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There are 63 Bills pending in House Roads and Transportation




SB 78Relating to special license plates04/01/09
SB 327Relating to mini-trucks registration and operation03/31/09
SB 336Changing failure to wear seatbelt to primary offense03/27/09
SB 749Reviewing certain driver's license DUI revocation orders04/01/09
HB 2006Requiring color coded certificates of insurance to be placed on the windshield of the insured motor vehicle02/11/09
HB 2025Including bicycle and pedestrian ways in consideration in the planning and development of state roads02/11/09
HB 2032Removing the section of code that limits the use of certain types of vehicles on highways between sunset and sunrise02/11/09
HB 2043Relating to notification of cancellation or nonrenewal of an insured's automobile liability insurance contract or policy02/11/09
HB 2099Exempting wrecker services from regulation by the Public Service Commission02/11/09
HB 2110Creating a special registration plate for the American Veteran's Organization (AMVETS)02/11/09
HB 2120Prohibiting charitable organizations from soliciting contributions on public highways02/11/09
HB 2135Providing for reexamination of drivers holding valid drivers licenses who are observed by police officers violating traffic laws or who appear to have caused accidents as the result of negligence or inadequate driving skill02/11/09
HB 2141Relating to the issuance of driver's licenses and disposition02/11/09
HB 2143Dedicating a portion of the receipts from the tax on food products to be distributed equally to each district of the Division of Highways02/11/09
HB 2149Requiring the DMV to notify the state police when a registered sex offender purchases, trades or registers a motor vehicle02/11/09
HB 2239Exempting nonprofit organizations from paying an annual motor vehicle registration fee02/12/09
HB 2253Making the offense of failure to wear safety belts a primary offense02/12/09
HB 2273Relating to suspension of drivers license for certain offenses if committed by college students02/12/09
HB 2318Exempting motorcycles from the requirement of annual registration02/12/09
HB 2348Requiring mandatory community service upon conviction of a misdemeanor offense of driving under the influence and creating a central registry02/13/09
HB 2357Providing for a Public Service Commission investigation for traffic accidents involving a motor carrier regulated by the Public Service Commission02/13/09
HB 2394Authorizing the issuance of special license plates for pharmacists02/13/09
HB 2429Requiring a preliminary breath analysis for the purpose of determining the blood alcohol content of a surviving driver02/16/09
HB 2432Exempting certain recipients of military medals of valor from special registration plate fees02/16/09
HB 2446Providing that utility trailer registration plates are midsized relative to automobile registration plates and motorcycle plates02/16/09
HB 2450Permitting private owners of vehicles to install an interlock system on their vehicle02/16/09
HB 2467Providing for special registration plates bearing the logo, insignia, letters or words demonstrating support for Mountain State University02/16/09
HB 2468Allowing a disabled veteran one additional license plate02/16/09
HB 2488Relating to registration and operation of mini trucks02/17/09
HB 2492Providing that accident report forms are conclusive as to the issue of the accident's cause, unless a court rules otherwise02/17/09
HB 2494Giving local authorities the authority to decrease the speed limit on streets and highways where school buses travel in its jurisdiction02/17/09
HB 2502Creating and issuing special registration plates bearing the inscription "In God We Trust"02/17/09
HB 2522Authorizing the law-enforcement agency responsible for a forfeited motor vehicle to trade the motor vehicle for a new vehicle in certain circumstances02/17/09
HB 2526Allowing persons involved in motor vehicle accidents to receive pertinent information at no charge in order to file a timely insurance claim02/17/09
HB 2596Explaining all warranties for the sale of used cars including the requirements for "as is" sales02/18/09
HB 2615Providing discounted motor registration fees for members of volunteer fire departments02/18/09
HB 2630Issuing special license plates for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses02/18/09
HB 2661Including roads that serve more than one family in the state road system02/19/09
HB 2667Permitting motor vehicle dealers to sell certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis without a warranty02/19/09
HB 2750Establishing an Innovative Highway Projects Pilot Program02/23/09
HB 2755Authorizing the Department of Transportation to take control of an emergency scene on a highway02/23/09
HB 2775Exempting antique cars from taxation and fees02/24/09
HB 2779Relating to the regulation and operation of low-speed vehicles02/24/09
HB 2800Updating the requirements for a new subdivision to access a road in the State Highway System02/25/09
HB 2842Issuing a special "Family of an Officer Killed in the Line of Duty" license plate02/26/09
HB 2856Authorizing the Division of Motor Vehicles to issue a "Choose Life" license plate02/26/09
HB 2876Reinstating the license of a person within thirty days upon receiving the applicable proof of compliance02/27/09
HB 2903Prohibiting the use of white strobe lights on motor vehicles03/03/09
HB 2917Giving full consideration to bicycle, pedestrian and transit ways in the planning, development of state roads, railways and waterways03/03/09
HB 2939Providing for the issuance of a special "Disabled Veteran" license plate for motorcycles03/04/09
HB 2941Providing for the issuance of a special "In God We Trust" license plate03/04/09
HB 2946Permitting running lamps on motorcycles, motor-driven cycles and mopeds03/04/09
HB 2953Providing for the issuance of a special "Animal Friendly" license plate03/05/09
HB 2973Providing for the issuance of special registration plates bearing the logo, symbol, insignia, letters or words demonstrating association with or support for the Friends of Coal organization03/06/09
HB 2991Requiring additional lighting and reflector equipment of certain vehicles03/09/09
HB 3016Constructing speed bumps on one-lane roads and providing that the state is not liable for any damages to motor vehicles resulting from the speed bumps03/10/09
HB 3030Relating to special railroad police03/10/09
HB 3095Exempting antique motor vehicles from personal property taxes03/12/09
HB 3164Revising current restrictions on outdoor advertising of businesses03/17/09
HB 3239Including medical scooters within the definition of "motor vehicle" for purposes of driving under the influence03/19/09
HB 3249Preventing vehicles from driving more than seventy-five feet in a center lane designated for left turns03/20/09
HB 3252Relating to additional lighting and reflector equipment required on certain vehicles03/20/09
HB 3261Providing definitions for autocycle and motorcycle03/20/09
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