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There are 45 Bills pending in House Workforce Development




HB 2100Relating to payment for the construction of any expanded or upgraded public service district facilities in certain circumstances01/12/22
HB 2105West Virginia Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Control Act01/12/22
HB 2121Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan Fair Pay Act of 202001/12/22
HB 2128Family Protection Act01/12/22
HB 2133Repealing the Workplace Freedom Act of 2016 and restoring the prior provisions of the Labor-Management Relations Act01/12/22
HB 2142Establishing seniority rights for public employees01/12/22
HB 2230The Healthy and Safe Workplace Act01/12/22
HB 2234Requiring public hearing for applicant for air quality permit relating to facility of certain investment value01/12/22
HB 2246Prohibiting manufacturing plants from locating within two air miles of an existing public school01/12/22
HB 2293Reestablishing prevailing wages for certain state government contracts01/12/22
HB 2294Removing the requirement for contractors to file payroll information on public improvement construction projects01/12/22
HB 2327Repealing the law which makes prime contractors liable for the failure of subcontractors to make proper payments for workers’ compensation01/12/22
HB 2331Requiring contractors performing work for government contracts on computers use software to verify the hours01/12/22
HB 2481Removing and modifying certain requirements for employers relating to wages for construction of public improvements01/12/22
HB 2517Removing marijuana as a tested substance from the screening requirements01/12/22
HB 2538Adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act01/12/22
HB 2595Prohibit “divisive concepts” from schools, state agencies and any groups receiving state funding01/12/22
HB 2697Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices in categories covered by the Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act01/12/22
HB 2848Reinstate WV Prevailing Wage Law01/12/22
HB 2872Relating to statute of limitations for discrimination01/12/22
HB 2879Relating to anti-discrimination protections for independent contractors01/12/22
HB 3003Relating to the definition of employer for sexual harassment purposes01/12/22
HB 3041Relating to the minimum wage01/12/22
HB 3056Increasing the state minimum wage01/12/22
HB 3090Ban-the-Box Act01/12/22
HB 3092Creating Emergency Healthy Families and Workplaces Act01/12/22
HB 3098Prohibit at-will employment and mandate that employees may only be dismissed for cause after completing a probationary period01/12/22
HB 3115Guarantee Earned Sick Days for every worker01/12/22
HB 3118Prohibiting certain noncompete or conflict of interest provisions in employment contracts01/12/22
HB 3123Family Leave Program: Provide paid time off for workers to care for a family member01/12/22
HB 3205Relating to medical marijuana01/12/22
HB 3212Establish a system to fund and provide childcare for workers in “essential positions.”01/12/22
HB 3216Establish an excess compensation tax on the income of corporate executives under certain circumstances01/12/22
HB 3272Establish a Fair Workweek for West Virginia, that accounts for predictability pay, split-shift pay, on-call pay, and an advance-notice provision01/12/22
HB 4030Establishing that companies requiring vaccine mandates lose immunity protection01/12/22
HB 4256Removing certain requirements from WV Jobs Act01/19/22
HB 4350Relating to a tax credit for certain small businesses01/24/22
HB 4354Ban the Box Act01/24/22
HB 4367Establishing a tax credit for businesses who hire, promote and develop women and minorities into executive, professional or administrative roles01/25/22
HB 4507Increasing the minimum wage paid to persons who receive tips02/02/22
HB 4515To extend teen working hours to help pandemic staffing shortages02/02/22
HB 4586Permitting those persons who made the decision to not take the COVID-19 vaccine to be able to collect unemployment benefits02/09/22
HB 4665Increasing the minimum wage based upon increases in the consumer price index02/14/22
HB 4686Repeal right to work02/15/22
HB 4816Re-establish prevailing wage02/15/22
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