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Bill Status - 2001 Regular Session

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Senator McCabe sponsored 78 bills:


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Last Action

SB 733 Expiring funds from various accounts to unexpired balance in general revenue fund Tabled    3rd Reading  04/14/01 
SB 717 Relating to small business linked deposit program Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 716 Creating Economic Development Strategy Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 714 Exempting county commission fee for first report provided to certain injured parties Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  04/04/01 
SB 713 Allowing county commissions of Brooke, Hancock and Ohio counties jointly undertake economic development projects Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 712 Clarifying retirement options for public employees and holders of elected offices Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 711 Relating to teachers' defined contribution retirement system; reentry Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 710 Creating Workforce Investment Act Pending  House Finance Committee  04/03/01 
SB 707 Making supplementary appropriation in development office, office of coalfield community development Signed    Governor  04/18/01 
SB 706 Making supplementary transfer to department of administration, public employees insurance agency Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 701 Making supplementary appropriation to development office, community development Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 657 Including clean up of certain cemeteries among tasks performed by jail or prison labor Pending    2nd Reading  04/15/01 
SB 655 Creating Health Care Professional Credentials Data Collection Act Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  03/26/01 
SB 653 Relating to parkways authority Pending  House Government Organization Committee  04/06/01 
SB 650 Including construction management within definition of contracting for sales and use tax purposes Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 647 Creating holocaust education commission Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 640 Allowing filing of petition for appointment of guardian and conservator for minor Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 639 Requiring fingerprinting and criminal history investigations for child welfare agency applicants Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/29/01 
SB 635 Relating to waste tire remediation; imposing tax on certain tires Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/26/01 
SB 634 Establishing medical malpractice insurance study task force Pending  Senate Rules Committee  04/04/01 
SB 631 Creating Clean Coal Technology Council Act Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 629 Permitting job-sharing teachers to participate in retirement Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  03/26/01 
SB 620 Relating to compelling appearance to locate adult who is subject to allegation of abuse or neglect Signed    Governor  05/02/01 
SB 606 Specifying time of entry of orders of guardianship and conservatorship Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 601 Relating to crime victims award payment Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 597 Relating to municipal and county planning commissions Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/26/01 
SB 584 Providing licensed wine retailers same shipping rights as nonresident retailers Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/26/01 
SB 549 Waiving prior approval of tax commissioner for transfer or sale of certain property Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 539 Establishing affordable housing trust fund Pending  Senate Finance Committee  04/09/01 
SB 525 Establishing Independent Living Act Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 498 Continuing office of judges in workers' compensation Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 497 Continuing real estate commission Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 496 Continuing division of motor vehicles Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 489 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to department of education and the arts, office of secretary, fund 8841 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 488 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to auditor's office, national white collar crime center, fund 8807 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 487 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to department of transportation, division of motor vehicles, fund 8787 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 486 Making supplementary appropriation to massage therapy licensure board, fund 8671 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 485 Making supplementary appropriation to board of examiners for speech-language pathology and audiology, fund 8646 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 484 Supplementing, amending and reducing items in public service commission, fund 8623 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 483 Making supplementary appropriation to state board of examiners for licensed practical nurses, fund 8517 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 482 Making supplementary appropriation to alcohol beverage control administration, fund 7352 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 481 Making supplementary appropriation to department of military affairs and public safety, fund 6362 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 480 Expiring funds to department of administration, office of secretary, natural gas contract refund fund, fund 2040 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 479 Relating to fees and charges for services of secretary of state and special revenue account Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 478 Relating to deposit of fees charged by secretary of state Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 472 Authorizing public service commission create task force to study radio and communication tower systems; exclusions Pending  House Government Organization Committee  03/29/01 
SB 470 Creating board of tax and revenue appeals Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/13/01 
SB 469 Expiring funds from secretary of state account-- ucc account fund Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 464 Increasing privilege tax on manufacturing or producing synthetic fuel from coal for infrastructure Pending  Senate Economic Development Committee  03/12/01 
SB 458 Supplementing, amending, reducing and increasing items in division of highways, fund 9017 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 457 Using tobacco settlement to fund programs discouraging tobacco use Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  03/09/01 
SB 451 Relating to investment management board Signed    Governor  04/14/01 
SB 435 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to public service commission, fund 8743 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 434 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to department of military affairs and public safety, fund 8741 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 433 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to department of agriculture, fund 8737 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 432 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to department of agriculture, fund 8736 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 431 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to department of military affairs and public safety, fund 8728 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 430 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to bureau of commerce, fund 8706 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 429 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to bureau of commerce, fund 8705 Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 419 Relating to board of examiners for licensed dietitians Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 418 Relating to regulation of residential mortgage lenders, brokers and servicers Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 404 Relating to jobs investment trust fund Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 396 Relating to art and music teachers in public schools Pending  House Education Committee  04/09/01 
SB 391 Authorizing certain selling or leasing of property to state and federal governments Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 388 Codifying prosecutorial authority to enter into preprosecution or pretrial agreements with individuals Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/15/01 
SB 384 Strengthening littering penalties Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/05/01 
SB 265 Permitting sheriff to commence civil actions on behalf of county without advancing court fees Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 257 Updating regulation of practice of accountancy Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/01/01 
SB 204 Creating Uniform Electronic Transactions Act Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 189 Providing for issuance of commemorative railroad history license plate Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  02/21/01 
SB 181 Providing special motor vehicle registration plates for certain members of armed forces Pending    Concurrence  04/13/01 
SB 177 Phasing out certain health care provider tax Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 163 Increasing salary increments paid to principals and assistant principals Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/16/01 
SB 161 Increasing salaries of magistrate clerks, deputy clerks and magistrate assistants Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/16/01 
SB 103 Creating Jobs Act Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 102 Simplifying fee schedules for recording documents with clerk of county commission Signed    Governor  05/15/01 
SB 79 Establishing state capitol complex boundary Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/20/01 
SB 26 Allowing landowners to clear debris from streams and ditches to prevent flooding Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/14/01 
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