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Bill Status - 2005 4th Special Session

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HB 404 Allowing excess levy elections at primary elections and removing language which conflicts with article X, section 11 of the West Virginia Constitution Tabled    2nd Reading  09/10/05 
HB 405 Changing West Virginia's Unemployment Compensation law to conform it to federally mandated legislation Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 420 Expiring funds into the unappropriated surplus balance in the state fund, general revenue, and supplementing and increasing an item of appropriation in the aforesaid account Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 416 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Agriculture - West Virginia Agricultural Land Protection Authority Tabled    3rd Reading  09/13/05 
HB 418 Making a supplementary appropriation to the lottery commission - excess lottery revenue fund surplus Pending  House Finance Committee  09/08/05 
HB 417 Making a supplementary appropriation to the West Virginia Conservation Agency, to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Human Services, ....etc. Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 413 Providing an increase in the annual base salary of all sworn state police personnel Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 403 Providing for a technical correction relating to benefits of spouses and children of state troopers who die in the line of duty Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 407 Providing that department secretaries may transfer employees between departments in certain instances Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 406 Providing that the fourth Thursday and Friday of November are "Thanksgiving Holidays", and combining Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday into a single holiday known as Presidents' Day to match the federal holiday Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 401 Reducing the six percent sales tax on food and food ingredients intended for human consumption to five percent beginning January 1, 2006 Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 412 Relating generally to Workers' Compensation Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 411 Relating to amending certain provisions of the code involving horse and dog racing and distribution of certain proceeds Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 409 Relating to salaries for teachers and school service personnel Tabled    3rd Reading  09/13/05 
HB 408 Relating to the accountability of persons receiving state funds or grants Tabled    3rd Reading  09/13/05 
HB 410 Relating to the proposed merger of the Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System with the State Teachers Retirement System Pending  House Finance Committee  09/10/05 
HB 402 Requiring the disclosure of electioneering communications and prohibiting political organizations from accepting contributions in excess of one thousand dollars per election Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 414 Supplementing and amending chapter sixteen, Acts of the Legislature, regular session, two thousand five, as amended known as the budget bill, providing for salary increases for public employees Signed    Governor  10/21/05 
HB 419 Supplementing, amending reducing and increasing items of the existing appropriations from the state fund, to the Department of Health and Human Services- Division of Human Services, and higher education, higher education policy commission Tabled    3rd Reading  09/13/05 
HB 415 Supplementing, amending, reducing and increasing items of the existing appropriation from the Department of Agriculture, agriculture fees fund Tabled    3rd Reading  09/13/05 
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