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There are 60 Bills pending in House Roads and Transportation




HB 2038Permitting motor vehicle dealers to sell certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis without a warranty01/11/12
HB 2055Prohibiting charitable organizations from soliciting contributions on public highways01/11/12
HB 2062Making the offense of failure to wear safety belts a primary offense01/11/12
HB 2110Relating to the issuance of driver's licenses and disposition01/11/12
HB 2111Dedicating a portion of the receipts from the tax on food products to be distributed equally to each district of the Division of Highways01/11/12
HB 2117Exempting nonprofit organizations from paying an annual motor vehicle registration fee01/11/12
HB 2150Relating to registration and operation of mini trucks01/11/12
HB 2176Terminating tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike before 202001/11/12
HB 2200Exempting motorcycles from the requirement of annual registration01/11/12
HB 2205Requiring color coded certificates of insurance to be placed on the windshield of the insured motor vehicle01/11/12
HB 2207Providing that accident report forms are conclusive as to the issue of the accident's cause, unless a court rules otherwise01/11/12
HB 2226Requiring the DMV to notify the state police when a registered sex offender purchases, trades or registers a motor vehicle01/11/12
HB 2236Exempting antique cars from taxation and fees01/11/12
HB 2242Permitting running lamps on motorcycles, motor-driven cycles and mopeds01/11/12
HB 2254Authorizing excess funds in the courtesy Patrol Fund to be transferred back to the Tourism Promotion Fund01/11/12
HB 2255Allowing persons involved in motor vehicle accidents to receive pertinent information at no charge in order to file a timely insurance claim01/11/12
HB 2286Providing discounted motor registration fees for members of volunteer fire departments01/11/12
HB 2316Giving full consideration to bicycle, pedestrian and transit ways in the planning, development of state roads, railways and waterways01/11/12
HB 2327Authorizing the Commissioner of the Division of Motor Vehicles to issue a limited number of license plates to County Prosecutors for use on vehicles01/11/12
HB 2328Providing for a Public Service Commission investigation for traffic accidents involving a motor carrier regulated by the Public Service Commission01/11/12
HB 2343Requiring the West Virginia Commissioner of Highways to use recycled materials in construction or maintenance of roads and highways01/11/12
HB 2354Giving local authorities the authority to decrease the speed limit on streets and highways where school buses travel in its jurisdiction01/11/12
HB 2357Issuing a special "Family of an Officer Killed in the Line of Duty" license plate01/11/12
HB 2379Explaining all warranties for the sale of used cars including the requirements for "as is" sales01/11/12
HB 2457Permitting those individuals who have been issued concealed weapons permits to keep loaded firearms in their motor vehicles on the State Capitol Complex grounds01/11/12
HB 2462Providing for the issuance of a special license plate for residents of the fifty-five counties01/11/12
HB 2471Exempting certain recipients of military medals of valor from special registration plate fees01/11/12
HB 2477Relating to roads and highways01/11/12
HB 2490Prohibiting the use of a mobile communication device to engage in text messaging or additional technologies while operating a motor vehicle01/11/12
HB 2674Allowing a disabled veteran one additional license plate01/11/12
HB 2780Providing for the issuance of a special "In God We Trust" license plate01/11/12
HB 2798Preventing vehicles from driving more than seventy-five feet in a center lane designated for left turns01/11/12
HB 2803Making it a felony to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, controlled substance or other drug that causes serious bodily injury to another person01/11/12
HB 2941Authorizing the Division of Motor Vehicles to issue a special license plate for applicants who are hearing impaired01/11/12
HB 2964Eliminating tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike before February 1, 202001/11/12
HB 3002Requiring the sheriff of a county to issue, upon request, a blue flashing warning light to the prosecuting attorney01/11/12
HB 3141Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to require bonds be posted in connection with major construction, mineral extraction and industrial projects that impact the roads01/11/12
HB 3158Allowing the use of traffic law photo-monitoring devices01/11/12
HB 3160Transferring powers of construction and maintenance activities of parkways authority01/11/12
HB 3183Creating the Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs Program01/11/12
HB 3232Relating to consumers sales tax on motor vehicles01/11/12
HB 4022Prohibiting use of turning lanes for through traffic under certain circumstances01/12/12
HB 4050Adding penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol01/13/12
HB 4075Establishing the reckless driving offense of unlawful use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle01/13/12
HB 4082Permitting a military veteran to be identified as a veteran on a driver's license or identification card01/16/12
HB 4120Funding of the industrial access road fund01/18/12
HB 4121Providing that if a federal tax on motor fuels should be eliminated an additional state tax would be imposed01/18/12
HB 4133Extending the expiration of driver's licenses for active military members' spouses01/19/12
HB 4331Including Pine Terrace in Cross Lanes, Kanawha County into the State Road System01/27/12
HB 4371Permitting dealers to sell classic and antique motor vehicles in "as is" condition02/01/12
HB 4404Requiring holders of graduated driver's licenses to pass drug tests02/02/12
HB 4448Allowing the use of low-speed vehicles on roads in municipalities with speed limits over twenty-five miles per hour and less than thirty-five02/07/12
HB 4456Requiring a photograph on the removable handicap windshield placard02/08/12
HB 4460Relating to license to operate a motor vehicle with bioptic telescope device02/08/12
HB 4538Requiring a sex offender to be identified as such on his or her driver's license02/15/12
HB 4556Relating to married name changes and address changes when applying for or receiving a driver's license02/16/12
HB 4558Relating to suspension of a driver's license02/16/12
HB 4590Providing that renewal of a Class G license to operate a motor vehicle with bioptic telescope device vision report requirement may be waived under certain circumstances02/17/12
HB 4610Revising the definition of "all-terrain vehicle"02/17/12
HB 4611Relating to motor vehicle administration02/17/12
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