09/02
HB 2251Graduated cost-of-living allowances for certain public employee retirees01/09/02
HB 2293Clarifying that the Legislature is a part-time elected office for purposes of state teachers retirement system early retirement incentives program01/09/02
HB 2315Providing a minimum monthly benefit for certain public employee retirees01/09/02
HB 2317Providing a minimum monthly retirement annuity for certain public employee retirees01/09/02
HB 2319Teacher retirement eligibility when age plus years of service equals or exceeds eighty01/09/02
HB 2323Raising the allowable earnings limit of higher education faculty who retired under the severance plan01/09/02
HB 2326Increasing retirement benefits of teachers and public employees01/09/02
HB 2341Removing language which might reduce a public employee's disability benefits upon reaching age 6501/09/02
HB 2359Providing public employees retirement with full pension rights when contributing service equals or exceeds thirty years01/09/02
HB 2364Increasing retirement benefits for public employees01/09/02
HB 2394Providing for teacher retirement annuity survivor beneficiary options01/09/02
HB 2399Permitting retired teachers to substitute teach an unlimited number of days without losing benefits01/09/02
HB 2403Providing retirement service credit for certain employees of the West Virginia University extension service01/09/02
HB 2436Granting prior service credit to certain county employees for retirement purposes01/09/02
HB 2462Teachers retirement with full pension rights regardless of age when contributing service equals or exceeds twenty-five years01/09/02
HB 2476Providing teacher retirement eligibility when age plus years of service equals or exceeds eighty-five01/09/02
HB 2509Increasing retirement benefits of a deputy sheriff retirement system member01/09/02
HB 2534Renaming the state teachers retirement system01/09/02
HB 2787Minimum monthly retirement annuity for certain retired public employees and teachers01/09/02
HB 2816Permitting certain transfers of service credit and retirement account to the public employees retirement system from the teachers' defined contribution retirement system01/09/02
HB 2890Providing that county employers be directly invoiced by the public employees retirement system for sick leave used by county employees01/09/02
HB 2944Allowing the use of accumulated leave to meet initial eligibility criteria for retirement01/09/02
HB 2965Increasing the multiplier for a retirement annuity in the public employees retirement system01/09/02
HB 3044Excluding retirement income of conservation officers from income tax01/09/02
HB 3047Providing a one-time supplement to the retirement benefit of certain annuitants in the teachers retirement system01/09/02
HB 3098Including conservation officers in the deputy sheriff retirement system01/09/02
HB 3203Adjusted credit for unused sick leave under the teachers retirement system01/09/02
HB 3230Making additional funds available for the fire and police pension system and for volunteer and part volunteer fire departments by increasing premium tax on insurance01/09/02
HB 3231Granting a modification to adjusted gross income to certain retiring higher education employees01/09/02
HB 3244Municipal Pension Plan Funding Standard and Recovery Act01/09/02
HB 4032Giving certain annuitants of the teachers retirement system a one-time supplement01/14/02
HB 4071Including education service personnel eligibility for the five hundred dollar early retirement notification bonus01/17/02
HB 4096Allowing retiring state employees to use accrued annual and sick leave days to meet early retirement eligibility criteria01/18/02
HB 4101Providing teacher retirement eligibility when a member's age plus years of service equals or exceeds eighty01/21/02
HB 4103Personal income tax exemption for military retirees01/21/02
HB 4106Increasing retirement pensions for police and firefighters01/21/02
HB 4118Giving certain annuitants of the public employees and teachers retirement systems a one-time supplement01/22/02
HB 4264Increasing supplemental benefits to certain teacher retirement annuitants01/28/02
HB 4300Requiring the state treasurer to retain an actuary to review and evaluate all municipal police and firefighters' pension plans01/30/02
HB 4317Providing for public employees retirement system service credit for active service in the armed forces01/30/02
HB 4334Public employees retirement system credit for national guard service01/31/02
HB 4348Providing an annual cost of living increase for certain teacher retirees02/01/02
HB 4357Increasing the multiplier for a retirement annuity in the public employees retirement system02/01/02
HB 4387Changing the final average salary calculation in determining the benefit of a deputy sheriff retirement system member02/04/02
HB 4416Allowing teachers who withdrew from the teachers retirement system in favor of the defined contribution retirement system to return to the teachers retirement system02/05/02
HB 4435Increasing supplemental benefits to teacher retirement annuitants02/07/02
HB 4439Authorizing service credit under public employees retirement for federal employment service02/07/02
HB 4442Allowing certain former members of the state police to resubscribe to the retirement system02/07/02
HB 4482Relating to reinstatement or transfer of service to the deputy sheriff retirement system 02/14/02
HB 4483Clarifying the service credit earned for certain public employees retirement system employees02/14/02
HB 4513Extending the deadline to apply for the retirement service credit for public employees who worked under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act02/18/02
HB 4547Providing service credit in the public employees retirement system for all active time served in the armed forces02/20/02
HB 4550Increasing supplemental benefits to certain teacher retirement annuitants02/20/02
HB 4554Providing that two dollars of the fees collected by the sheriff for service of process is deposited in the West Virginia deputy sheriff retirement fund02/20/02
HB 4573Lowering the retirement age for state troopers with twenty years of service02/21/02
HB 4590Providing a one-time supplement to certain public employee retirement system annuitants02/22/02
HB 4592Allowing deputy sheriffs under the former public employees retirement system an indefinite period of time to pay amounts required02/22/02
HB 4593Relating to retroactive service credit for members of the public employees retirement system02/22/02
HB 4632Permitting state employers or other public employers to contribute to deferred compensation plans to match employee contributions02/22/02
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