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Bill Status - 2020 Regular Session

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There are 43 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




SB 279Requiring dental insurance plans honor assignment made in writing by person covered02/18/20
HB 2063Prohibiting use of a person's credit history in certain insurance transactions01/08/20
HB 2125Giving the Insurance Commissioner the power to regulate and penalize self-insured employers01/08/20
HB 2129Prohibiting the use of a credit score in casualty insurance rate filings01/08/20
HB 2222Requiring the Insurance Commissioner to regulate professional bondsmen01/08/20
HB 2224Relating to insurance coverage for breast cancer screening01/08/20
HB 2332Relating to insurance unfair trade practices01/08/20
HB 2380Protecting consumers from surprise bills by health care providers01/08/20
HB 2393Fixing the premium cost sharing at no less than 80 percent for the employer and no more than 20 percent for the employee01/08/20
HB 2394Requiring licensees authorized to serve alcoholic liquors or nonintoxicating beer to have certain liability insurance coverage01/08/20
HB 2455Redirecting excise tax revenue on bottled soft drinks from West Virginia University schools to the Public Employees Insurance Agency01/08/20
HB 2575Freezing PEIA employee premiums for three years01/08/20
HB 2577Authorizing insurance to married workers without children at reduced rates under the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Act01/08/20
HB 2613Prohibiting the number of inquiries reflected in a credit report, credit score report or CLUE report from adversely affecting an application for insurance01/08/20
HB 2616Providing a maximum repair cost for insured owners of motor vehicles if a collision with a deer caused the damage01/08/20
HB 2631Relating to qualifying children of state employees, receiving income of $25,000 per year or less, for the West Virginia Children's Health Insurance Program01/08/20
HB 2649Providing state health care services for all active and inactive duty military personnel01/08/20
HB 2656Health Care Choice Act01/08/20
HB 2659Establishing a tax on the production of natural gas to fund the public employees insurance program01/08/20
HB 2754Establishing certain requirements for dental insurance01/08/20
HB 2810Modifying the method of calculation of the employer and employee contribution percentages for public employee insurance premiums01/08/20
HB 2873Establishing an insurance program for health and medical insurance coverage to be offered in counties with limited insurance providers01/08/20
HB 2923Reforming the practice of securing state insurance01/08/20
HB 3052Ensuring coverage for residents with preexisting conditions01/08/20
HB 3078Relating generally to paid family and medical leave01/08/20
HB 4043Preventing state, county and municipal agencies from covering any portions of Public Employee Insurance Act premiums for spouse01/08/20
HB 4052Persistent Symptoms Act01/08/20
HB 4078Relating to insulin cost management01/09/20
HB 4171Relating to the assignment of certain benefits in dental care insurance coverage01/14/20
HB 4192Relating to the establishment of an insurance innovation process01/14/20
HB 4534Relating to rulemaking for healthcare plans01/24/20
HB 4553Requiring certain health insurance providers to provide fertility services coverage01/27/20
HB 4554Relating to insurance coverage for insulin01/27/20
HB 4588Requiring access to coverage of individuals with preexisting conditions01/29/20
HB 4632Relating to cost sharing in prescription epinephrine drugs01/31/20
HB 4642Relating to uniform credentialing for health practitioners01/31/20
HB 4739Relating to the regulation of pharmacy services administrative organizations02/07/20
HB 4789Affordable Medicaid Buy-In Program02/10/20
HB 4796Requiring the Public Employees Agency and other health insurance providers to provide mental health parity02/11/20
HB 4826Permitting former members of the Legislature to remain eligible for insurance plans at full cost to the member and at no cost to the state02/11/20
HB 4851Screening for adverse childhood experiences02/11/20
HB 4875Requiring certain insurance providers to enter into provider service agreements with a health care provider02/11/20
HB 4928Requiring medical insurance providers to include infertility services in their policies02/11/20
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