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Bill Status - 2007 Regular Session

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Senator Edgell sponsored 60 bills:


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SB 52 Eliminating consumers sales and service tax on food and food ingredients Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/10/07 
SB 63 Prohibiting use of credit score in casualty insurance rate filings Pending  Senate Banking and Insurance Committee  01/10/07 
SB 104 Establishing date Consolidated Public Retirement Board shall make annuity payments Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 105 Imposing surcharge on certain fees due Deputy Sheriff Retirement Fund Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 118 Creating WV Public Campaign Financing Act Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/12/07 
SB 135 Providing student financial aid resources for spouses of certain deceased service personnel Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/30/07 
SB 137 Regulating use of automobile black boxes Pending  Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee  01/18/07 
SB 197 Authorizing use of reasonable force against intruder Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/12/07 
SB 198 Increasing incremental salary for Division of Corrections' employees Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/24/07 
SB 218 Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds out of Treasury from balance of federal moneys remaining unappropriated Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 334 Relating to employment of athletic or extracurricular activities' coaches Pending  House Education Committee  02/20/07 
SB 336 Relating to higher education generally Pending    CONF  03/10/07 
SB 369 Relating to local option elections on table games Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/30/07 
SB 384 Creating Nonnative Animals Regulation Board Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/01/07 
SB 419 Providing salary increase for certain corrections' employees Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/01/07 
SB 431 Regulating agricultural liming materials Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 433 Adjusting percentage charged for public employees' insurance Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/01/07 
SB 438 Relating to Investment Management Board Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 445 Providing salary increases for certain Division of Protective Services' officers Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/02/07 
SB 449 Authorizing certain school uniform policies Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/05/07 
SB 452 Creating WV Kids First Act Pending  House Education Committee  02/28/07 
SB 482 Relating to agreement among states to elect president by national popular vote Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/22/07 
SB 484 Finding and declaring certain claims against state Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 500 Creating WV Professional Employer Organization Recognition and Registration Act Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/08/07 
SB 502 Requiring additional information from sellers of certain railroad track material Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/19/07 
SB 510 Allowing State Board of Education members participate in public employees insurance program Pending  House Education Committee  02/28/07 
SB 515 Reducing ratio of school nurses to school children Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/08/07 
SB 532 Requiring notification of natural gas gathering line sale Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/14/07 
SB 541 Relating to public school finance Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 542 Authorizing rules for Higher Education Policy Commission and Council for Community and Technical College Education Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 557 Relating to judicial review of juvenile proceedings Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 578 Increasing incremental salary for public employees Pending  House Finance Committee  03/01/07 
SB 591 Supplementing, amending, reducing and increasing appropriation to Division of Highways Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 592 Making supplemental appropriation to Interoperable Radio Project Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 593 Making supplemental appropriation to Board of Pharmacy Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 594 Making supplemental appropriation to various accounts Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 599 Eliminating early resignation notification bonus for certain teachers Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 601 Revising provisions governing motor vehicle dealers' establishment or relocation Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 602 Increasing restrictions prohibiting minors' access to tobacco products Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  02/15/07 
SB 603 Establishing 21st Century Tools for 21st Century Schools Technology Initiative Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 604 Merging Eastern Community and Technical College with Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/21/07 
SB 615 Authorizing certain municipalities to enter into contracts for electric power purchase Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 616 Relating to election ballots Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 617 Requiring voter history on statewide registration system Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 618 Relating to filing requirements for write-in candidates Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 619 Relating to election day procedures and preparation Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 623 Allocating responsibility under parenting plan for children Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/16/07 
SB 657 Requiring State Board of Education incorporate 21st Century Skills Initiative into certain standards Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 684 Relating to accessible parking areas designated for use by persons with mobility impairment Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/19/07 
SB 685 Prohibiting implementation of REAL ID Act of 2005 Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/19/07 
SB 696 Prohibiting parents and guardians from allowing known child predators access to custodial children Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/19/07 
SB 703 Prohibiting School Building Authority from funding any new construction resulting in excessive student bus travel time Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/19/07 
SB 745 Relating to selling and serving beverages in public schools Pending  Senate Education Committee  03/01/07 
SB 749 Relating to business taxes generally Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 750 Reducing rate of corporation net income tax Pending  House Finance Committee  03/01/07 
SB 751 Phasing out business franchise tax Pending  House Finance Committee  03/01/07 
SB 752 Creating WV Commercial Intellectual Property Incentives Tax Act Pending  House Finance Committee  03/01/07 
SB 758 Supplementing and amending appropriations from federal funds to Division of Human Services Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 759 Making supplemental appropriation to Division of Health and Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses Signed    Governor  04/19/07 
SB 760 Changing legislators' compensation and expenses Pending    3rd Reading  03/10/07 
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