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There are 30 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 14Providing for private, parochial, or church schools to enter into agreements with public schools to permit student participation in athletic or other extracurricular activities01/12/22
SB 17Establishing Summer Feeding for All Program01/12/22
SB 18Providing pay raises to teachers01/12/22
SB 41Allowing certain schools with enrollment of 25 or fewer students to operate as nonpublic micro-school01/12/22
SB 45Prohibiting certain divisive acts from school curriculum, state agencies, and any groups receiving state funding01/12/22
SB 154Creating Emergency Medical Services Personnel Loan Forgiveness Program01/12/22
SB 166Creating position of homeless education coordinator in certain counties01/12/22
SB 167Implementing trauma-informed practices in schools01/12/22
SB 168Establishing vocational-technical programs in middle schools01/12/22
SB 174Designating DHHR social workers to promote school attendance and performance01/12/22
SB 178Relating to vocational and technical education programs01/12/22
SB 182Prohibiting teaching of divisive acts and critical race theory in public schools01/12/22
SB 184Implementing Business PROMISE+ Scholarship01/12/22
SB 188Creating WV Children's Vision Act01/12/22
SB 194Establishing Promise for All Scholarship Program01/12/22
SB 195Expanding early childhood education programs to three-year-old children01/12/22
SB 201Providing tax credit to new graduates of in-state or out-of-state higher educational institution, community or technical college, or trade school01/12/22
SB 208Providing tuition and fee waivers at state higher education institutions for volunteers who have completed service in AmeriCorps programs in WV01/12/22
SB 222Relating generally to in-field master’s degree01/12/22
SB 227Requiring county boards of education and county superintendents to comply with instructions of State Board of Education02/03/22
SB 477Requiring Higher Education Policy Commission to create and administer PROMISE Plus Program 01/24/22
SB 495Requiring graduating high school seniors to pledge oath to Constitution01/27/22
SB 587Providing tip line to report teaching of critical race theory02/07/22
SB 646Requiring each county BOE to provide free feminine hygiene products in grades six through 1202/15/22
SB 690Relating to redefining school zone02/21/22
SB 691Establishing Student Basic Needs Campus Initiative02/21/22
SB 707Providing minimum experience requirement for director of services class title involving school transportation02/21/22
HB 4360Relating to WV Invests Grant Program community service requirements02/02/22
HB 4391Relating generally to school nurses02/24/22
HB 4844Relating to public school personnel03/03/22
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