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Bill Status - 2002 Regular Session

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The search returned 23 bills introduced on 02/04/02:


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HB 4370 Relating to the revocation of an anatomical gift by persons other than the donor Signed    Governor  04/22/02 
HB 4371 Establishing a citizen review panel to review the procedures and actions of child protective services Pending  House Finance Committee  02/22/02 
HB 4372 Imposing an additional one percent severance tax on natural resources to create and fund the education excellence fund Pending  House Education Committee  02/04/02 
HB 4373 Relating generally to education and school personnel Pending  House Education Committee  02/04/02 
HB 4374 Relating to legal advertising Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  02/04/02 
HB 4375 Providing for the payment of funeral expenses for probation officers killed in the line of duty Pending  House Finance Committee  02/04/02 
HB 4376 Authorizing the fire marshal to confiscate materials, to assist other law-enforcement officers and to enter property or dwellings to conduct inspections Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/04/02 
HB 4377 Increasing school service personnel employees by one pay grade after ten years of employment Pending  House Education Committee  02/04/02 
HB 4378 Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks Pending  House Finance Committee  02/28/02 
HB 4379 Relating to the regulation of mortgage brokers, lenders, servicers and loan originators Signed    Governor  04/22/02 
HB 4380 Providing monthly administrative allowances for certain ranks in the national guard Pending  House Finance Committee  02/21/02 
HB 4381 Requiring motor vehicle drivers to take precautions when approaching emergency vehicles displaying emergency signals Pending  House Roads and Transportation Committee  02/04/02 
HB 4394 Supervision of persons released on parole by circuit courts Pending  House Finance Committee  02/04/02 
SB 489 Establishing state minimum salary supplement for certain personnel in speech-language pathology or audiology Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/04/02 
SB 490 Allowing special license plates for honorably discharged veterans Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/26/02 
SB 491 Permitting police officers to require reporting slips from operators of motor vehicles carrying loads Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/04/02 
SB 492 Authorizing growth counties establish transferable development rights program Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/04/02 
SB 493 Allowing counties use hotel tax for farmland preservation Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/04/02 
SB 494 Relating to extraordinary police or security services by deputy sheriffs for public or private entities Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/04/02 
SB 495 Changing time for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property; cap Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/04/02 
SB 496 Adding regular mail with post-marked certificate as option for written demand for worthless check Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/04/02 
SB 497 Relating to eligibility for unemployment compensation Signed    Governor  04/24/02 
SB 498 Relating to funding of farmland preservation programs Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/04/02 
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