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Bill Status - 2020 Regular Session

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There are 24 Bills pending in House Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security




SB 8Exempting certain armed forces veterans from payment of fees for license to carry deadly weapon01/28/20
HB 2054Giving all honorably discharged veterans ten extra points when successfully completing a civil service examination01/08/20
HB 2064Relating to a five percent bid preference on certain state contracts for businesses owned fifty-one percent by honorably discharged resident veterans01/08/20
HB 2105Establishing a minimum number of troopers to provide basic law enforcement services, and providing members of the West Virginia State Police a $580 salary increase at the end of two years of service01/08/20
HB 2106Requiring that State Police officers be compensated for time when they are required to be on standby and providing a stipend for housing cost for certain officers01/08/20
HB 2135Requiring the Superintendent of the State Police to implement a plan to increase the number of troopers01/08/20
HB 2427Paying a monthly allotment to certain veterans01/08/20
HB 2535Relating to purchasing exemptions and procedures01/08/20
HB 2664The West Virginia Refugee Absorptive Capacity Act01/08/20
HB 2672Exempting honorably discharged veterans of the from payment of fees and costs for a license to carry deadly weapons01/08/20
HB 2685Refugee Information Act01/08/20
HB 4071Relating to the authority of county commissions to establish enhanced emergency telephone systems and change the fee01/08/20
HB 4138Prescribing methods of support for families of veterans to attend funeral services01/13/20
HB 4182West Virginia Civil Authority Act01/14/20
HB 4401Establishing the State Resiliency Office and State Resiliency Officer01/17/20
HB 4424Combining the presently existing five regional command centers of the office of Emergency Medical Services into a single state-wide center01/20/20
HB 4482Repealing the section of code relating to unlawful military organizations01/23/20
HB 4855Allowing discounts and free camping at state parks for certain resident veterans02/11/20
HB 4906Granting Purple Heart recipients, their spouses or unmarried widows, children and grandchildren a 100 percent tuition waiver02/11/20
HB 4907Granting members of a Gold Star Family a 100 percent tuition waiver02/11/20
HB 4908Granting veterans, and spouses and children of a veteran with documented wartime service a 75 percent tuition02/11/20
HB 4910Relating to partial tuition waivers for veterans and their families02/11/20
HB 4911Providing that military veterans or gold star families may not be charged fees at the State Capitol or fined for not paying fees for parking02/11/20
HB 4912Relating to West Virginia service medals02/11/20
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